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The Legendary Man Chapter 67

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Chapter 67 I Beg Of You

“Jonathan, you…”

Pointing her finger angrily at Jonathan, Margaret stared daggers at him. “How dare you talk to me that

“When I was living in the Smith residence, didn’t you treat me the same way?” Jonathan stared coldly
at Margaret. All this while, he had tolerated her attitude on Josephine’s account.

Unfortunately, she simply pressed her advantage and provoked him further.

Does she take me for a punching bag?

“Either you move out, or do as I say!” Just as he spoke, Jonathan lit up a cigarette and glared intently
at Margaret.

When they were in the Smith residence, he would tolerate all her insults for Josephine’s sake.

But now that they had moved into No. 1 Villa, he wasn’t going to tolerate her nonsense.

“Fine, Jonathan. Now that you’re somebody, how dare you do this to me?” Margaret’s expression
drastically changed. “No matter how you’re trying to get rid of me, I’m not leaving! I dare you to kick me
out. If you do, I will take Josephine along with me!”

Given that Jonathan had pressured her that way, she attempted to turn the tables by using Josephine
to threaten him.

“That will depend on whether she wants to leave with you.” Jonathan sneered, “If you leave with her,
she won’t be able to get her name added to the title deed.”


Jonathan had struck Margaret where it hurt the most.

After all, her true objective was to have her daughter become the official owner of the mansion.

Just as expected, Margaret’s expression drastically changed. Gritting her teeth, she retorted, “Bavo,
Jonathan! It looks like I have underestimated you. Doing the dishes and cleaning the floor is no big
deal. Fine, I’ll do it!”

How dare a cowardly sc*mbag like you threaten me? When the property ownership is transferred to
Josephine, I will be the first to kick you out!

“Don’t forget to clean the toilet bowl!”

Stubbing out his cigarette, Jonathan looked in Emmeline’s direction. “Is the birthday party about to

“Yes, it’s starting very soon!” Emmeline checked her watch. “There’s still half an hour to go.”

“Come, I’ll send you.”

Jonathan got to his feet in a nonchalant manner.

The moment she heard Jonathan offer to send her, Emmeline followed him out without another word,
as if her raging mom behind her was invisible.

“Stupid girl!”

Watching Emmeline follow behind Jonathan like a loyal puppy, Margaret yelled at the top of her lungs,
“Come back here!”

However, Emmeline ignored her cries and pretended not to hear.


The moment the key was pressed, the car’s light illuminated the entire mansion.

“Get in!”

When Jonathan pushed the start button, the engine ignited with a rumbling growl.

The Lamborghini had instantly roared to life.

“Jonathan, did you really buy this car?” After getting in, Emmeline couldn’t stop admiring every corner
of the car.

Previously, she had only seen the car in movies or when her rich friends drove it. Hence, she never had
the opportunity even to touch one before.

Sitting inside the Lamborghini, everything felt surreal to her.

“Does it really matter if I bought it?” Jonathan gave her a casual glance. “All that counts is that the key
is in my hands.”

“Jonathan, I can’t believe how much you have changed after not seeing you for a few years. Not only
can you afford a mansion, you even bought a sports car. Back then, why weren’t you so capable?”
Emmeline sighed as she made herself comfortable in the Lamborghini’s seat.

No one was going to look down upon her anymore when she arrived at the birthday party in a

“Back then…” Jonathan smirked. The thought of how he was treated like trash at the Smith residence
caused him to floor the accelerator instantly.

With a thunderous roar, the red Lamborghini sped ahead, leaving a storm of dust behind it.

“Jonathan, when you see my classmates later, you have to tell them that you bought the car instead of
having borrowed it,” Emmeline reminded Jonathan along the journey there.

After all, she would be disgraced if word got out that the car was borrowed.

“I’m just sending you there. I don’t intend to accompany you to the birthday party,” Jonathan rejected
her suggestion. If she weren’t Josephine’s sister, he wouldn’t have even bothered.

After all, she did ridicule him all the time back at the Smith residence.

“That won’t do!” Emmeline grew desperate. “If you leave, who is going to pick me up later?”

“Take a taxi!” Jonathan snapped. “Didn’t your sister give you some money?”

“No, you have to go with me!” Emmeline didn’t leave Jonathan any room for discussion. Considering
how hard it was to have an opportunity to show off to her friends, there was no way she wasn’t going to
milk it for what it was worth.

“I’m not interested!”

Jonathan was firm in his refusal. After all, a kids’ gathering was meaningless to him.

“Jonathan, if you dare to leave, I will tell Josephine about it!” Left without a choice, Emmeline
threatened Jonathan.

However, there was no way Jonathan was going to fall for it.


Jonathan added, “Don’t forget that your sister objects to me sending you here.”


Emmeline was stumped by Jonathan’s rebuttal.

“Jonathan, please, I beg of you.” Having no other option, Emmeline acquiesced and resorted to
pleading reluctantly.

Three years ago, Jonathan had worked tirelessly in the Smith residence to serve her family.

But three years later, the tables were turned with her begging Jonathan.

“What did you call me?” Jonathan shot her a glare.

“Jonathan…” Emmeline didn’t catch Jonathan’s hint.

“I’ll give you one more chance. Think properly about how you are supposed to address me.” The
moment Jonathan gave Emmeline the side-eye, the answer dawned upon her. She cried out
immediately, “My dearest brother-in-law, Jonathan!”

“You have to show some respect when speaking to me moving forward. Do you understand?” Jonathan
stared intently at her.

“I understand.”

Emmeline hung her head low as she bit her lip.

Half an hour later, the red Lamborghini stopped in front of an opulent mansion.

Parked in front of it was an array of luxury sports cars. There was a Porsche, Bentley, Ferrari, and even
a Maserati.

The moment the Lamborghini screeched to a halt, it attracted everyone’s attention.

When Emmeline opened the door and stepped out, everyone gasped in shock.

“It’s her?”

“Am I seeing things? Is it really Emmeline?”

“Doesn’t she usually ride an electric scooter? Since when she got to travel in a sports car?

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