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Chapter 74 He Is Doomed

“Fatty, I’ve always been rather short on patience!” Ignoring Fenrir altogether, Jonathan looked at Pablo
indifferently, stating, “I’m only giving you a minute. If you’re still here after a minute has passed…

“What will you do about that?” Pablo eyed him as though he was a sandwich short of a picnic.

“I’ll have you disappear forever!”

Oh my God, he has lost his mind! He has gone off his rocker, huh?

All at once, everyone there stared at him as though he was a nutcase.

Does he not know to read the atmosphere before talking big? And can’t he tell how powerful this da*n
fatty is? Even Fenrir has to back down in front of him, yet he dares speak to him in such a manner
when he merely rides an electric scooter and even got kicked out from the car dealership? Is he sick of

“You’ll have me disappear forever?” When Pablo heard that, he doubled over as though he had heard
the world’s most hilarious joke. “All right, I’ll give you a chance. I want to see how you’re going to have
me disappear forever!”

He didn’t take Jonathan’s threat to heart but turned to Fenrir and taunted, “Fenrir, this kid doesn’t seem
to fear you at all! Are you really all that powerful?”

At the provocation, Fenrir’s expression darkened further. Glowering at Jonathan grimly, he threatened,
“Kid, I don’t know where your guts came from that you dare speak to me in such an insolent manner,
but I’m afraid that it’d be difficult for you to walk out of his room today!”

After saying that, he waved a hand.

His lackeys behind him immediately rushed forward, raising their guns and aiming them at Jonathan.

“Break his legs and throw him down from the third floor!” Fenrir waved his hand again, not in the mood
to yak with Jonathan.

I’ll use practical action to show everyone the consequences of offending me in Jadeborough!

“Fenrir, you’re afraid of Harrison, yet you don’t fear me?” Jonathan glanced at him dispassionately.

In an instant, Fenrir froze and gaped at him in disbelief.

Does he know Mr. Seymour as well?

“Don’t be fooled by him, Mr. Fenrir! He loves to boast, but he’s a useless fellow! Back then, he rode a
shabby electric scooter to the car dealership to buy a Lamborghini and ended up being kicked out!”
Charles proclaimed upon noticing that Fenrir was wavering slightly, putting Jonathan down.

And it was also then that Fenrir abruptly realized that he was almost scared off by Jonathan.

“How dare you try to scare me, kid?” Fenrir’s expression went chilly.

“Try to scare you?” Jonathan then sneered, “Are you worthy of me doing so?”

After saying that, he no longer bothered to pay Fenrir any mind. He shifted his gaze to Pablo and
declared, “Fatty, a minute has passed, and my patience is at its end!”

“Oh, really? So, how are you planning to have me disappear forever?” Pablo regarded Jonathan with a
smirk, not believing him in the least.

He’s no more than a fool who rides a shabby electric scooter besides having been shown the door by
an establishment, yet he dares to put on such a show before me?

“You’re acquainted with Harrison, yes?” Eyeing him apathetically, Jonathan remarked, “Give him a call.”

“You’re acquainted with Harrison?” Pablo arched an eyebrow in surprise.

From the look of things, he really seems to be acquainted with Harrison!

“Give him a call and tell him that I’m only giving him ten minutes. He’s to appear before me in ten
minutes. If he’s even a second late, he doesn’t need to come anymore!”

The moment Jonathan’s words rang out, shock deluged everyone there.

But a second later, the entire room burst into raucous laughter.

They all looked at Jonathan as though he had a screw loose in his head, thus uttered the most absurd
statement in the world.

“I wasn’t hearing things, was I? Did he just give Harrison an order?” Pablo stared at Jonathan with
derision etched on his face as though he was looking at someone on the brink of death. “Kid, do you
know who he is?”

It wasn’t just him, for almost everyone there shared his sentiments.

He’s truly out of his head that he dares to give Harrison an order! Does he know who that is? That’s the
most ruthless man in Jadeborough who has connections to government officials and their illegal
counterparts! No one in Jadeborough dares to offend him. Even the four prominent families in
Jadeborough dare not order him around like this!

“What does that matter? You only need to repeat my words to him,” Jonathan murmured.

“Kid, you’re the most brazen person I’ve seen in my forty over years of life!” Pablo cast him a
sympathetic glance before he took out his phone and made the call.

Shortly after, Harrison’s voice drifted out of the phone. “Is the matter not resolved yet, Mr. Hearnshaw?”

“It’s resolved, but I’ve now run into an even greater trouble.” After throwing Jonathan a mocking look,
Pablo explained, “I met someone, and he asked me to convey a message to you.”

“What is it?”

“He said that you’re to appear before him in ten minutes. If you’re even a second late, you don’t need to
come anymore.” Pablo recounted Jonathan’s message to Harrison word for word.

When the final word fell, the entire room plunged into pin-drop silence.

Everyone was waiting for Harrison to flip his lid.

They all wondered what he would do to Jonathan.

Will Harrison break both his legs and hang him on the bridge above Goda River to bake for three days
and nights under the scorching sun? Or will he simply chop him into pieces and throw him into Goda
River to feed the fishes? Or perhaps he’ll shoot him and toss him down from the third floor?

They had all started imagining Jonathan’s death. Charles, especially, wore a sadistic smile on his face.

His girlfriend, Nana, was gazing at Jonathan with pity. There was a trace of reluctance in her eyes.

While I detest someone like him, I’ve never thought of having him die.

Conversely, Emmeline was incandescent to the point that she was trembling all over.

Why couldn’t you just remain a worthless bum, Jonathan? Why must you court death? Do you not
know that Harrison will really kill you if he gets mad?

As everyone regarded him with varied looks in their eyes, Harrison, who was on the other end of the
phone, replied at long last, “Tell him to wait for me. Also, tell him to come up with a few ways he’d like
to die. At that time, I’ll choose one and send him across the great divide personally!”

A beep sounded as Harrison hung up right away.

The second the phone was disconnected, Pablo finally dissolved into laughter. Not only him, but
everyone behind him guffawed after hearing Harrison’s reply.

He’s done for! Verily, he’s doomed!

Even Charles, who had wanted to hightail it out of there, suddenly didn’t feel like leaving anymore.
Instead, he wanted to stay and see how Jonathan was going to meet his end later.

Oh, well…

Nana heaved a long sigh.

I just knew that the outcome would be this. How could someone like him be acquainted with Harrison?
Some people say that only people will very low self-esteem like to use such a method to highlight their
superiority, exaggerate things, and bluster. Someone like him must have exceedingly low self-esteem
in life, no?

“Kid, Harrison asked you to wait for him!” Snickering, Pablo said to Jonathan, “He even said that you
should come up with a few ways you’d like to die. At that time, he’ll choose one and send you across
the great divide personally!”

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