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The Legendary Man Chapter 72

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Chapter 72 Get Down On Your Knees

After a few minutes had passed, the private room door was kicked open with a bang.

A menacing-looking bald man with a tattoo of a savage wolf on his neck strode into the private room.
As soon as he entered, Charles frantically wailed, “You’re here, Mr. Fenrir!”

“Who had you kneeling here?” When Fenrir saw Charles on his knees while clutching his stomach, he
frowned and swept a gaze over the crowd. His gaze stilling on the plump man, he demanded, “Was it
you, Fatty?”

“So what if it was me?” the plump man drawled, puffing out a cloud of smoke.

“Do you know whose territory this is? Do you have a death wish that you dare make trouble in my
territory?” Fenrir wasn’t the least bit afraid though a dozen lackeys with guns in their hands stood
behind the plump man.

Countless people died at my hands throughout the years, so there’s nothing to fear about a few guns!

“Your territory?” Hearing that, the plump man scoffed. With derision etched on his face, he remarked,
“I’ve only heard that Jadeborough is Harrison Seymour’s territory. When did it become yours? Why, is
he currently indisposed that you’re the law in this city now?”

Harrison Seymour?

When Fenrir heard that name, his expression abruptly changed. “You’re acquainted with Mr.

“What do you think?” Without even deigning to spare him a glance, the plump man took out his phone
and made a call. A minute later, Harrison’s familiar voice drifted out of the phone. “Have you run into

some trouble, Mr. Hearnshaw?”

The moment his voice rang out, the entire room plunged into deathly silence.

Perhaps Fenrir’s reputation was exceedingly acclaimed, but compared to Harrison, he was nothing.

After all, Harrison was the uncrowned king of Jadeborough’s underground circles, dubbed the most
ruthless man in Jadeborough.

In other words, one might escape with one’s life intact if one were to offend the Blackwood family in

But if one were to offend Harrison, one would definitely die a ghastly death with nothing remaining for a

“Yeah, I ran into some trouble.” The plump man known as Pablo Hearnshaw took a puff of his cigar
before expounding with a chuckle. “Someone told me that Jadeborough is his territory and even said
that I won’t be leaving this city alive if I dare make trouble here. Say, Mr. Seymour, is Jadeborough your
territory or someone else’s?”

“Who’s that person?” Harrison’s voice turned distinctly chilly.

“Fenrir Black!” Pablo replied with a snicker. The moment Fenrir heard Harrison’s voice from the other
end of the phone, such stark struck him that his legs went weak.

Others might not recognize that voice, but he was all too familiar with it.

“Hand the phone to him, please.” Suppressing his wrath, Harrison asked Pablo to pass the phone to
Fenrir. When Pablo handed it to Fenrir, he put the call on speaker.

“Mr. Seymour…” Fenrir’s voice was even quivering as he spoke.

“Are you sick of living, Fenrir? Do you know who Mr. Hearnshaw is? He’s visiting Jadeborough this time
to collaborate with me on a project worth several hundred million! If you ruin things for me, you won’t be
seeing the sunrise tomorrow!”

“Mr. Seymour, I…” Fenrir wanted to defend himself, but Harrison didn’t give him that opportunity at all.
A beep sounded as the latter hung up the phone.

At once, the entire room became eerily silent.

Everyone had their gazes fixated on Fenrir, noticing that the man’s hand that gripped the phone was
trembling slightly.

“Fenrir, do you have the final say in Jadeborough, or is it Harrison who has the final say?” Pablo
regarded Fenrir with a smile though the expression on his face was provocative.

“Of course, it’s Mr. Seymour!” Fenrir made his choice at lightning speed.

My influence in Jadeborough is indeed substantial, what with my connections to the authorities and
triads. But what does that matter? How would I dare go head to head with Harrison? That’s just
courting death! If not for him, I’ll be a nobody in Jadeborough!

“Mr. Hearnshaw, this is simply a misunderstanding. It’s just a mix-up on my part as I didn’t know that
we’re both on the same side!” He forced a smile onto his baleful countenance. “How about this? I’ll
down three glasses as an apology!”

After saying that, he snagged the beer on the table. Without ado, he downed three glasses in a row.

When he had finished all three glasses, he turned to Pablo and inquired, “Was that satisfactory, Mr.

“Yeah.” Pablo nodded approvingly since Fenrir had shown him great respect. “How about this? As long
as you don’t interfere in this matter tonight, I’ll forget all about the incident earlier.”


Hearing that, Fenrir breathed a sigh of relief.

I was just afraid that he wouldn’t compromise. That would be troublesome, then!

“Come over here, Charles!” He then beckoned at Charles, ordering, “Come here and apologize to Mr.

“Mr. Fenrir…”

Charles wore an aggrieved expression.

I called him so that he’ll come and teach this da*n fatty a lesson! Unexpectedly, not only has my plan
failed, but I even have to apologize to the latter instead?

“Come here!” At the sight of his dawdling, Fenrir kicked him in the stomach and grabbed his hair,
dragging him over to Pablo. “Mr. Hearnshaw, he’s my friend’s son, and I’ve watched him grow up. He
only offended you because he didn’t know better. Could you please do me a favor and let him off the
hook today?”

“That’s not a problem,” Pablo continued, looking down at Charles, “but he has to prostrate himself
before me as an apology. Then, I’ll forget about the incident today.”

“No way!”

That was Charles’ first reaction upon hearing his stipulation.

Is he serious? If I were to prostrate myself before him today and apologize, how am I going to show my
face in public in the future? And how am I going to hold my head up in school?

“Oh yes?” Pablo gazed at him coldly before he raised his head and looked at Fenrir. “Look, Fenrir, it’s
not that I don’t want to do you this favor, but he’s unwilling to cooperate.”

“Stop spouting nonsense!” At his remark, Fenrir whipped a gun out and held it to Charles’ head,
threatening, “Are you going to your knees or not?”

“Mr. Fenrir!”

Seeing the gun pointed at him, Charles’ knees went weak.

Never had he seen such a scene in his twenty odd years of life.

“Get down on your knees!” Fenrir didn’t bother yakking with him anymore but kicked him right away.
Charles instantly fell to his knees in front of Pablo.

“This is more like it!” When Pablo saw Charles on his knees before him, he took a puff of his cigar with
a grin. Then, he puffed a cloud of smoke onto the latter’s face. “Kid, open your eyes wider next time
and stay away from those you can’t afford to offend. Do you hear me?”


Charles gritted his teeth as he remained on his knees, mortification clear on his face.

Argh! I’ve been thoroughly humiliated today! I have never expected that the bigwig in my eyes, Fenrir,
would be a nobody before this da*n fatty! And he calls himself a big fish? He’s even lowlier than a fish!

“If so, get out of here!” As soon as Pablo waved a hand, Charles immediately struggled to his feet while
clutching his stomach. Lowering his head, he made to rush out the door.

He was just halfway there when Pablo stopped the rest of the people behind him. “I said he could
leave, but I didn’t say that the lot of you could do the same.”

After he had said that, he pointed at Sharon’s boyfriend and commanded, “Break his legs and throw
him down from the third floor!”

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