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The Legendary Man Chapter 70

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Chapter 70 Something Is Wrong

During the years he ventured the nation as the almighty Asura, he had encountered countless bottles
of fine wine that would cost hundreds of millions. A bottle of wine worthy of a few thousand was child’s
play as compared to those.

“Come again? Did you guys hear him? He says he doesn’t really appreciate something less than a
century old!”

Charles burst into laughter instantly. He looked at Jonathan as if the man in front of him was nothing
more than a fool.

Hello? A wine that’s a decade old is going to cost more than hundreds of thousands! If it’s something
that’s a century old, it’s going to cost a few million! He needs to stop coming up with something as
absurd as such!

“Has he lost his mind? I’m almost certain he has never seen a bottle of wine that’s at least a century

“Are you taking him seriously when he’s nothing more than a fool?”

“I have a bottle of water that’s almost a century old! Maybe I’ll share it with him!”

Nana’s peers started making fun of Jonathan once they heard his seemingly arrogant remarks.

Charles, who was determined to get his revenge, asked in a provocative manner, “I’ve never tasted
something as exquisite as such! What does it taste like?”

Jonathan wasn’t offended at all. He glanced at Charles and answered, “I can easily get myself the
things you deem a luxury and can only afford to indulge in every once in a while.”

Once again, the guests burst into laughter when they heard his words. Charles questioned, “You’re not
living in an imaginary world, are you? Who the hell do you think you are? The almighty Asura or
Zachary, the King of War?”

The men next to Charles started pulling Emmeline’s leg. “Where did you find this fool? He can’t even
engage himself in a proper conversation with others!”

“Shall we do you a favor and teach him the proper way to carry himself in such a social setting?”

“That’s enough!” When Charles’ friends were about to resort to violence, Nana, the host of the birthday
bash, couldn’t take it anymore. She yelled, “Are you trying to ruin my day?”

Charles showed Jonathan his middle finger and beckoned his friends to leave the seemingly
defenseless man alone.

In fact, Nana was of a similar idea as the rest and thought Jonathan merely was a pretentious man
incapable of much.

Initially, she thought of doing Emmeline a favor, but she couldn’t take it anymore. She found Jonathan a
despicable man whenever she recalled the incident Charles shared with her.

He’s the type of man I hate the most! Incapable men like him need to know their place and stop bluffing
when there’s nothing remarkable about them!

Instead of picking on Jonathan, everyone else started engaging in different activities during the joyous

Apart from those who were drinking and singing, some of them were up to some raunchy fun in a dark

No one, including Emmeline, had any intention to keep Jonathan company. It seemed as if he was the
plague that everyone wanted to avoid.

As tragic as it might seem, Jonathan was glad he finally had the chance to spend some alone time. He
found the guests a nuisance ever since he joined them in the room.

After a few drinking rounds, most of the guests weren’t even conscious anymore. They let loose of
themselves and started engaging in raunchy activities in the room.

It was the same for Sharon and Jory. When they were about to sneak their way out of the room, the
barely conscious Charles asked, “Where are you guys going?”

Jory turned around and announced with a wink, “To make some babies!”

Charles winked in return and warned the man with a lecherous look, “You better not regret your

He started running his hands across Nana’s waist shortly after returning to their seats next to

Shortly after, Nana couldn’t pull herself together anymore. She started moaning with her body twitching
against her will.

Unable to stand her friend gasping and gritting her teeth to stop herself from moaning, Emmeline said,
“Nana, I think it’s time for me to leave.”

Nana stopped Emmeline from leaving once the latter stood up from her seat. “N-No! W-We’re not even
done celebrating… A-Ah…”

She couldn’t even finish her sentence and ended up moaning in front of her friend. Subsequently,
things got increasingly awkward in the room.

Shortly after Nana finished her sentence, Sharon’s boyfriend barged into the room with a bruised face.

On top of the slap mark on his cheek, blood continued gushing out of his nose.

He switched on all the lights and took the ones engaging themselves in a raunchy session by surprise.

As a result, they felt their limbs turning stiff. Charles was one of the first few to return to his senses.

He glared at the man at the entrance once he inched away from Nana. His face puckered in irritation
when he saw his friend being beaten to a pulp. “Jory, what’s wrong?”

“Someone punched me in the face!”

Jory wiped the blood off his face and shouted with his fists clenched, “I can’t take it anymore! Come
with me! It’s time to teach that b*stard a lesson!”

As soon as his words fell, the drunkards were ready to rush out of the room with Jory. “What the hell?
Who’s this arrogant man you’re talking about? We’ll help you!”

Charles stopped his friends with a frown. “Hold on! Where are you guys going when none of you are
aware of the person Jory’s talking about?”

Among the drunkards, Charles was the only level-headed one. He asked, “Jory, who’s the one who hit

“It’s a fatty! When I was about to have some fun with Sharon, he showed up and reprimanded me! He
returned with a bunch of men after I launched a powerful kick to teach him a lesson! Mr. Goldberg, you
need to avenge me! No one has ever beaten me like that!”

Charles had his doubts when he heard Jory. He asked, “Do you know anything about the man?”

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