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The Legendary Man Chapter 62

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Chapter 62 I Have One Condition

“M-Mr. Goldstein!”

The guard didn’t even need to look, as he could recognize Jonathan by his voice.

After all, he was traumatized by Jonathan the night before.

In fact, his knees would buckle every time he thought about it.

“Mr. Goldstein, I’m sorry. I-I didn’t know they were with you.” The guard was utterly terrified.

Mr. Goldstein?

Hearing the familiar greeting, Josephine suddenly turned toward Jonathan.

Is Jonathan the Mr. Goldstein the guard mentioned respectfully? How is that possible? Isn’t Mr.
Goldstein the owner of No. 1 Villa? How can it be Jonathan?

“Do you mean that you can randomly kick someone out if they’re not with me?” The moment Jonathan
furrowed his eyebrows, he struck so much fear into the guard that the latter prostrated desperately. “Mr.
Goldstein, I’m sorry. I’m sorry.”

“It seems that the lesson I taught you last night isn’t enough. You should continue kneeling!” Not
bothered to waste any more time with him, Jonathan continued toward No. 1 Villa.

Behind him, Josephine still hadn’t regained her senses.

“Jonathan, w-what’s going on?” She quickly caught up with him. “Are you really the owner of No. 1


Jonathan plainly added, “Since when have I ever lied to you?”

“Where did you get the money?” Josephine scrutinized Jonathan, hoping to find out from his
expression. However, no matter how hard she looked, she couldn’t detect anything from his face.

“Shush! Not so loud, I borrowed it from someone.” Jonathan lowered his voice on purpose. “This
mansion belongs to Zachary. So, I just took the key from him!”

After all, she wasn’t going to believe him even if he told her the truth.

Instead of wasting his time, he felt it easier to push the responsibility onto Zachary.

“I knew it!” Josephine glared at Jonathan. “I wonder what you have done for Zachary to be so indebted
to you. First, he lends you twenty million. And now, he lends you a mansion that costs hundreds of
millions. Is he going to lend you the King of War residence next time?”

“Who knows…” Jonathan chuckled. “If I ask him for it, I’m sure he won’t refuse.”

Jonathan didn’t sound as certain as he actually was. Obviously, Zachary wouldn’t dare to say no.

“If only I knew you managed to borrow it, I wouldn’t have gone on to rent one.” The thought that she
had spent hundreds of thousands just to rent a mansion simply exasperated her.

If they had managed to cover up Jonathan’s lie, the money would be considered well spent.

However, the problem was their lie would be exposed the day they weren’t staying in the mansion.

Therefore, the few hundred thousand had been spent in vain.

“I’ll help you get your money back.” Just as he spoke, they arrived at No. 1 Villa. The garden in front of
the mansion was filled with blooming flowers. Among them were some fake hills and water ornaments
that were part of the landscape design.

Just the garden in front of the mansion alone was more than a hundred square meters big.

In fact, it was even bigger than the Smith residence.

“J-Jonathan, did you really buy this mansion?” Even then, Margaret still refused to believe him.

After all, No. 1 Villa was the most expensive mansion in Jadeborough.

If it were in the past, she wouldn’t even dare look at it when she passed by. But on that day, she had
entered No. 1 Villa’s garden.


Jonathan nodded before looking in Josephine’s direction. “Josephine, open the door!”


Josephine gave Jonathan a puzzled look.

“Mm-hmm. Isn’t the key in your hand?” Jonathan replied with a smile.

“I…” After a brief hesitation, Josephine gently slotted the key in. At the sound of a click, the mansion’s
door suddenly opened.

“Come on. I’ll show you around!” Jonathan led Josephine inside.

After passing by the garden, they were greeted by a living hall with an unobstructed view.

With the hall surrounded by flowers and greenery, it looked extremely extravagant.

The moment they entered, the infinity pool in the backyard caught their eye.

Also, there was a long mini bridge at the back.

Below it, were a few fishes blowing bubbles in the water.

Evidently, the mansion was the epitome of extreme opulence.

Even Josephine couldn’t help but cover her mouth the moment she entered. As for Margaret, who was
coming up from behind, she couldn’t resist exclaiming, “My God! Isn’t this over the top luxurious? I
have seen such a pool on my phone before. I heard that only five-star hotels have infinity pools and
many celebrities love to swim in them! Oh, that painting! I’ve seen it on my phone before. I heard that it
is worth more than a million! Also…”

Just like a country bumpkin arriving in the city for the first time, Margaret was curious about everything.

From the moment she stepped in, she kept taking photos of everything she saw.

“Do you like it? Darling?” Jonathan looked at Josephine and remarked, “If you do, you should stay with
me here going forward.”


Josephine was jolted. After that, she quickly shook her head. “I had better not, as this mansion is
borrowed. With so many priceless treasures inside here, what if we break something? Can you afford
to pay for them?” Josephine whispered so that Margaret wouldn’t hear her.

“It doesn’t matter if we break them,” Jonathan replied with a smile. “If you like it here, you will be the
lady of the house going forward!”

“No, you had better return it to Zachary at once.” Josephine shook her head again.

Given that she wasn’t a materialistic lady, she would not throw herself at men just for their money.

Even though she was poor, she still maintained her dignity.

Meanwhile, Margaret had finished taking photos of the mansion and even shared them on her group
chats. Coming up to Josephine, she eyed Jonathan suspiciously. “Jonathan, I can’t believe you finally
made something of yourself. Given how expensive the mansion is, can you really afford it? Are you in
cahoots with the guard in an attempt to deceive us?”

“Why would I be bothered to do that?” Jonathan shot her an indifferent glance.

If it weren’t for Josephine, he would have ignored her outright.

“What are you trying to say?” Margaret snorted with her arms on her hips. “Have you forgotten your
place just because you bought a mansion? If I hadn’t taken care of you for a year back then, you
would’ve died of hunger in the streets. Now that you have done well for yourself, how dare you speak
to me with that attitude?”


Josephine’s expression turned grim the moment she heard her mom threaten Jonathan with the past

When she turned to glare at Margaret, the latter acted as if she was oblivious to it.

“Given that you have treated Josephine well, I won’t drag you through the mud going forward. However,
I have one condition. I will move in together with Josephine!”

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Chapter 62

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