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The Legendary Man Chapter 71

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Chapter 71 We Shall See

“From his accent, I don’t think he is a local!” Jory noted.

“Really?” The moment Charles heard that he was not a local, he sneered and no longer had any
reservations. “Bring me to him. How dare he acts so brazenly in Jadeborough, our turf? He must be
sick of living! Bring some men along! I’ll make certain today that he doesn’t leave this city alive! Let’s

Following his order, all the young men in the private room grabbed beer bottles and made to rush out.

Jonathan, however, merely sat there indifferently from beginning to end as though he didn’t see

Seeing that, the contempt in Emmeline’s eyes intensified.

“Aren’t you going?” Charles asked, abruptly halting in his tracks and swinging his gaze at Jonathan
despite having reached the door.

“Nope,” Jonathan declined without an ounce of hesitation. “It’s getting late, so I should be going home.”

I’ve got no interest in a brawl between some snot-nosed kids!

“Just admit that you’re afraid! Why are you making excuses?” Charles scoffed upon hearing that. “What
a coward! I really don’t understand what Emmeline likes about you! Never mind. Just stay here and be
a chicken if you’re afraid. Everyone else, come with me!”

After saying that, he charged toward the door with the others.

Nonetheless, Jonathan acted as though he didn’t hear him at all, not even making a move to get to his

“Just leave by yourself if you want to do so! I’m not leaving!” Emmeline abruptly snapped when she
saw that he was still as useless as before.

The kind of person whom I disdain most in my life is someone like him, timid and cowardly! He doesn’t
even seem like a man!

“Forget about him, Emmeline. With Charles here, everything will be fine!” Nana held her back and
threw Jonathan a glacial look, her eyes brimming with distaste.

Ugh! A weak and spineless guy like him is really loathsome!

No sooner had her words fallen than Jonathan glanced at the door placidly and murmured, “There’s no
need to go out anymore.”


In a flash, everyone jerked their heads back and stared at him, not quite comprehending his meaning.

“They’re coming over,” Jonathan explained mildly.

Just when he had finished speaking, a thundering bang split the air. The private room door was kicked
open from the outside. In the next second, a plump man stalked in with a dozen lackeys.

As soon as he stepped into the room, he kicked Jory in the stomach.

With that blow, the man was knocked back to the ground.

“Why, you still want to make a run for it, kid?” The plump man held two walnuts in his hands which he
kept clenching and releasing. He wore an imperious expression on his face.

“It was him, Mr. Goldberg! It was this da*n fatty who beat me up!” Jory pointed at the plump man. He
struggled up from the ground while clutching his stomach after having been kicked to the ground.


A mere second after his words rang out, the plump man struck him across the face, causing blood to
trickle out the corners of his mouth. “Watch your mouth!”

“How dare you?” When the young men who had just imbibed saw that the plump man hadn’t the
slightest respect for them, their tempers spiked. Aided by liquid courage, they raised the beer bottles in
their hands to smash it down on him. But before they could do so, they were staring down the muzzle
of a dozen guns.

In an instant, the few young men were so terrified that their breaths stuttered.

“Weren’t the lot of you going to get physical with me? Why have you stopped?” The plump man snorted
at the sight of their faces that had paled in fright. Eyeing them disdainfully, he lifted a hand and swung it
across the face of the man nearest to him.

As a crisp slap rang out, a bright red palmprint instantly manifested on the man’s face.

Unfortunately, he didn’t dare utter a single word of protest.

“Kid, it was you having fun with your girlfriend earlier in the washroom and even got physical with me,
huh?” The plump man threw Jory a glance. One of his lackeys promptly lifted the gun in his hand and
brought it down on Jory’s head without a word.

At once, blood gushed out of Jory’s head and flowed down his face.

Crap! We’ve run into a formidable match this time!

That was Charles’ first thought.

“Dude, which gang are you from? Give me a hint here, won’t you?” Enduring his terror, he forced
himself to appear nonchalant. No sooner had he spoken than the plump man kicked him in the
stomach hard, sending him to the ground on his knees. “Did I say that you could speak?”

“How dare you?” Charles shot daggers at him, fury blazing hotly in his eyes. “You’re crossing the line,
da*n fatty! You’re not a local, so what if you’ve got guns? I don’t believe that you dare shoot me! Mark
my words that you’ll never make it out of Jadeborough alive if you dare harm a hair on my head today!”

“Oh? It sounds like you’re very powerful in Jadeborough?” the plump man sneered, casting him a

“Not really,” Charles hissed through gritted teeth, “but making sure that you can’t leave Jadeborough
alive is no biggie. Since you’re now in this city, you must have heard of Fenrir Black, no?”

Fenrir Black? Rumor has it that he has connections to the authorities and triads in Jadeborough, and
only a few dare to go against him in the whole city! Besides, it’s said that he’s the right-hand man of the
most ruthless man in Jadeborough, Harrison Seymour, in addition to being his top fighter! And Charles
is acquainted with him?

Upon hearing that, the group of students instantly swung their gazes at him. A glimmer of astonishment
flickered across their eyes.

While they weren’t acquainted with Fenrir, they had heard of him.

“Who’s Fenrir Black? I’ve never heard of such a person!” Scorn was written all over the plump man’s
face, making it abundantly clear that he didn’t fear Fenrir. “But from the sound of it, you seem to be

somewhat related to him? How about this? I’ll give you a chance. Give him a call now and have him
come over. I’ll see whether he dares to poke his nose into my affairs!”

“I’ll hold you to that!” Charles breathed a sigh of relief when he heard the plump man voluntarily
allowing him to give Fenrir a call.

As long as I get to phone Fenrir, this da*n fatty definitely won’t be able to walk out of this nightclub

“Go ahead and make your call!”

The plump man waved a dismissive hand, not at all concerned about Fenrir.

A few minutes later, the call went through.

The second the call was answered, Charles exclaimed urgently, “Hello, Mr. Fenrir? Are you in
Jadeborough? What? You’re at Heavenly Nightclub? That’s great! Mr. Fenrir, I’m in Supreme VIP Room
No. 388! A few men are picking on me!”

Later, he gushed, “Really? You’ll come over right away? I’ll be waiting for you, then!”

Having said that, he hung up the phone and eyed the plump man across from him condescendingly.

“Just you wait, you da*n fatty! Fenrir is coming over immediately, so you’re dead!” he snarled.

“Oh, really? The plump man snorted once more. Lifting his hand to have his lackey light a cigar for him,
he puffed a cloud of smoke onto Charles’ face. “We shall see!”

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