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Chapter 78 Beauties Are Good At Teasing Men

“Yup!” Jonathan nodded before exclaiming in surprise, “Why are you not in bed?”

“I’m not feeling sleepy yet.” Despite her words, Josephine’s bloodshot eyes betrayed her. It was clear
as day that she wasn’t only sleepy, but very much so.

Then, she turned to Emmeline and asked, “How was the birthday party? Did you have fun?”

“I-It was fine.” Glancing at Jonathan guiltily, Emmeline bolted for the second floor as though the hounds
of hell were nipping at her heels. “I’m tired, so I’m going to bed first!”

After saying that, she fled.

“What’s wrong with her?” Josephine eyed Jonathan with furrowed brows when she saw Emmeline’s
unusual reaction. “Did you ride roughshod over her?”

“Of course not!” Jonathan wore an expression of exasperation. “She’s just a little down after having
been disparaged by her friends at the birthday party.”

“But why do I feel as though she fears you?” Josephine perceptively noticed Emmeline’s atypical

Under usual circumstances, she would definitely be standing before him. When they came home today,
however, she stood behind him tensely as though she didn’t dare stand in front of him!

“It must have been a trick of the light.” Jonathan changed the subject with a smile, saying, “It’s late,
Darling. Why don’t we return to our room and sleep?”

“Who wants to sleep with you?” Josephine shot him a glare. “I waited up for you because I’ve got
something to say to you!”

“What is it?” Sitting down beside her, Jonathan lightly inhaled the alluring scent that wafted off her.

“Smith Group’s annual party will be held the day after tomorrow. I’ve got to make preparations for it at
the office tomorrow, so I’ve got no time to prepare a gift for Grandpa and Grandma. You do it instead.”
As Josephine said that, she took out a bank card from her pocket. “There’s a hundred thousand in this
card. The PIN is my birthday. Choose a gift and give it to them during the annual party.”

I was planning to use this money to rent a mansion at Edenic Heights, but since that’s unnecessary
now, it’s perfect to buy a gift for the company’s annual party!

“Ah, it’s time for the annual party?” The Smith Group’s annual party was a grand affair every year, so
much so that those who didn’t know better would think that it was some listed company.

But in reality, the Smith family was only a third-rate family in Jadeborough, a far cry from the four
prominent families.

Despite that, the scale of their annual party every year was on par with the top-notch families. Every
single descendant of the family had to prepare a gift for the patriarch and matriarch of the Smith family
during the annual party.

Furthermore, it couldn’t be too cheap either because the members of the Smith family drew
comparisons behind closed doors.

Those whose gifts were more expensive would be esteemed, while whoever’s gift was cheap would be

The gifts Josephine prepares every year aren’t all that expensive, usually just worth ten or twenty
thousand. Why is she spending such a fortune to buy a gift this year?

“I don’t need this card. I’ve got money, so I’ll go and buy a gift tomorrow.” Jonathan returned the bank
card to Josephine while contemplating an appropriate gift.

“Drop that act. I know better than anyone whether you’ve got any money.” Josephine didn’t take the
card. Instead, she turned to Jonathan and urged, “Just buy a gift of about a hundred thousand, but
don’t say that I told you to buy it. Instead, say that you prepared it!”

That was her ultimate motive.

In the past, he has always been the target of criticism every time he accompanied me in attending the
company’s annual party. But that’s inevitable since he’s the only person who married into the Smith
family. A live-in son-in-law has little dignity to speak of, and he hasn’t much money, so the gift he
prepares each time is dirt cheap. As such, our family naturally becomes the laughingstock of the rest of
the Smith family.

“You’re worried that they’ll scorn me, yes?” Jonathan had no difficulty discerning her meaning when she
had said as much.

Although Josephine usually treated him coldly, she would still look out for his interest during important

“I just don’t want to be mocked alongside you!” With a cold expression on her face, Josephine threw
him a glare. Then, she got up and headed toward the second floor.

Even if that’s what I think, I’ll never admit to it!

“Just admit it. What’s there to be embarrassed about when we’ve been married for such a long time?”
Jonathan trailed after her, grinning from ear to ear. He stuffed the bank card into her pocket. “I don’t
need this money. Just keep this since you’ve got to support me if I were to lose my job one day!”

“Speaking of that, when are you going to start work?” Hearing the possibility of him losing his job,
Josephine abruptly remembered that he had gotten a job at some real estate firm.

If he hadn’t mentioned it, I would’ve forgotten all about it!

“Uh… Tomorrow.” Jonathan gave a cough, seized by the urge to kick himself hard.

Why on earth did I bring that up? Wasn’t I just shooting myself in the foot?

“Don’t tell me that everything you told me back then was a lie?” Josephine’s brows knitted together
when she noticed the man’s flustered state, and she doubted whether his claim of working at a real
estate firm was a mere lie.

“Of course not!” Jonathan hastily denied it. “Why don’t you go with me tomorrow if you don’t believe it?”

“Okay, that’s fine. What time are you going tomorrow? I’ll drop you off at your office.” To his surprise,
Josephine agreed.

At once, Jonathan was floored since he thought that she would decline.

“Two or three o’clock in the afternoon tomorrow, I suppose.” Jonathan picked a time at random.

I definitely wouldn’t have time to set things up if I were to pick a time in the morning. If it were in the
afternoon, I would still have time to find a real estate firm. If all else fails, I’ll simply acquire one! Okay,
I’ll do that, then!

For the sake of putting up a show, he decided to acquire a real estate firm.

“Okay. I’ll drop you off tomorrow afternoon!” Glancing at him, Josephine noted, “It’s late, so go to bed

Having said that, she headed toward the third floor.

When Jonathan saw that she was leaving, he gave a light cough and went after her. “Um… Darling, I’m
a tad afraid of the dark to sleep alone at night. Could I please sleep in your room tonight? I can sleep
on the couch. Otherwise, I can even sleep on the floor!”

“Fine. Come with me.” At Josephine’s unexpected agreement, delight inundated Jonathan. He followed
her to the third floor. But when he wanted to step into the room after she had pushed open the door and
entered, the room door slammed shut with a bang as she closed the door from the inside.

“Darling, didn’t you say that I could sleep in your room?” Jonathan touched his nose, helplessness was
written all over his face.

“I was just teasing you. Did you take it seriously?”

A snort from Josephine drifted out of the room.

“Ah, it’s indeed true that beauties are good at teasing men!” Jonathan then went back to his own room
in exasperation.

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