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The Legendary Man Chapter 59

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Chapter 59 Putting On A Show

“Fine, I’ll go and take a look at it!” Curling her lips, Margaret yanked Connor up though he was mopping
the floor. “Why are you still mopping the floor? Hurry up and get changed!” she ordered.

“Why should I change?” Connor put down the mop in his hand and wiped his sweat, saying, “I’ve just
changed my clothes this morning!”

“So, you want to go to Edenic Heights with me dressed in such a manner? I don’t want to be
humiliated! Either go and get changed quickly or just stay here and continue mopping the floor!”
Margaret snapped, scaring him so badly that he hurried to the room to get changed.

When he came back out shortly after, he had already changed into a set of relatively clean clothes.

Margaret looked him up and down several times. Frowning slightly, she commented, “You’re finally
looking somewhat decent. Big shots live in Edenic Heights, so don’t talk too much when we arrive there
later. Watch your tongue lest you expose your ignorance!”

“Got it.”

Connor hung his head, not daring to utter a single word in protest.

When they were making their way downstairs, Josephine surreptitiously took out her phone and texted
Leonard from the real estate company. Strangely enough, there was no reply from him.

Left with no other choice, she could only bring her parents to Edenic Heights first.

However, when they walked past the gate, Margaret caught sight of the Lamborghini parked by the
roadside at a single glance. At once, she exclaimed, “Whose sports car is this? Wow, the owner merely
parked it by the roadside, not at all worried that it’ll get scratched!”

Turning to Josephine, she gushed, “This car must be very expensive, no? Well, Josephine?”

“Yes, it is very expensive.” Josephine nodded in affirmation.

It cost eighteen million, eight hundred and eighty thousand, after all. That was definitely a sky-high

“I could tell that it must cost a fortune at a single glance! I wonder who in our community is so rich that
he could afford to buy such an expensive sports car!” Envy shone brightly in Margaret’s eyes.
“Josephine, this car must cost at least two or three million, no?”

“It cost more than ten million. After adding the myriad of other fees, it totals up to over twenty million.”
As the owner of the car, Josephine was naturally aware of its price. Nonetheless, she didn’t dare tell
her mother about it.

Based on my understanding of her, she would no doubt claim this car for herself if she were to know
the truth!

“Over twenty million?” Margaret was so shocked that her jaw dropped. “Oh my God, twenty million is
already enough to buy a mansion at Edenic Heights, no? Even in our community, that’s sufficient to buy
ten to twenty houses! Who’s the wastrel who used twenty million to buy a car?”

Well, that wastrel is the live-in son-in-law whom you look down upon!

Rolling her eyes, Josephine didn’t respond to that. Instead, she stretched out a hand and hailed a taxi,
heading toward Edenic Heights.

Throughout the entire drive, she couldn’t reach Leonard. Regardless of whether she phoned or texted
him, he neither picked up nor responded.

At that turn of events, her face instantly blanched.

Don’t tell me something has gone wrong?

“What’s wrong, Josephine?” Margaret couldn’t help asking upon noticing her pale face.


Josephine forced herself to appear calm.

“Oh yes, have you given Jonathan a call? Why don’t you ask him to come out and meet us since we’re
almost there?” Margaret still acted all high and mighty.

It seemed as though she had forgotten all about having kicked Jonathan out the night before.

“He might have left his phone somewhere since I can’t get through to him,” Josephine lied. In actual
fact, she didn’t even have Jonathan’s number.

“Hmph! I think he does have his phone, but he’s deliberately putting on a show of power!” Margaret
harrumphed, chagrin written all over her face.

Half an hour later, the taxi came to a stop outside the gate of Edenic Heights.

After alighting from the taxi, Josephine wore a worried expression.

Why am I still unable to reach Mr. Zaccardi when I’ve already arrived at the gate of Edenic Heights?

“Why are you standing there, Josephine?” Noticing her hesitance, Margaret frowned and questioned,
“Why are you dawdling and not going in?”


As things had come to that, Josephine could only bite the bullet and drag her feet toward Edenic
Heights alongside her parents.

Outside the gate of Edenic Heights were tons of guards.

Upon spotting them, several guards stepped forward and stopped them right away. “Stop right there!
Who are you all looking for?”

“We’re looking for Jonathan Goldstein! He lives here, so hurry up and lead the way!” Margaret
proclaimed, looking at them condescendingly.

“Jonathan Goldstein?” The guards exchanged glances before they shook their heads. “We’ve never
heard of such a person. You must have gotten the wrong place.”

“That’s impossible!” Margaret scoffed. “He lives in No. 1 Villa. How could I possibly have gotten the
wrong place?”

“No. 1 Villa?” The moment the guards heard that they couldn’t help shuddering.

To them, the trauma from No. 1 Villa was truly too great.

After all, they kneeled in front of that mansion for the entire night just the night before.

“You’re here to look for Mr. Goldstein?” They immediately lowered themselves, their demeanor turning
into that of servants in a flash.

“Mr. Goldstein?” Hearing that address, Margaret sneered, “That should be Jonathan, then. Go and tell
him that his mother-in-law is here, and ask him to come out quickly!”

“Sure! I’ll go right away!” When the guards heard her saying that he was the man’s mother-in-law, they
hastened to the guardhouse without delay.

However, no sooner had they left than Josephine hurried after them. “Wait a moment!”

“What is it?” The guards halted in their tracks.

“May I know if the owner of No. 1 Villa is named Jonathan Goldstein?” Josephine tentatively inquired.

There are plenty of people with the last name of Goldstein. How could Jonathan be the owner of No. 1

“We aren’t quite certain about that…” The guards shook their heads.

We only know that the owner of No. 1 Villa has the last name of Goldstein. We don’t dare ask for his
first name.

“Please wait for a minute while I make a call to confirm.” With her phone in hand, Josephine gave
Leonard a call again. This time, the man finally picked up.

“Mr. Zaccardi, have you rented the mansion I asked you to rent?”

“Yeah.” Leonard’s voice sounded weak, making it unmistakable that he had just woken up. Besides,
she seemingly heard the voice of a woman beside him. “It’s No. 3 Villa. Just ask a guard to bring you
there. Remember to wire me the money after viewing the place!”


At long last, Josephine’s heart that had been lodged in her throat settled back into her chest.

Dang! It turns out that they rented a mansion?

When the guards heard her conversation, a trace of disdain flashed across their faces.

Phew! We even thought that they were really Mr. Goldstein’s family. They truly gave us a fright!

“I’m sorry, but I got the wrong address. We’re staying in No. 3 Villa. Mr. Zaccardi has probably spoken
to you, yes?” Josephine said while looking at them.

“Yeah.” The guards’ attitudes changed in the blink of an eye. Shooting her a glare, they griped, “You
should’ve said that it’s No. 3 Villa instead of putting on a show! Do you know that you almost doomed

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