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Chapter 56 Are They Sick Of Living

“Did you all hear that? What did he just say? He said he’ll send us to meet our maker?” A glimmer of
contempt glinted in the middle-aged man’s eyes when he heard Jonathan’s words. “Lad, I’ll give you
another chance. Rethink your words and repeat that again. Otherwise, I’ll have no choice but to have
my men tie you up and throw you into the Goda River to feed the fishes!”

He didn’t take Jonathan seriously at all.

What a joke! We’re all retired special forces Edenic Heights hired at a king’s ransom! Before we were
discharged from the military, we all killed people, our hands stained with blood! Yet, this snot-nosed kid
dared to threaten us?

“What an idiot!”

Not in the mood to bicker with them, Jonathan propped his hand against the banister lightly and vaulted
down the stairs.

At the sight of his action, the middle-aged man’s gaze promptly turned wintry. “Get him! Break his legs
so that he’ll know that Edenic Heights isn’t a place someone like him could trespass!”


Following that command, more than a dozen guards immediately charged forward with batons in their

In the next second, a thud rang out.

Before the guard in the lead could even raise the baton in his hand, Jonathan kicked him in the

With that kick, he flew back like a kite whose string had snapped and hit the wall hard.

Splutter! After spewing blood, the guard’s head lolled to the side, and he passed out right then and


The moment the middle-aged man glimpsed Jonathan’s movements, his expression changed in a
flash. Before he could say anything, however, a snap echoed in the room. Another guard’s leg was
broken with a kick from Jonathan.

“Who on earth are you, lad?” The middle-aged man’s expression became exceedingly grim, for he
knew all too well the capabilities of those few subordinates of his.

They’re all ruthless people who have taken lives, yet they couldn’t even withstand a single move from

“You don’t even know who I am, yet you dared to seek me out and act all impudent in front of me?”
Jonathan’s voice turned glacial.

As his leg shot forward, the guard before him instantly slammed into the door with a thud as though
having been hit by a train.

The impact even caused a huge dent in the door.

“Guys, stop and let me go at him instead!” Realizing that the dozen of guards weren’t Jonathan’s match
at all, the middle-aged man called a halt, a layer of frost blanketing his eyes.

He planned to make a move personally.

“Lad, I don’t care who you are, but I’ll have you know today that Edenic Heights isn’t a place you can
come as you please!”

After saying that, he leaped into the air and shot his leg out at Jonathan’s chest.

That kick carried such immense force that it could even puncture a steel plate.

Surprisingly, Jonathan streaked away no sooner had he shot his leg out. Swinging his right hand lightly,
the man slapped him across the face instead.

A crisp slap reverberated in the room, and he was knocked out of mid-air to the ground.

The materialization of a bright red palm print on his face was accompanied by a booming noise as he
crashed onto the ground.

That slap had blood trickling out of his mouth and even knocked out a few of his teeth.


When the dozen or so guards beheld his sorry state, utter shock manifested on their faces.

Our captain is a true veteran who has blood on his hands and killed many! Countless drug traffickers at
the border back then even died at his hands! Now, however, he’s been knocked to the ground with a
single blow? How is this possible?

“Stay back!”

With his expression contorted into a mask of rage, the middle-aged man spat out a few teeth stained
with blood from his mouth.

As a murderous glint flickered in his eyes, he casually reached behind him and grabbed something with
his right hand, prepared to whip out the gun from his back holster.

But just a moment before he did so, Jonathan looked at him impassively and warned, “You’d better not
draw your gun. Otherwise, you’d definitely die at my hands before you could do so.”


When those words drifted into his ears, the middle-aged man’s movement abruptly stilled.

He was just about to take that risk when a woman’s voice sounded beyond the door out of the blue.
“What’s happening here? Who allowed the lot of you to trespass into No. 1 Villa?”

Right after that, a short-haired woman in a white shirt and black skirt strode into the mansion.

She was quite young, but she had a charming aura about her.

Her gold-rimmed glasses added to the allure of her fair and enticing countenance.

“Ms. Yarrow!”

At the sight of her, several of the guards hastily lowered their heads, seemingly very much afraid of her.

“Ms. Yarrow!” The middle-aged man also gave up drawing his gun when he spotted her. He turned to
her and explained, “I’m here to carry out my duty since someone trespassed into Edenic Heights and
even injured my subordinates!”

“Why are you here at No. 1 Villa if someone trespassed into Edenic Heights?” The short-haired woman,
Ivana Yarrow, shot daggers at him before she swept a nonchalant gaze over Jonathan.

The second she had a good look at Jonathan, her expression changed drastically.

Her gaze was even stained with a trace of horror.

“M-Mr. Goldstein?” Her legs gave out, and she dropped to her knees before Jonathan with a thud. “W-
Why are you here?”

“W-What are you doing, Ms. Yarrow?” That scene stunned everyone there.

The middle-aged man, in particular, wore an incredulous expression on his face.

Ivana Yarrow is the person in charge of the entire Edenic Heights! Rumor has it that she also has some
kind of relationship with the founder of Edenic Heights. Every single one of us has to lower ourselves
when we see her since she can send us packing with just a single word. But now, she’s actually
kneeling before him when she usually acts all high and mighty, not even designing to spare us a
glance? H-How is this possible?

“Do you know me?” Jonathan inquired while gazing at Ivana indifferently.

“O-Of course!” Ivana gulped, apprehension written all over her face. “I-I once saw you at the Blackwood
family’s banquet!”

The Blackwood family’s banquet?

Jonathan studied her with his brows creased, but he hadn’t the slightest recollection of her.

“Considering your status, Mr. Goldstein, you naturally don’t remember me.” Ivana’s posture as she
kneeled on the ground resembled that of a servant’s. “Besides, Mr. Seymour specially told me that I
must personally welcome you if you were to move in. I initially thought that you were only coming a few
days later. I didn’t expect you to come early!”

Despite it having been a few days, the bombshell Jonathan dropped during the Blackwood family’s
banquet remained vivid in her mind.

The Blackwood family, who was the forerunner among the four prominent families in Jadeborough, was
banished from this city with a single word from him! Furthermore, the most ruthless man in
Jadeborough who has connections with the police and the underworld, Harrison Seymour, fell to his
knees before him like a servant! Even Randall Swindell, the mayor of Jadeborough who rules the entire
city, was all cautious before him as though on pins and needles! Yet, these few idiotic guards dared to
provoke him? Are they sick of living?

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