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The Legendary Man Chapter 61

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Chapter 61 Fraud


When he sensed Josephine’s presence, Jonathan, who had his back to them, turned around at once.
“What brings you here?”

It really is Jonathan!

When she saw his silhouette earlier, she felt that it resembled Jonathan’s. But, the moment Josephine
saw him, she couldn’t resist asking, “Jonathan, what are you doing here?”

“I live here!” Jonathan replied casually. “Didn’t I tell you last night that I live at No. 1 Villa? Also, I’ll be
here whenever you want to see me.”

“B*llshit!!” Before Josephine could say a word, Margaret blew her lid. “How can a cowardly piece of
trash like you live here? Jonathan, I have really underestimated you. I can’t believe that you actually
tricked Josephine into renting a mansion to keep up this charade of yours!”

“Charade? What charade?” Jonathan furrowed his eyebrows.

“Stop pretending!” Putting one hand on her hip, Margaret pointed at Jonathan with the other. She
scowled, “Jonathan, I didn’t realize you are so good at acting! Why don’t you become a professional
actor instead? Who knows, you might even win an award for the best male lead!”

Margaret unleashed a tirade.

It isn’t a big deal if he can’t afford to stay in Edenic Heights. Instead, he tricked Josephine into renting a
mansion here so that he could feed his ego? He really is a scumbag!

“Josephine, what’s wrong?” Ignoring Margaret, Jonathan looked in Josephine’s direction.

“Mom, why can’t we talk about this when we’re home?” Josephine couldn’t tolerate her mom berating
Jonathan at Edenic Heights. Hence, she grabbed her sleeve and dragged her out.

However, the infuriated Margaret didn’t care at all.

Shaking her hand forcefully, she struggled free from Josephine’s grip. “What else is there to talk about
with this scumbag? Jonathan, I’m warning you that you had better return all the money Josephine
spent on renting the mansion. Or else, I’ll skin you alive!”

“Josephine, you rented a mansion in Edenic Heights?” Jonathan looked at Josephine quizzically.

Why did she do that?


Josephine nodded. “After you left yesterday, I couldn’t find you. Overwhelmed with frustration, I told my
mom that you are staying at No. 1 Villa in Edenic Heights! In the end, she insisted on coming to see if it
was true. Left without a choice, I rented a mansion to trick her. However, this has nothing to do with
you. I was the one who rented it, and the money spent was my own.”

“You foolish girl! Why are you still standing up for him under such circumstances?” Margaret was
outraged when she saw her daughter wash Jonathan’s hands off the matter.

A week’s rental here must have cost at least a few hundred thousand! And yet, Josephine is claiming it
isn’t his fault?

“I’m not protecting him. This matter has nothing to do with him, really!” Josephine bit her lip and added,
“If I can get the money back, I will do it myself. If not, just treat it as my own spending. Jonathan had no
hand in this!”

“You stupid gal! You’re going to give me a heart attack at this rate.” Margaret’s chest couldn’t stop
heaving in anger. Just when she pointed at Josephine to say something, she was simply lost for words.

Meanwhile, Jonathan finally put two and two together.

Having his heart warmed, he looked at Josephine. “Therefore, you rented a mansion here for my sake.
Just so that your parents would not ridicule me anymore?”

“I just don’t want them to stop looking down on you. I also hope that going forward—you can find a
proper job for once instead of being boastful all the time,” Josephine explained while looking at
Jonathan. After all, she did what she did because Jonathan boasted that he stayed in No. 1 Villa just to
satisfy his vanity.

Jonathan, when will you ever stop being so boastful all the time?

“Josephine, I have never lied to you before and will never ever do so!” Jonathan gazed tenderly at her.
“I do live at No. 1 Villa! If you don’t believe me, why don’t you try using the key in your hand to open the
villa door?”

“What’s the point in trying? How much longer do you intend to deceive Josephine for?” Margaret
berated Jonathan. “If you’re truly capable, you should get the rental money paid by Josephine back
instead of continuing this charade. In the end, Josephine still has to pay for the rental on your behalf!”

Margaret’s finger trembled as she pointed at Jonathan.

Just when she thought her live-in son-in-law finally made something of himself to afford the No. 1 Villa
in Edenic Heights, she didn’t realize that it was nothing but a scam.

Furthermore, her own daughter even had to pay for it.

“I will definitely get back the money for Josephine.” Jonathan wasn’t bothered with Margaret. Instead,
he looked at Josephine and asked, “Josephine, do you believe me?”


Holding the key in her hand, Josephine wanted to give it a try.

However, what if I did? Can Jonathan really afford No. 1 Villa? It is the most expensive mansion in
Jadeborough. Just the cost to build it alone would run into hundreds of millions. Therefore, its selling
price must be at least a billion! A billion! There’s no way Jonathan can afford it.

“Forget it.” Josephine shook her head while biting her lip.

So what if I tried the key? All I’m doing is giving Mom another opportunity to humiliate Jonathan.

“Josephine, believe me, just this once!” Jonathan wasn’t angered by Josephine’s response. Instead, he
continued to look at her sincerely.

“In that case, let’s go!”

Josephine chose to trust Jonathan even though she didn’t believe the key she had in her hand could
unlock No. 1 Villa.

“Hmph! I want to see how you are going to open the main door to No. 1 Villa.” Snorting aloud, Margaret
stormed ahead of Jonathan and Josephine.

However, before she could get far, she ran into the security guard that led them into Edenic Heights

The moment he saw Margaret, the guard yelled impatiently, “What’s wrong? Why haven’t you left? If
you don’t go, I’ll have to kick you out!”

Just as he spoke, the guard raised his baton and chased Margaret away as if she was a pest.
However, the moment he stepped forward, a voice suddenly rang out from behind Margaret. “Who
gave you the right to chase them away?”

Upon hearing the voice, the guard trembled in fear, as if he was struck by lightning.

The next moment, he dropped to his knees and groveled in front of Jonathan.

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