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The Legendary Man Chapter 58

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Chapter 58 A Con

Half an hour later, Josephine pushed open the door of the Smith residence.

When Margaret saw that she came home alone, she instantly sneered, “Where’s that worthless piece
of trash? Is he hiding behind the door, not daring to come in?”

Beyond a shadow of a doubt, that useless bum, Jonathan, must be hiding behind the door since he
doesn’t dare come in and face me!

“No.” Josephine shook her head. “I didn’t find him.”

“Forget about it, then!” Harrumphing, Margaret derided, “He’ll learn his lesson after spending a night on
the streets in the cold! Does he really think that he’s some big shot just because he’s acquainted with
one? He’s still a loser at the end of the day, no?”

“Mom, don’t you think you’re being too demeaning toward Jonathan? If it weren’t for him, the Smith
family would’ve long since met its end!” Josephine couldn’t help countering.

“So what?” Snorting, Margaret riposted, “Who saved him back when he was being hunted and was all
alone? And who was the one who supported him for a whole year? If it weren’t for me, he would’ve
starved to death long ago! What’s the big deal about resolving an issue for the Smith family? Isn’t that
his obligation?”

“Mom, you’re simply unreasonable!” Realizing that she couldn’t get through to her mother, Josephine
huffily stormed toward her room.

At the sight of her indignance, Margaret barked coldly, “Listen here, Josephine. Don’t listen to that
useless bum’s nonsensical talk! Someone like him will always remain a worthless piece of trash for the
rest of his life! After we’ve used him to build a relationship with Zachary, divorce him immediately!”

In truth, she had never planned to accept Jonathan.

I’ve already supported a deadbeat like him for a whole year! How could I possibly continue supporting
him for the days he has left? After milking him dry, I’ll just toss him away!

“I’ll never divorce him!” Josephine was so enraged that her eyes blazed scarlet. “If you love getting
divorced so much, do so yourself!”

“Watch how you’re speaking to me, girl!” Margaret went postal after hearing her remark. “He’s only
been back for a few days, yet you’re crazy about him! What kind of spell did he cast on you that you
keep siding with him? Back then, wasn’t it you who wanted to divorce him? Why have you changed
your mind now?”

“That was then!” Biting her lip, Josephine asserted, “Jonathan has changed! He’s no longer the same

“Hah! No matter how much he has changed, he’ll remain a loser in this lifetime!” Margaret scoffed,
contempt written all over her face. “Josephine, don’t tell me you really believed his nonsense? Can
someone like him afford to buy No. 1 Villa in Edenic Heights? He isn’t even worthy of standing guard
outside the mansion!”

“What if he could truly afford to buy it?” Josephine instinctively refuted although she didn’t believe it.

No. 1 Villa is worth hundreds of millions, so even renting it for a month will cost hundreds of thousands,
not to mention buying it! How could he possibly afford to buy it?

“Well, if he can afford to buy it, I’ll scrub the floors, cook, and clean the toilet for him!” Margaret
announced with a sneer.

“You don’t need to do all that as long as you stop insulting him henceforth!” Josephine demanded
through gritted teeth.

“Okay!” Margaret agreed without a second thought. “The key to No. 1 Villa is with you, yes? Bring me
there tomorrow for a look! If he really bought it, I swear to never again insult him!”

“It’s a deal, then!”

Biting her lower lip, Josephine pushed open the door and slipped into her bedroom.

Outside the door, a smirk played on Margaret’s lips.

Ah, Jonathan could afford to buy No. 1 Villa? In his dreams!

After entering her bedroom, Josephine dropped onto the chair, looking all haggard with her eyes
bloodshot. She had been busy for the entire day and initially thought that she could have a good rest at

Unexpectedly, Margaret kicked Jonathan out of the house.

“Gah! Why are you always making me worry, Jonathan?” Worrying her lip, she made a call. “Hello, Mr.
Zaccardi? I heard that there is still have a mansion under your purview at Edenic Heights, yes? Can I
rent it for a day?”

A moment later, she exclaimed, “No? I’ve got to rent it for a month at least?”

She then massaged her temples as a headache assailed her. “Can you please make an exception for
me? I’ll just rent it for a week, okay? I can pay a bit more, but I can only rent it for a week.”

A week was already her limit! In order to stop Margaret from criticizing Jonathan endlessly, she had no
choice but to use such a method to turn Jonathan’s lie into the truth.

While I didn’t manage to save loads of money throughout the years, I’ve still got about a hundred

“It costs a hundred thousand a week?” The moment Josephine heard the rental from the other end of
the phone, she bit her lip hard.

It took me two to three years before I managed to save such a fortune of a hundred thousand. Yet, it’s
going to be gone just from renting a mansion for a week?

“Okay! A hundred thousand it is, then!” Clenching her teeth, she stated, “I want to rent No. 1 Villa of
Edenic Heights!”

In an effort to help Jonathan recover his dignity, she was using almost all of her savings.

“What? No. 1 Villa is impossible? Why? I can pay more!” She inhaled deeply, going all out.

Alas, the person on the other end—Leonard Zaccardi—affirmed that it was impossible no matter how
much she was willing to pay.

“The owner of No. 1 Villa is Mr. Warhol from one of the four prominent families in Jazona. He won’t be
interested even if you pay him a million, let alone a hundred thousand!”

Leonard turned her down without the slightest hesitation.

“T-Then, I’ll just rent a different mansion!” Having no other recourse, Josephine could only choose to
rent another mansion.

At that time, I’ll just say that Jonathan got the address wrong!

“Okay. I’ll pay you the money while you hand me the key at eight o’clock tomorrow!”

After hanging up the phone, she promptly felt bone-tired.

Hopefully, after I’ve helped Jonathan to regain his dignity with such a method, he will no longer be the
same as he was back then—a lazy bum who doesn’t bother getting a job and goes around bragging

The night passed in the blink of an eye.

When Josephine stepped into the living room, Margaret had been waiting there for a long time.

As soon as she spotted her daughter, she immediately taunted, “Has that ne’er-do-well phoned you last

“Yeah! He said he’ll be waiting for us at Edenic Heights!” Josephine fibbed.

“Waiting for us?” Surprise inundated Margaret.

I initially thought that he’d be stubborn after having spent the night on the streets in the cold.
Unexpectedly, he still dares to wait for us at Edenic Heights!

Subsequently, she enunciated, “Josephine, tell me the truth. Did he really buy a mansion in Edenic
Heights? Could it be that the two of you teamed up to dupe me?”

She still didn’t believe that a good-for-nothing like Jonathan could afford to buy a mansion in Edenic

“Why would we dupe you? You’ll know whether it’s true or otherwise when you go and take a look at it,”
Josephine replied frostily.

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