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The Legendary Man Chapter 63

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Chapter 63 Are You Kidding Me

Evidently, Margaret’s plan was to move into No. 1 Villa with her daughter.

Unfortunately, the moment she spoke, Josephine refused her outright. “No!”

“No?” Margaret’s expression drastically changed. “Why not?”

The moment she stepped into No. 1 Villa, she had resolved to stay there for the rest of her life.

Compared to the mansion, her current home was no different from a slum.

“No means no!” Josephine asserted. “Neither you nor I will be moving in here!”

“D*mn you girl, are you trying to get on my nerves?” Margaret almost burst a vessel when she heard
Josephine’s refusal.

“Connor, did you hear the nonsense your daughter is spewing?”

Does she know what this place is? It’s the No. 1 Villa of Edenic Heights! Is she aware that it is every
girl’s ultimate dream to move in here? And yet, she spurns the opportunity when finally given the

“Since Josephine doesn’t like this place, there’s no point in staying. After all, isn’t it the same
everywhere?” Connor murmured.

To him, he had constantly been at the receiving end of insults his entire life. Hence, it didn’t matter
where he stayed. After all, he still had to suffer the humiliation of being bullied.

“B*llshit!” Margaret cursed the moment she heard Connor’s response. “How can staying at that shitty
place be the same as staying in No. 1 Villa? Do you know what sort of people stay in Edenic Heights?

Only the ultra-rich! In fact, we might even run into Jadeborough’s richest man on our way to grocery
shopping. It’s one thing for you not to have achieved anything, but do you also want Josephine to suffer
the same fate as you do?”

Connor was speechless after being berated by Margaret. When Josephine saw that her parents were
about to quarrel, she couldn’t help but furrow her eyebrows. “Enough. Stop arguing. No matter what,
I’m not moving in here. You can do so here yourself if you want to.”

Considering No. 1 Villa was loaned to Jonathan, I don’t think it’s possible for him to borrow it for the
rest of his life, is it?

“What are you trying to say? It will look terrible if I move in without you,” Margaret scoffed before
looking in Jonathan’s direction. “Jonathan, aren’t you going to say something? Do you agree that
Josephine and I should move in?”

“I have no issues with it as long as Josephine agrees,” Jonathan quipped. After all, he bought the
mansion for her, and it wasn’t a big deal to him after all.

Compared to his official residence that was sprawled across a ten-thousand-square-meter piece of
land, the No. 1 Villa was considered insignificant.

“Jonathan!” Josephine stomped her feet the moment she heard Jonathan’s response.

Doesn’t he realize how the mansion came to be? What if Mom refuses to move out? How are we going
to explain it to Zachary?

“Josephine, I feel your mom is right. Since you can stay in No. 1 Villa, why do you still want to return to
the Smith residence?” Jonathan raised his hand and gently twirled Josephine’s hair. “Previously, I
wasn’t capable enough to provide you with a home. Now that I’m back, I can afford to give you anything

you desire. Even if you want everything under the sun, I will give them all to you. How can a mansion
even be compared to how important you are?”

Jonathan knew Josephine was worried that they needed to return the mansion to Zachary anytime.

However, that would never happen as the rightful owner of the mansion was Josephine. It was just that
he didn’t tell her about it.

“What if Zachary…” Josephine looked inquisitively at Jonathan.

She had no qualms about moving out of the Smith residence. After all, she had been married to
Jonathan for a number of years now.

Moreover, leaving the Smith residence would do Jonathan a lot of good. At the very least, he wouldn’t
be ridiculed by Margaret every day.

However, the mansion belongs to Zachary. Where will Jonathan and I go when he wants us to return it
one day?

“That’s never going to happen!”

Jonathan declared with conviction. “Trust me, Josephine, in a few years’ time, I’ll buy this mansion over
from Zachary. By then, it will become our home! However, if you fancy someplace else, we can also
purchase a house there. Wherever you are in this world, that’s where home is!”

“I…” Just when Josephine was about to say something, the depths of her heart melted when she saw
the sincere look in Jonathan’s eyes.

Wherever I am, that’s where his home will be?

At that moment, Josephine wondered if she should reevaluate her perception of Jonathan.

The reason being the Jonathan of three years ago neither had the will nor the guts to say something
like that.

At that time, he was a loafer who never did anything serious.

He would stay home all day doing household chores and cleaning the toilet.

Back then, even she looked down upon him.

“Move in with me, as there’s just too much space here. If you don’t want to share a room with me, I can
get someone to prepare a room of your own instead,” Jonathan continued persuading when he sensed
that Josephine was wavering.

Only if Josephine moved in with him did they have a chance of becoming a real married couple.

Currently, they were only married in name but not in substance.

“You stupid girl! What are you hesitating for?” Margaret pestered Josephine when she saw that she
was still pondering upon it. “Let’s move in. In fact, I’ll move in with you tonight!”

Josephine might be willing to take her time, but Margaret wasn’t willing to wait a moment longer.

After being exposed to the best, there was no way she would settle for anything lesser.

“Isn’t moving tonight too much of a rush?” Josephine felt as if she was being swept away by the
situation. Even if she agreed to move, moving that night was certainly too sudden for her.

Will Jonathan think that I’m no different from those materialistic girls? And that I’m moving in just
because of No. 1 Villa?

“Not at all. How can it be a rush?” Margaret sneered. “Josephine, let me give you a piece of advice. If
you don’t move in soon, some other woman might end up moving in ahead of you. By then, it will be
too late for regrets!”

As someone who was materialistic, Margaret was cognizant that the No. 1 Villa would become a chick
magnet for Jonathan.

“Just move in tonight. I’ll have someone prepare your room right away.” Since Josephine was moving
in, Jonathan didn’t mind that her family joined her.

It was just a matter of preparing a few more rooms and dining seats.


Just when Josephine was about to say something, Margaret interrupted her, “What are you spacing out
for? Let’s hurry home and pack right away.”

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