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The Legendary Man Chapter 64

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Chapter 64 The Scheme

Just as she spoke, Margaret dragged Josephine out of the house, giving her no chance to decline.

“Stupid girl! Do you realize that you almost handed No. 1 Villa to another girl on a silver platter?” The
moment they left, Margaret tapped her knuckle angrily on Josephine’s head.

She had almost burst a vessel.

“Just let them move in. What’s the big deal about me not living there?” Josephine wasn’t bothered by it.

“Josephine, you are already in your twenties. Can you stop being so childish?” Margaret gave
Josephine a look of disappointment. “When Jonathan used to be a cowardly piece of trash, no girl
would even fancy him. But now that he is living in No. 1 Villa, there will be tons of girls dying to get in
his bed! If you don’t take your chances, someone else will!”

“Let them have it then!” Josephine replied indifferently.

Although her impression of Jonathan had improved, she hadn’t reached the stage where she couldn’t
do without him.

“Hmph! There’s no way we’re going to let some other girls take your half of the house,” Margaret
scoffed as a cunning glint flashed in her eye. “Josephine, after you move in, you must get the
ownership of the house transferred to your name.”

“What for?” Josephine furrowed her eyebrows.

“You’re such a fool!” Margaret glared at her. “Only by having your name on the title deed would you
truly be the lady of the house. Or else, what happens if Jonathan is seduced away by a vixen and kicks
you out?”

“There’s no way he would agree to that. Furthermore, I won’t do it either!” Josephine rejected
Margaret’s idea outright.

There was no way she would participate in such an underhanded scheme.

Even if Jonathan had bought the house instead of borrowed it, she wouldn’t do it either.

Considering she had nothing to do with the house, she felt that she had no right to ask for its ownership
to be transferred to her.

“All you need to do is to gently persuade him to do so. Isn’t it easy?” Margaret sneered. After all, she
was confident of her methods when it came to someone as useless as Jonathan.

“Mom, what are you taking me for?” Josephine’s expression drastically darkened. “What’s the
difference between what you’re attempting and scamming someone?”

“Stupid girl! How can you say such a thing? This isn’t a scam. You are undoubtedly the lady of No. 1
Villa. So, what’s wrong with having its ownership transferred to you?”

Margaret’s exasperation was written all over her face.

Why is my daughter so dumb?

An hour later, Margaret called a moving company and moved everything they had from the Smith
residence over.

The moment they arrived at No. 1 Villa, she behaved like the lady of the house as she ordered the
movers to stuff everything she brought into the mansion.

With that, the glorious No. 1 Villa was inadvertently degraded by a few rungs.

Nevertheless, she criticized the movers with her hands on her hips. “Be careful. Can you even afford
the compensation if you break something? Do you know where this is? This is the No. 1 Villa of Edenic
Heights. The most expensive mansion in Jadeborough! If you scratch the walls, your annual salary
wouldn’t be enough to pay for it!”

Given how she was behaving, those not in the know would assume that she was the owner.

As for Josephine, she was peeved at how her mom was acting.

“Jonathan, why don’t we move back…” Before Jonathan could say a word, Josephine couldn’t stand it

“What for?” Jonathan replied with a smile. “You can do whatever she wants. Anyway, your room is
ready. Shall I show it to you?”

“No, it’s fine.”

Feeling awkward, Josephine shook her head. Despite being Jonathan’s official wife, she was still
sleeping in a separate room even though she had moved into his house.

Unlike in the past where she wouldn’t have bothered, she was now feeling perplexed over the situation.

“Jonathan, where’s my room?” The moment Josephine spoke, the sound of Emmeline’s stilettos
preceded her arrival.

Her tone was utterly rude, just like Margaret’s.

“Didn’t I tell you before? You have to speak nicely to me.” Jonathan flicked his finger on her head. “Your
room is on the second floor.”

“Stop doing that!” Covering her head, Emmeline glared fiercely at Jonathan before stomping her way
up to the second floor.

Compared to her useless brother-in-law, she was obviously more interested in her room.

“Ignore her. She has been spoilt by my mom.” Josephine felt acrimonious in response. Although they
were moving into Jonathan’s mansion, it felt as if they were doing him a favor instead.

How can they not show him any respect?

“It doesn’t matter. After all, she doesn’t see me as her brother-in-law anyway.” Jonathan had no
illusions about the entire family’s character. If it weren’t for Josephine, he wouldn’t even look at them.

He knew all of them were nothing but greedy and vain.

Just as he spoke, Emmeline stopped in her tracks and turned toward Josephine. “By the way,
Josephine, give me a thousand.”

“What do you want the money for?” Josephine furrowed her eyebrows.

“My friend is having a birthday party. There’s no way I’m going to attend it by riding that electric scooter
of yours, am I? Also, I have to get a present. I can’t just go empty-handed, can I?” Emmeline retorted
as a matter of factly.

“Why do you need a thousand for the present?” Josephine shot her a glare. Their family wasn’t
wealthy. Even when shopping for clothes, she always couldn’t bring herself to buy anything expensive.

Therefore, she was surprised that her sister wanted to splurge on such an expensive birthday gift.

“Sheesh, a thousand is nothing. Do you know where the birthday party is being held? At Phoenix
International Hotel, a five-star hotel. I heard a casual meal there easily runs into the thousands!” Rolling

her eyes, Emmeline impatiently added, “Besides, the other students are either arriving in luxury cars or
giving out branded bags as presents. If I got an imitation bag as a present, wouldn’t I be the butt of
everyone’s jokes? Or else, why don’t you borrow a sports car to send me?”

Even though she obviously knew Josephine only had a creaky electric scooter, she continued with her
insinuations. “By then, no one would laugh at me even if I went empty-handed.”

“How about it? I saw a red Lamborghini parked outside our residence. Why don’t you go borrow it for

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