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Chapter 75 Drop To Your Knees

When Pablo said that, everyone there looked at Jonathan with a mocking look in their eyes.

They were seemingly waiting to see how he was going to meet his death.

However, Jonathan remained unfazed. He merely replied placidly, “I’ll wait for him.”

After saying that, he closed his eyes without saying a single word further.

Time slowly ticked by.

The ten minutes appeared particularly long, so Pablo yanked Jory’s girlfriend into his arms while
waiting for Harrison. His hands roamed all over her body.

No matter how she struggled, she simply couldn’t break free from his restrain.

Meanwhile, Jory’s friends acted as though they didn’t see anything.

They averted their eyes and didn’t even dare look at her.

As for Charles’ girlfriend, Nana, a flash of sorrow flickered in her eyes.

Jory has just been thrown down three floors by that da*n fatty, and it’s still uncertain whether he’s still
alive, but his girlfriend is now being groped as well. Alas, none of his friends dare get involved in this

As she witnessed the scene unfolding before her eyes, a sense of despair inexorably welled within her.

Isn’t Jory’s girlfriend’s predicament precisely the fate awaiting me later?

Recalling how Charles abandoned her earlier, a stark sense of hopelessness pervaded her.

Ten minutes, not a second more or less!

When the last second ticked past, Jonathan abruptly opened his eyes. “Ten minutes are up.”

“So what?” Pablo stopped the wandering of his hand over Jory’s girlfriend’s body. Eyeing him with a
sneer, he drawled, “Kid, did you really think that I’ve been waiting for the time to pass? I’m waiting to
see how you’ll die!”

He wasn’t the only one, for almost everyone there was waiting to see how Jonathan was going to bite
the dust.

“There’s no need to wait anymore.” Upon hearing that, Jonathan calmly stood up. “I’ve said that he
doesn’t need to come and see me anymore if he’s even a second late. Time is up now, so it’s too late
even if he comes!”

Having said that, he took a step forward.

At that exact moment, the private room door was kicked open from the outside without warning.

Immediately after, Harrison stalked in with a grim expression. Behind him trailed a dozen lackeys in
black suits, holding guns in their hands. They had immediately drawn their guns upon stepping into the
private room and surrounded everyone there.

Harrison actually came!

At the sight of the man, the expressions of almost everyone there changed drastically.

Reputation was indeed of great import, for everyone knew all too well the kind of person Harrison was.

Anyone who offended him would meet a ghastly death.

“Mr. Seymour!”

Fenrir immediately stepped forward and bowed deferentially, greeting Harrison the moment he came in.

Harrison, however, didn’t spare him a single glance. The man merely snorted and demanded with a
dark expression, “Who was the one who told me to come over in ten minutes to see him? I’m here.
Where is he?”

In a flash, everyone trained their gazes on Jonathan.

Mockery, disdain, and scorn shone in their eyes.

About everyone there had only one thought in their minds at that very moment—he’s so dead!

Surprisingly, they couldn’t perceive even a hint of panic on Jonathan’s face. Instead, he glanced at
Harrison indifferently and declared, “It was me.”

Harrison merely found the voice a tad familiar, but as soon as he cast his gaze over, his legs went

Wobbling on his feet, he almost fell to his knees.

“M-Mr. Goldstein?”

His mind went blank, for never had he expected that the person who wanted to see him was Jonathan.

“You’re very bold, Mr. Seymour!” Staring at him coldly, Jonathan asserted, “I said that I was only giving
you ten minutes, making it clear that you don’t need to come and see me anymore if you’re even a
second late! Ten minutes have passed now. How late are you?”

“Mr. Goldstein, I…” Gulping, Harrison was just going to speak when he suddenly dropped to his knees
on the ground with a thud. “Mr. Goldstein, I-I didn’t know that it was you who wanted to see me. If I’d
known, I definitely wouldn’t have dared to be late for even a second!”

Who is he? He’s Asura, the only God in my heart! If I’d known that he wanted to see me, I wouldn’t
have dared to be even a second late no matter what!

At that very moment, everyone in the private room was stunned.

They gaped at Harrison, who was kneeling on the ground, their minds going blank. They even
wondered whether there was a problem with their vision.

Harrison Seymour, the most ruthless man in Jadeborough, is actually kneeling before him? How is this

“Mr. Seymour, are you… intoxicated?” Pablo couldn’t help asking at the sight unfolding before him.

As far as I remember, it’s always been others falling to their knees before him. He has never kneeled
before anyone. A cut-throat person like him would never go on his knees, even at gunpoint! After all,
what’s the most important thing to people in underground circles like us? Dignity! We always maintain
our dignity even at the cost of our lives! But what’s happening now? He actually dropped to his knees
before this snot-nosed kid without a word? How is he going to have any authority in Jadeborough if this
gets out?

“Shut up!”

Harrison jerked his head back and glared at him with a murderous look in his eyes.

That instantly had Pablo shuddering in fear, and he didn’t dare utter another word. At that moment,
Harrison was undoubtedly the epitome of the most ruthless man in Jadeborough!

That look in his eyes also snapped the group of people who had spaced out at the scene back to

It’s true! We’re neither dreaming nor seeing things! He has truly kneeled before Jonathan!

“I’m extremely dissatisfied by your performance.” Jonathan glanced at Harrison nonchalantly. But at
that mere glance, such stark fear assailed Harrison that he blanched. Without further ado, he lifted his
hand and struck himself across the face.

With that slap, a bright red palm print promptly materialized on his face.

“Do you feel better now, Mr. Goldstein?”

That blow wasn’t just physical, for it was also a slap in the face to everyone there.

They had all mocked Jonathan earlier and imagined his horrific death, but Harrison simply fell to his
knees before the man.

“W-What’s happening here, Mr. Seymour?” Fenrir, who was standing behind Harrison, went stiff.

His instincts screamed at him that Jonathan was exceedingly dangerous, for he had never seen
Harrison kneeling before someone so humbly ever since he pledged loyalty to the man.

“Kneel down!” Harrison ordered without looking back at him.

“Mr. Seymour, I…” Fenrir was going to speak further, but Harrison cut him off. “Drop to your knees if
you don’t want to die!”

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