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The Legendary Man Chapter 69

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Chapter 69 Chaos

Immediately, the two men recalled the time they encountered one another at the car dealership.

Isn’t this the man the sales assistant mistook as me the other day? Jonathan pondered.

“Do you guys know each other?” Emmeline was slightly shocked by the duo’s response as Jonathan
seemed to be aware of Charles’ identity when it was her first time meeting Charles in person.

Charles sneered, “Of course! Has he not told you the time we ran into one another at the Lamborghini
car dealership?”

Unaware Charles was up to something malicious in mind, the attendees of the birthday bash gasped at
his words and thought Jonathan was someone from an equally well-off family.

A few girls even thought of striking up a conversation with the mysterious man.

“Charles, was he the one who showed up with an electric scooter?” Nana turned around and asked
when she recalled the story Charles shared with her a few days ago.

“You remember that, huh? Yes, he’s the one who showed up with an electric scooter and ended up
being chased out of the store by the manager. Emmeline, are you sure this is your boyfriend?”

Charles carried on with the conversation at the top of his lungs to make sure others in the room could
hear him.

As a result, the enthusiastic women who thought of striking up a conversation with Jonathan changed
their minds. They started despising him and were disgusted at the thought of his presence.

Has he no shame at all? How dare he show up with an electric scooter at such a premium car

“Charles, are you sure you haven’t gotten the wrong person?” Nana had no intention to embarrass
Emmeline. She signaled Charles to play along with her to do her friend a favor.

However, Charles was against the idea of showing Jonathan any mercy. He sneered and assured,
“There’s no way I could mistake someone like him; I’ve never seen such a shameless man throughout
my life!”

In an attempt to make a fool out of Jonathan, Charles suggested, “Why don’t you ask him if I’m telling
the truth or not?”

Ha! There’s no way I’m showing him any mercy when I’ve finally found the chance to make fun of him!
As long as I make a fool out of him, it’s only a matter of time until I get my hands on Emmeline!

“Jonathan, is he telling the truth?” Emmeline confronted Jonathan with a gloomy expression because
she had never felt so embarrassed before.

“Yes,” Jonathan answered nonchalantly.

What’s the big deal? Am I supposed to show up in a set of formal wear? When was that a rule? Why
couldn’t I show up with an electric scooter when I was merely there to get Josephine a car?

The guests whispered among themselves when they heard Jonathan’s response. They couldn’t believe
he had the guts to admit it.

It was the same for Charles—he thought Jonathan would make something up to stop others from
making fun of him.

Had that been the case, he would bring up something else to humiliate Jonathan, shaming him to the
point of no return.

To everyone’s surprise, Jonathan didn’t even bother to defend himself after admitting he was the one
Charles was talking about. He’s such a wimp! Can he at least put on a fight and try defending himself?

Charles sneered, “Did you hear him, Emmeline? Are you sure he deserves to be your boyfriend? You
know what? Do yourself a favor and break up with him as soon as possible!”

“Jonathan, I want you to get out of my sight at once!” Emmeline thought of fleeing the scene to save
herself the trouble of being embarrassed.

W-Why did he admit it? Can’t he make something up to keep them in the dark? He’s embarrassing me

Jonathan glanced at Emmeline and remarked, “Allow me to clarify prior to my departure. Since when
was it a rule to dress up just to purchase a Lamborghini? Indeed, I made my way to the car dealership
with an electric scooter, but is that an issue? I have the right to travel there with a bike if I feel like it.”

Staring at Charles in the eyes, Jonathan added, “At the very least, the manager of the store didn’t
mistake me as someone else and chased me out of the store when he figured out the truth, unlike
someone here!”

Jonathan was aware Charles was at the birthday venue ever since he stepped into the room. He
thought it was too much of a hassle to make a fuss out of something trivial and made up his mind to
dismiss him.

At the end of the day, Charles was just another trivial figure unworthy of his time. On the other hand,
Charles kept picking on Jonathan to fulfill his sense of pride.

“W-What are you talking about? Who was chased out? Is this an attempt to exaggerate things to divert
others’ attention?” Charles ended up stuttering when he heard Jonathan. He was afraid Jonathan
would expose the truth.

Was he there as well when the car dealership manager chased me out of the store? Wasn’t he thrown
out of the showroom before me?

“What do you think?” Jonathan queried in response to Charles’ questions.

“I-I’m sure you’re exaggerating things to divert everyone else’s attention!” Charles couldn’t even carry
on with the conversation without stammering.

Jonathan suggested with a sneer, “If that’s the case, shall we get the staff of the car dealership to verify
it? We’ll get one of them to join us and see if I’m exaggerating things!”


Charles couldn’t remain calm anymore when he heard Jonathan’s suggestion to get the staff of the car
dealership to join them.

It was then Nana chimed in, “All right, can all of you do me a favor and give me a break instead of
making a fuss out of something trivial? Join me for a toast!”

Nana initiated the toast with the guests immediately after she finished her sentence. In spite of the
grudge he held against Jonathan, Charles joined Nana to stop Jonathan from embarrassing him.

Meanwhile, Jonathan had never taken Charles seriously and thought it was a pain in the ass to quarrel
with him.

However, that wasn’t the case for Charles, as he was determined to get his revenge. Once he finished
his glass of wine, he looked at Jonathan and asked, “I’m sure you’ve never drunk something as
exclusive as such, huh? You can’t even get this unless you import it!”

“If it’s not one of the worst, this must be the worst glass of wine I’ve ever drunk.”

“One of the worst? Are you kidding me? If something that costs a few thousand can’t even please you,
care to share the type of wine you enjoy drinking the most with us? Maybe just tell us the brand of the

When everyone heard Charles, they couldn’t help but wonder if it was another bluff from the seemingly
pretentious man.

“I usually don’t waste my time with something that’s less than a century old.”

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