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The Legendary Man Chapter 65

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Chapter 65 Birthday Party

The red Lamborghini?

Josephine’s expression turned grim while she looked in Jonathan’s direction by reflex.

Obviously, she knew that the Lamborghini belonged to Jonathan.

“I’m not borrowing it!” Josephine knitted her eyebrows. “You should just take a taxi!”

Despite her young age, the only things she has picked up are being vain and ingratiating herself with
the rich.

When Josephine saw the thick makeup Emmeline was wearing, she couldn’t help but feel infuriated.

She doesn’t even look like a student!

“Pfft! I knew you won’t borrow it for me.” Emmeline wasn’t surprised at all. Instead, she insisted with a
smirk, “In that case, give me a thousand!”

“I don’t have a thousand. I’ll give you eight hundred at most!” Josephine declined her request without
any hesitation.

“How stingy. It’s a shame you’re staying in such a huge mansion,” Emmeline sneered. “This mansion
easily costs a few million. And yet, you’re being such a miser not to give me a thousand.”

“How can you speak that way?” Josephine fumed at Emmeline’s words.

However, Jonathan couldn’t help but laugh when he heard Emmeline’s words. “If we do manage to
borrow the red sports car to send you, do you mean it when you say you will attend the birthday party

“What does it matter?” Emmeline scoffed. “As if you can actually borrow it.”

Given that Emmeline was still young, at around eighteen going nineteen, she didn’t fully grasp the
significance of staying at Edenic Heights.

To her, it was simply nothing more than a larger house. At most, it was also more expensive. However,
she had no idea how expensive it really was.

“Of course, I can borrow it if I want to,” Jonathan replied with a grin. “That car belongs to me. So, do
you think I can get my hands on it?”

“You bought it?” Emmeline couldn’t resist mocking Jonathan. “Oh please, Jonathan, can you stop
boasting? That sports car costs a few million. How can you even afford it?”

From her perspective, the Lamborghini was more expensive than the mansion.

She even assumed that one could buy two of the mansions for the price of a single Lamborghini.

“You don’t have to concern yourself with whether I can afford it. Tonight, I’ll drive you to your friend’s
party.” Jonathan glanced at her plainly. “However, if I send you, you will not get the thousand.”

“Whatever. If you can actually borrow it, I will give you a thousand instead!” Emmeline retorted with a
disdainful expression.

Up till then, she didn’t believe Jonathan could really get his hands on it.

You must be pulling my leg. There’s no way you can borrow such an expensive sports car, especially
since it’s a new one. Who do you actually think you are?

“Deal!” Not wanting to waste any time, Jonathan took out the car key and flung it to her. “This is the
key. Do you know how to drive?”

“Is it real?” Looking at the Lamborghini logo on the key, Emmeline was filled with suspicion. “Can it be
that you made a fake key just to cause me embarrassment?”

“Why don’t you give it a try and find out?” Jonathan was lazy to explain. Just as he spoke, Josephine
frowned at him.

“Jonathan! What are you doing? Do you know how young she is? Why are you feeding her bad habit?”

Ever since he bought her the car, she could never bring herself to drive it.

After all, she was worried about scratching it by accident. If that happened, they would no longer be
able to sell it. Therefore, she was shocked when Jonathan wanted to let Emmeline drive it to the
birthday party.

“Darling, it’s fine!” When he saw the look on Josephine’s face, he reassured her with a smile, “Since
she likes it, let her have it then. After all, what’s the use of buying a car if we don’t use it?”

“Exactly!” Emmeline snorted. She finally began to believe in Jonathan’s words. “Isn’t the whole point of
buying a car to drive it?”

“Do what you want!” Josephine was in no mood to argue. “After all, you bought the car, and I have no
right to interfere.”

At that moment, Josephine was mad.

Initially, she had assumed that Jonathan had changed. But now, it was evident that old habits die hard.

His affinity to show off has reared its ugly head again.

“Darling, are you angry?” When he saw that she was fuming, Jonathan walked up to her with a smile.
“Darling, don’t get worked up about it. I have found a job and will be able to make a lot of money in the

future. Therefore, you don’t have to sell the car. I bought it for your own use. Trust me. I will soon be
able to pay Zachary back for all the money I owe him.”

“That’s twenty million! Where are you going to get that money?” The moment he brought up the topic,
Josephine’s anger intensified.

How much money does he have to make before he can pay it all off?

“Also, regarding this mansion. Do you know how much it costs just to build it alone?” The thought of
Jonathan buying a sports car and borrowing the mansion infuriated her further.

“I know!”

Of course, he knew how much it cost since he was the one who bought it.

“If you do, then why do you insist on staying in such an expensive place?” Josephine had a grave look
on her face. “Jonathan, can you stop making me worry about you? Why can’t you buy a cheaper home
and invest the money in a humble business? For once, just be grounded a little. Even if you make two
million a year, you will still need ten years to afford the sports car. In fact, you will need to starve for a
hundred years before you can buy this mansion!”

“A hundred years is just too long!” Jonathan answered with a grin. “Give me one year. Within one year,
both the mansion and the car will be in your name!”

In truth, the house was already in her name. However, he was worried that she would suspect that he
had done something illegal instead if he were to tell her about it.

Evidently, he had to mentally prepare her and reveal his identity to her slowly.

“Jonathan, you…”

Josephine was so outraged by Jonathan’s words that she was rendered speechless.

Soon, the entire mansion’s design theme had changed upon Margaret’s instructions. The grand
atmosphere it previously had was now replaced by a cheap and messy village ambiance.

With the inconsistent mix and match of designs and furniture, Margaret’s arrangements resulted in a
chaotic mess.

However, much to everyone’s surprise, Margaret didn’t pester Jonathan to cook nor do the chores
anymore. Instead, she began busying herself in the kitchen.

She actually had no choice in the matter. Until Josephine gained ownership of the mansion, there was
no way she’d have the guts to treat Jonathan as horribly as she had always done.

After all, she was worried that he would kick her out one day.

“Jonathan, how’s the food? Are they to your taste?” Sitting at the dining table, Margaret treated
Jonathan with exceptional warmth as she kept serving him food. “If you don’t like it, I’ll look up a couple
more recipes and learn a few more dishes, all right?”

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