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The Legendary Man Chapter 68

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Chapter 68 You Again

“When has Emmeline purchased a sports car?”

“Are you sure she has enough to afford one? Maybe he was one of the men trying to hit on her at the

“Huh? Are you indicating it’s real when others mentioned she works as an escort in the bar?”

As soon as Emmeline alighted from the car, her peers started whispering the rumors they heard about

Emmeline had to bear the consequences of her action for not carrying herself in an elegant manner in
front of others.

She dismissed them and told herself they were merely jealous of her look as well as the fact she had
just made her way out of a sports car.

“Isn’t this Ms. Smith? Have you gotten yourself another boyfriend? Where was the one a few days

Emmeline didn’t even have to turn around to figure out the identity of the woman behind her. She was
certain it was none other than Sharon. After all, Sharon was the only one who would spread all sorts of
rumors about her.

“Is that any of your business?” Emmeline wasn’t in the mood to engage in a conversation with Sharon
at all.

“Of course! What if you’re infected with some sort of disease after getting yourself one after another
significant half in such a short time? As one of your best friends, it’s my duty to make sure you’re aware

of the consequences of your actions!”

Sharon’s expression implied otherwise when she made it sound as if she genuinely cared about
Emmeline. Truth be told, she had always thought Emmeline was a good-for-nothing.

Apart from looking pretty, nothing else about Emmeline stands out. All she does is hit on different men
from time to time. How is that any different from an escort in the club?

“Why don’t you do yourself a favor and keep an eye on Jory instead? Who knows if you’re going to get
infected ahead of me! He seemed to be having quite a lot of fun with another woman in the club a few
days ago! If you’re free, it’s time for you to drop by the hospital for a series of checkups to make sure
you’re doing fine!”

“Y-You must be making something up to drive us apart!” Sharon turned around to confront Jory. “Tell
me she’s lying!”

The face of the man next to Sharon turned pale and haggard when he heard Emmeline. Consequently,
Jory stammered, “I-It’s nothing more than a lie!”

“Shall I show you the video I have with me? Someone sent me the footage of him having a lot of fun
with her!” When he heard Emmeline’s suggestion, he brought Sharon away with him while explaining,
“Darling, she’s just making things up!”

Emmeline then said to Jonathan, “Sharon enjoys spreading all sorts of rumors about me because the
man next to her used to have a thing for me. It doesn’t really matter. Let’s go.”

Jonathan had no intention to poke his nose into their business and remained silent throughout the

A few minutes later, they made it to Supreme VIP Room with lavish decorations that could easily
accommodate more than twenty people.

Apart from the chandelier in the middle of the room, there were a few diamond-etched mics, marble top
tables, and roses everywhere.

Upon another glimpse, she noticed the roses were arranged to spell a person’s name—Nana.

“Nana’s the one throwing the birthday bash tonight. If I’m not wrong, it seems to have cost her more
than tens of thousands to celebrate this occasion.”

Jonathan couldn’t care less and nodded in return. Apart from Emmeline, he wasn’t acquainted with the
rest in the room. Hence, he found himself an isolated seat in the spacious room.

He wasn’t in the mood to establish any sort of relationship with the youngsters and deemed it a waste
of his time.

“Emmeline, you’re finally here!” Shortly after Jonathan took a seat, a woman in a white princess gown
approached them.

She had been blessed with decent facial features. Unfortunately, she went overboard with ostentatious

“Happy birthday, Nana!”

Once Nana retrieved the gift Emmeline brought her, she took a peek at Jonathan and asked in a
hushed voice, “Is this your new boyfriend?”

“No!” Emmeline shook her head with her face scrunched up in disgust, indicating she would never get
herself such a useless man.

He can’t do anything else apart from keeping the house clean! If it weren’t because of the Smith family,
he would’ve long starved to his death!

“Oh? If that’s the case, is he trying to get you into a relationship with him?” Nana chuckled. She was
also aware Emmeline was quite popular among men.

“W-Well, you’re not far off the mark,” Emmeline simply responded to wrap up the topic, or else she
would have to wreck her brains coming up with something else to mask Jonathan’s identity.

“What do you mean?” When Nana was about to say something, a man closed in from afar and
wrapped his arms around her with his eyes trained on Emmeline.

“Nana, is this your classmate?”

“Allow me to introduce my best friend to you! She’s Emmeline Smith! Emmeline, this is my boyfriend!
He’s Charles!” Nana blushed while introducing her friend to her boyfriend.

“Hi, Emmeline! Nana has always talked about you! With that being said, I’m quite surprised because
you’re way more gorgeous than she has told me!” Charles initiated a handshake after his orated

Emmeline returned the favor without a second thought. To her dismay, she felt the man tickling her
palm while shaking it.

She instantly retracted her hand, whereas he continued flirting with her while his girlfriend was in his

Grinning, he asked, “Nana told me you that you’re still single, aren’t you? Shall I introduce a few of my
friends to you?”

“I have a boyfriend!” Emmeline was feeling disgusted by Charles’ presence. He happened to be the
type of disloyal b*stards she hated the most. To be precise, she thought Charles was worse than

“Where’s your boyfriend? Why don’t you introduce him to us?” Charles asked unhappily. He didn’t
bother to conceal his disappointment either.

“Jonathan, what do you think you’re doing? Hurry up and come over here!” Emmeline raised her
volume and glared at Jonathan as if he was obliged to listen to her.

Charles craned over with his eyes widened the moment he caught a glimpse of Jonathan. “It’s you?”

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