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The Legendary Man Chapter 66

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Chapter 66 You Are Not Willing

The moment Margaret finished, everyone was dumbstruck.

Jonathan wasn’t the only one eyeing Margaret with suspicion. Even Josephine and Emmeline stared at
their mother in surprise. Everyone was wondering what in the world was she up to.

Ever since four years ago, when Jonathan had to move in with them, Margaret had never been nice to

“Mom, what’s wrong with you? Do you have a fever?” Emmeline couldn’t help but reach out her hand to
feel Margaret’s forehead. However, Margaret slapped it aside and snapped, “Shut up!”

“Jonathan, how is it? Why don’t you say a word?” Margaret pestered him when all she got was silence.

“Not bad,” Jonathan replied flatly.

She must be up to something. There’s no way she would suddenly be nice to me unless there’s
something in it for her.

“That’s good to hear. If you like it, I’ll cook it for you every day.” The way Margaret smiled made her
look like a cunning old fox. Even when she was grinning, there would be a wicked glint in her eyes.

“Mom, whatever you have to say, just go on and say it.” Jonathan was in no mood to play games with

“Oh Jonathan, do you think I’m nice to you just because I have an agenda?” Margaret rolled her eyes
at him before replying with a smile, “Actually, there is something I would like to ask of you. When will
you transfer the ownership of this mansion to Josephine? Now that both of you are lawfully wedded
husband and wife, isn’t it proper to have her name on the title deed?”

I knew it! Given Margaret’s character, there’s no way she would turn over a new leaf all of a sudden.

“Mom!” Josephine shot a glare at her.

However, Margaret pretended not to notice as she stared intently at Jonathan.

“I’ll do it anytime!” Jonathan answered light-heartedly. He didn’t mind the request as the mansion was
already under Josephine’s name. In fact, his name wasn’t even on the title deed.

Margaret was shocked by how readily Jonathan agreed to it. After regaining her composure, she
pressured him further. “Why don’t we do it tomorrow?”

The faster Josephine’s name was added, the earlier she could heave a sigh of relief.

“Sure, let’s see when Josephine is free then.” Jonathan turned toward Josephine and asked, “Darling,
are you free tomorrow?”

“I’m busy!”

Josephine couldn’t resist giving him the side-eye.

Is Jonathan being stupid? He obviously knows that this is a trap Mom has set for him. So why is he
falling into it blindly?

“You stupid girl!” Margaret almost burst a vessel. Just when she was about to continue, Josephine
interrupted her, “I’m full. You guys go ahead.”

With that, she turned around and went upstairs.

Halfway up the stairs, Josephine stopped abruptly and looked at Jonathan. “Jonathan, come up with
me right now!”

“What’s wrong?”

Jonathan quickly followed her up.

The moment they went into her room, Josephine lost her temper. “Jonathan, are you really being stupid
or just pretending? Can’t you see what my mom’s agenda is?”

“Of course I can,” Jonathan casually answered.

To him, Margaret’s schemes were like those of a three-year-old.

“In that case, why are you going along with it?” Josephine couldn’t resist glaring at him. “How are you
going to add my name to the title deed? Don’t forget. Your name isn’t even on it because the mansion
has only been loaned to you. Jonathan, have you told so many lies that you have started to believe

“I’ll just ask Zachary to transfer it to me.” Jonathan was unfazed by the situation.

However, his reaction infuriated Josephine further. “Transfer? That’s easy for you to say. Why would he
transfer a mansion that’s worth hundreds of millions to you just like that?”

“It will just be like a loan. When the time comes, I’ll pay him back the market price for it.” Jonathan
suddenly had a headache. I have only been back in Jadeborough for a few days and already owe
Zachary a few hundred million.

“Where are you going to find the money to pay him back? This is a few hundred million we’re talking
about, not just a few hundred.” Josephine was outraged by Jonathan’s attitude.

“Josephine, listen to me—” Just when Jonathan wanted to explain, Josephine cut him off. “Save it. I
won’t agree to have my name added to the title deed. Anyway, out you go now. I’m tired and want to

Just as she spoke, Josephine chased Jonathan out of her room.

Left without a choice, Jonathan returned to the living hall. The moment Margaret saw him, she asked
anxiously, “So, did Josephine agree?”

“No.” Jonathan shook his head.

“That stupid girl is going to be the end of me!” Margaret had a grim look on her face. “Jonathan, if I can
get my hands on Josephine’s ID, can we go and complete the procedure together?”

“No, we can’t!” Knowing what she was up to, Jonathan nipped her idea in the bud. “If Josephine doesn’t
go, there’s no way I’m going with you.”

“You…” Margaret’s temper was on the brink of flaring, but she quickly suppressed it. “Jonathan, do you
fancy Josephine?”

“Fancy?” Jonathan looked quizzically at her, not knowing what new scheme she had concocted.

“Since you fancy her, I’m sure you won’t mind transferring the ownership of the mansion to her, right?”
Worried that she would scare Jonathan away, Margaret quickly explained, “I’m not trying to get
Josephine to take your house away from you. I just feel that giving her ownership of the house is the
best form of security you can provide her.”

Evidently, Margaret was as cunning as always. With just a few words, she had managed to box
Jonathan in.

If Jonathan didn’t agree, it meant that he didn’t love Josephine enough. If he did, he would have to go
along with her plan.

“Fine. As long as Josephine agrees, I have no problems with it.” Jonathan didn’t care much about it.
After all, it was just an insignificant mansion.

“You agree?”

Shocked, Margaret widened her eyes in disbelief.

She had expected Jonathan to hesitate briefly or reject her. Instead, he readily agreed.


Jonathan glanced plainly at her and said, “The food is getting cold. Why don’t you heat it up?”

“What did you say?”

Margaret didn’t know how to react when Jonathan suddenly ordered her around.

“I told you to reheat the food.” Jonathan glanced at her. “While you’re at it, you should do all the dishes.
Also, the floor is dirty, so please clean it too.”

“Jonathan, you…”

Margaret was outraged. All this while, she had been the one giving instructions and had never been
ordered around before, especially not by a good-for-nothing like Jonathan.

“What’s wrong? Are you reluctant to do it?” A cold glint flashed in Jonathan’s eye. “If you’re unwilling.
I’ll have no choice but to get a housekeeper. By then, you might have to give up your room to her. After
all, I can’t afford to take care of so many people.”

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