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The Legendary Man Chapter 57

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Chapter 57 A Broken Leg And Banishment

Mr. Seymour? Is Ms. Yarrow referring to the most ruthless man in Jadeborough, Harrison Seymour?

The moment the guards heard that name, their legs went weak, and they almost dropped to their knees
before Jonathan right then and there.

Everyone in Jadeborough, regardless of whether they’re the police or the triads, fear him! And this lad
is actually his friend?

Recalling how they wanted to beat Jonathan up with batons earlier, they promptly broke into a cold

“Ms. Yarrow, you don’t need to go this far even if he’s Mr. Seymour’s friend, do you?” The middle-aged
man couldn’t help frowning upon seeing Ivana kneeling there like a servant.

Putting aside the fact that this lad is Mr. Seymour’s friend, even if the man himself is here, she doesn’t
need to go to her knees, no?

“Friend?” Ivana snorted at his remark, asserting, “Even Mr. Seymour has to kneel before him right away
when he sees him, much less me!”

What? Even Mr. Seymour has to kneel before him right away when he sees him?

When the guards heard that, they felt as though the life had been sucked out of them.

Even the middle-aged man experienced a drastic change in expression after hearing that.

How could that be? Who has the right to have Mr. Seymour kneel, considering his status in

“That’s impossible! That’s absolutely impossible!” The middle-aged man shook his head profusely, not
believing a single word of Ivana’s absurd talk.

“Impossible?” With a cold chuckle, Ivana scoffed, “Compared to Mr. Goldstein, Harrison Seymour is
nothing! Even the patriarch of the Blackwood family is nobody before him! With a single word from him,
the Blackwood family was banished from Jadeborough, and even Anderson Blackwood went to his
knees before him. So, do you think you are? Get down on your knees!”

Following her chastisement, the guards, whose legs had long since gone weak from fright, instantly
dropped to their knees before Jonathan with a thud.

At that precise moment, the middle-aged man’s eyes abruptly went wide, and he gaped at Jonathan in

“It was him? He was the big shot who’s rumored to have banished the Blackwood family from
Jadeborough with one order?”

He simply couldn’t believe everything that had unfolded before him.

Just one order from him was sufficient to banish the forerunner of the four prominent families in
Jadeborough, the Blackwood family, from the city? How much power does he wield? Even the mayor of
Jadeborough doesn’t have the capability to do that! Besides, he appears to be only in his twenties.
How could he be the rumored big shot who reigns supreme?

“Who else could it be if not him?” Harrumphing, Ivana snapped, “If I hadn’t come in time, do you think
you’d be able to walk out of here alive? Get down on your knees!”

At that, the middle-aged man’s legs gave way, and he fell to the ground on his knees before Jonathan.

His face was ashen, and even at that very moment, he still couldn’t quite believe that the man in front
of him was the rumored big cheese.

“Mr. Goldstein, I’m at fault here for having failed to keep them in line that they ended up offending you.
Please forgive me!” Ivana remained kneeling on the ground meekly and begged for Jonathan’s

His identity is truly too mysterious that even I have no idea who exactly he is to this very day!
Nonetheless, that has no bearing on his status to me. Even the mayor of Jadeborough is all timid in
front of him. I’m nobody compared to the former!

“Get up!” Jonathan waved his hand lightly and murmured, “You didn’t know that I would come early, so
the fault doesn’t lie with you.”

“Thank you, Mr. Goldstein!” Only after hearing that did Ivana gingerly climb to her feet.

She then glanced back over her shoulder at the guards kneeling behind him and inquired in a whisper,
“Mr. Goldstein, how would you like to handle them?”

“I’ve already given them a chance.” Sweeping a placid gaze over them, Jonathan expounded, “I
would’ve let the matter go had they gotten out of my sight within a minute. However, they’re still here in
my line of sight even though a minute has passed.”

In an instant, all the blood drained out of the faces of the guards kneeling on the ground. They hurriedly
prostrated themselves and implored, “We’re sorry, Mr. Goldstein! We were wrong! We were ignorant
fools for having looked down upon you! Please spare us! Please have mercy on us, Mr. Goldstein!”

They were all either banging their heads against the floor or slapping themselves frantically, their
arrogance earlier was all gone.

Meanwhile, the middle-aged man who led the team of guards wore a conflicted expression while

After hesitating for a very long time, he finally spoke. “I’m sorry, Mr. Goldstein! I’m the one at fault here!”

“Since you know that you were wrong, go and kneel out there until dawn breaks!” Jonathan waved a
hand blithely. At once, the guards rushed out the door in a panic as though they had received amnesty.

Then, they fell to their knees with a thud, not daring to utter a single word of protest.

No way would we dare to object! We can’t afford to offend a bigwig who banished the Blackwood family
from Jadeborough with just one order! To someone like him, crushing us is as simple as killing an ant!

“Wait a moment!” While the guards were all racing out the door, Jonathan suddenly called them back.

Just when they thought that he would go back on his word, the man pointed at one of the guards and
ordered, “You stay!”

In a trice, everyone swung their gazes at the guard with blood all over his mouth.

As for the guard himself, he was startled for a moment before he went to his knees without an ounce of
hesitation. “I’m sorry, Mr. Goldstein! I was wrong! I apologize! Please spare me!”

He was none other than the guard who first stopped Jonathan at the gate. And it was also him who
brought the other guards over, wanting to throw Jonathan into the Goda River to feed the fishes!

“It’s too late.” Gazing at him impassionately, Jonathan declared, “Since this matter started because of
you, it naturally has to be ended by you. The price is a broken leg and banishment!”

“Mr. Goldstein-”

The guard still wanted to plead further, but a glimmer of disdain flashed Ivana’s face. She stretched out
a hand and pointed at the guards, questioning, “Why are the lot of you still standing around, twiddling
your thumbs? Didn’t you hear Mr. Goldstein?”


Without a second of delay, the guards raised the batons in their hands and brought them down on the
legs of the guard in question.

In the next moment, the snap of bones shattering pierced the air. At the same time, the guard let out an
agonized cry at the top of his lungs.

Both of his legs had been broken by the other guards.

Despite his wretched condition, there wasn’t a trace of sympathy in the eyes of the other guards.

If it weren’t for him, we wouldn’t have offended Mr. Goldstein! He’s getting off easy with just having his
legs broken!

“Drag him out. Also, remember to clean the blood in the living room.” Jonathan waved a dismissive
gesture. Immediately, the guards dragged the downed guard out the door. Meanwhile, the few
remaining guards quickly got some cleaning equipment from the washroom and started cleaning the
bloodstains without delay.

Soon, the living room looked brand new.

It was as though the scene earlier had never transpired.

Under the streetlight outside the living room, the guards were obediently kneeling in front of the door of
No. 1 Villa, not daring to twitch a single muscle.

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