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Chapter 73 Who Does He Think He Is


As Pablo’s order rang out, a few of Pablo’s lackeys grabbed Jory and dragged him to the window.

Upon seeing that, the girls in the private room were so stricken that all color drained out of their faces.
That went doubly so for Jory, and he cried out urgently, “Save me, Mr. Goldberg!”

However, Charles acted as though he didn’t hear anything, not even bothered to spare him a glance.

Save him? Can’t he tell that I can barely save myself now? How am I going to bail him out?

Bang! Bang!

Two gunshots pierced the air, followed by Jory’s agonized howl. At the same time, two bloody holes
materialized in his legs, rendering them entirely crippled.

On the heels of that, the few lackeys grabbed his hair as though he was a dog and tossed him out the
window from the third floor.

Everyone present was utterly shocked at that scene.

Charles was so petrified that he had gone as pale as a sheet.

Despite his boasts in front of Jonathan just now, he had actually never witnessed such brutality in his
entire life.

“C-Charles, I-I’m scared…” Nana huddled behind him as she clutched at his shirt, making it clear as
day that she was terrified by the scene before her.

“I-It’ll be fine…”

Charles grasped her hand, remaining as still as a statue.

“She can’t leave. She must stay and entertain me tonight!” Pablo pointed at Sharon, scaring her so
badly that she went white. She anxiously looked at Charles and called out to him, but the man feigned
ignorance and averted his eyes.

“She, too, must stay!” Pablo stretched out his hand again and pointed at Nana, who was behind

Hearing that, terror swamped Nana, and she desperately cowered behind Charles.

“No! She’s my girlfriend!” Since things had come to that, Charles could no longer feign deafness.

“Hmm?” Pablo’s expression turned frosty. “Do you not want to leave either?”

“No, I…” Charles looked at Fenrir with panic written all over his face. “Mr. Fenrir…”

“You’d better listen to Mr. Hearnshaw.” Shooting him a wintry look, Fenrir added, “Otherwise, even I
can’t save you. You saw your friend’s fate, didn’t you?”


In a trice, Charles’ face turned ashen.

He could tell that Fenrir didn’t want to get involved in the matter. After hesitating for a while, he finally
dropped Nana’s hand. “Bear with it first, Nana. I’ll go home and have my father save you!”

“How could you do this, Charles?” Nana’s eyes blazed scarlet when she heard him abandoning her
without the slightest hesitation. She gaped at him incredulously.

I’m his girlfriend! Yet, he’s actually handing me over to another man?

“I can’t do a da*n thing about it either! Do you think I don’t want to save you? I want to take you away,
too, but can’t you see that I can’t even save myself now?” Charles started cussing, seeing red.

Despair instantly flooded Nana’s face.

Oh God, do I really have to entertain this da*n fatty tonight?

She looked at everyone in the private room, but all who met her eyes hung their heads and pretended
as though they hadn’t seen her plea for help.

After all, no one dared to meddle at such a time after witnessing Sharon’s boyfriend being thrown down
three floors.

The only person there who didn’t try to hide was Jonathan. However, he didn’t plan on intervening.
More accurately speaking, he didn’t want to get involved in these people’s affairs.

But sometimes, trouble came knocking at his door despite his wishes to the contrary.

To be precise, it didn’t come knocking at his door but Emmeline’s door.

At some point in time, Pablo spotted Emmeline, who was cowering on the couch. His eyes promptly lit
up, and he pointed at her right away. “She, too! She must stay and entertain me tonight!”

I’ve bedded plenty of beautiful ladies, but I’ve never been with someone like her! Although she
deliberately dresses maturely, the innocence in her eyes shines like a beacon! It’s glaringly obvious
that she’s still a virgin!

“N-No!” Emmeline instantly panicked when she saw Pablo pointing at her. She snapped her head up
and glanced around in a loss, only to find that nary a person dared to interfere.

Nevertheless, she didn’t even bother looking at Jonathan, positive that he wouldn’t dare do anything
since he was a deadbeat.

“Men, take them few girls I pointed out earlier to my private room. The others can scram now!” After
having pointed out the girls he wanted, Pablo waved a dismissive hand impatiently and dismissed
everyone else as though swatting a fly away.

The rest of the people weren’t at all vexed despite his words.

Instead, they collectively breathed a sigh of relief.

But just as they moved to leave, a cold voice suddenly rang out from the couch. “Fatty, did you seek my
permission before stealing my girlfriend right in front of me?”

Jonathan, who hadn’t said a single word, finally spoke.

Well, well, well, I don’t want to get involved, but this da*n fatty just had to set his sights on Emmeline.
Thus, I’ve got no choice but to intercede. What can I do when she’s Josephine’s sister?

“What did you just call me, kid?” When Pablo heard that, his expression darkened at lightning speed.

The thing I loathe most in my entire life is to have someone calling me fat! That’s my kryptonite!

In a flash, everyone cut their gazes at Jonathan.

Three words popped up in their minds—what an idiot!

Nana, especially, was all the more repulsed by Jonathan. In her eyes, all he could do was blow his own
trumpet without anything to show for it.

Hah! He’s even worse than Charles, downright foolish! I really don’t understand what Emmeline likes
about him!

“I’m giving you a minute, Fatty. You’d better disappear from my line of sight before I get mad,” Jonathan
murmured, glancing at Pablo placidly.

“Oh? What will happen when you get mad?” Pablo stared at him with a sneer, regarding him as though
he was a fool.

“Someone will die.”

“What did you just say?” Hearing Jonathan’s answer, Pablo acted as though it was the biggest joke in
the world. “Did I mishear you? Kid, even Fenrir doesn’t dare say that to me. Who do you think you

His remark had Fenrir’s face stinging hotly, and he felt as though he had been slapped across the face.

“Fenrir is nobody. How can he compare to me?” Jonathan drawled, his voice mild.

“Did you hear that, Fenrir?” Pablo couldn’t help guffawing upon hearing that. “Fenrir, it seems that
you’re not doing all that well in Jadeborough! Even a snot-nosed kid dares to disparage you!”

“Do you have a death wish, kid?” Fenrir’s expression changed drastically, turning frightfully grim.

It’s one thing that this da*n fatty looks down on me since he has Harrison backing him up, but who
does this kid think he is? How dare he looks down on me?

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