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Chapter 76 I Never Boast


Without another word, Fenrir fell to his knees before Jonathan unhesitatingly.

He didn’t even dare inquire about the reason.

In that instant, the entire room became as silent as the grave, not a peep was heard.

It was so still that one could hear the sounds of breathing loud and clear.

No one dared to ask a single question, let alone inquire about the reason.

Is Fenrir powerful? Yes! He has connections to government officials and their illegal counterparts, in
addition to being Harrison’s top fighter. Countless people met their ends at his hands, and few people
dare to go against him in Jadeborough. But now, he’s kneeling in front of Jonathan, not even daring to
ask why!

And how about Harrison? He’s even more powerful, the most ruthless man in Jadeborough and the
true king of the underground circles in the city. In front of him, Fenrir doesn’t even dare talk back. But
still, he fell to his knees before Jonathan docilely and was even so stricken at a single glance from the
man that he slapped himself. Then, he even asked him whether he was feeling better!

That scene truly shocked everyone present.

Emmeline, especially, gaped at everything that was unfolding before her eyes incredulously. She was
so surprised that her hand flew up to her mouth.

I-Is this still the Jonathan whom I know, the worthless bum who depended on the Smith family to
support him for a whole year?

“Is he your friend?” Jonathan pointed at Pablo on the couch.

“No!” Harrison denied it immediately without a second’s delay. “He’s a collaboration partner of mine on
a particular project. Was it him who offended you?”

“Not exactly.” Jonathan shook his head.

From beginning to end, he has never done anything to offend me since whatever he did to Charles and
Jory was no business of mine. I’ve never been a person who likes to poke my nose into other people’s
affairs. However, he really shouldn’t have set his sights on Emmeline! While I detest her greatly, she’s
still Josephine’s sister at the end of the day. Never mind if I’m averse toward her, but I’ll never allow
someone else to pick on her!

“He just ruined my mood,” Jonathan replied airily.

“I know what to do, Mr. Goldstein!” When Harrison heard that, his expression grew chilly. Turning to
Pablo, he declared, “I’m sorry, Mr. Hearnshaw!”

“What do you mean by that, Mr. Seymour?” Pablo’s face instantly darkened at the man’s steely

The only reason I dared to be so reckless in Jadeborough is all thanks to his reputation. In this city, no
one dares to offend him, much less disrespect him. But if he makes a move against me, who else in
Jadeborough could protect me?

“Nothing much. It’s just that you naturally have to pay the price after ruining Mr. Goldstein’s mood!”
Eyeing him coldly, Harrison ordered, “Men, chop off his limbs and throw him down from the third floor!”

“Understood, Mr. Seymour!”

As soon as that command from Harrison fell, the dozen of lackeys behind him moved forward to act
right away.

Seeing that, the few lackeys behind Pablo were so frightened that they didn’t even dare make a peep.

Harrison tasked them with protecting Pablo, so now that the man himself had spoken, none of them
dared to interfere.

“How could you simply turn on me, Harrison?” When Pablo heard that, his expression changed
drastically. He frantically screeched, “Don’t forget that there’s a business collaboration worth several
hundred million between us! If you dare make a move against me, the business will be off the table!”

“So be it!” Harrison wasn’t the least bit concerned.

What’s a mere few hundred million compared to Asura? Even if it were several billion, I wouldn’t dare
go against him!

“Mr. Seymour, I won’t take a single cent of the profit if you’d just let me off. I’ll give you all the profit from
this project, the entire five hundred million! Is that amenable to you?” By then, Pablo had naturally
realized that things weren’t looking good for him.

After all, Harrison had made it clear that he was turning on him.

“You still don’t understand my meaning!” Regarding him with a cold expression on his face, Harrison
clarified, “This isn’t a matter of money but the fact that you ruined Mr. Goldstein’s mood! Do you get it

The temptation of five hundred million is indeed alluring, but would I dare take it? Even if I had the guts
to do so, would I be alive to spend the money?

“I’m sorry, Mr. Goldstein! I was wrong!” In a trice, understanding dawned upon Pablo. He dropped to his
knees before Jonathan at once. “I know it is all my fault! Everything I said earlier was mere nonsense.
Please spare me! As long as you do so, I’ll immediately transfer the five hundred million to you!”

At that moment, he had finally understood the meaning of that remark of Jonathan’s—If you’re still here
after a minute has passed, I’ll have you disappear forever!

That wasn’t a joke. Instead, he was totally serious.

“It’s too late that you only realized the error of your ways now.” Glancing at him impassively, Jonathan
murmured, “I don’t retract my words.”

“Mr. Goldstein!” His response scared Pablo so much that the man went limp on the ground. He
scrambled forward and hugged Jonathan’s leg, wailing so piteously that his face was a mess of snot. “I
beg you, Mr. Goldstein! Please spare me-”

Alas, before he had even finished speaking, a few lackeys stepped forward from behind Harrison and
whipped out their guns. Bang! Bang! In the next instant, two gunshots split the air.

Pablo’s agonized howl instantly reverberated in the entire room.

“Toss him down so that he isn’t in the way here!” Harrison waved a hand impatiently, dismissing him as
though swatting a fly.

“Understood, Mr. Seymour!”

Following that command, the few lackeys grabbed Pablo’s plump body and strode toward the window.

In no time, a muffled thud sounded, and the entire room plunged into deathly silence.

Charles shook like a leaf after witnessing the turn of events that transpired right before his eyes.
Recalling his scornful remarks and taunts toward Jonathan earlier, he was seized by the urge to give
himself a hard slap.

Oh God, why on earth did I run my mouth earlier?

But while he was terror-stricken, worried about Jonathan’s retaliation, he noticed that the man hadn’t
even looked at him once.

“Mr. Goldstein, is there anything else you’d like me to handle for you?” Harrison looked at Jonathan
cautiously after Pablo had been thrown downstairs.

Upon hearing that, Charles’ nerves promptly stretched tautly.

His face went ashen as well.

Crap! I’m dead! I’m truly done for this time!

As Pablo’s end flashed across his mind, he teetered on the verge of peeing his pants.

“No.” Jonathan shook his head. “It’s late, so I should be going home to rest.”

After saying that, he shifted his gaze to Emmeline and stated, “Let’s go home.”

“Huh?” Emmeline was inexorably startled to hear that before she quickly gathered her wits about her.
“Oh, okay.”

“I’ll drive you both home, Mr. Goldstein!” Harrison hastily rushed forward to open the door for them.

“No, it’s fine.” Shaking his head, Jonathan walked out of the private room.

When he was halfway there, he suddenly turned back to the group of students behind him and
asserted, “Oh yes, I’ve never liked to boast. When I say something, I’ll make certain that it comes true!”

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