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The Legendary Man Chapter 55

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Chapter 55 Show Me No Mercy

Half an hour later, a taxi came to a stop outside the community gate of Edenic Heights.

Not only was it the most luxurious community in the whole of Jadeborough, but it also had the best

Standing on top of the mountain and casting one’s gaze out, one would have an unobstructed night
view of the entire Jadeborough.

There was only a total of twenty mansions in the community, with guards patrolling 24/7 in addition to
infrared scanning and baton as well as police dogs.

Those who could live there was either rich or powerful.

Therefore, Edenic Heights was symbolic of one’s status.

Only the most influential and powerful figures in all of Jadeborough had the right to live there.

No sooner had Jonathan alighted from the taxi than he was stopped by the guard at the gate. “Stop
right there! Who are you?”

“I’m a resident here.” Jonathan casually brandished the key in his hand. When the guard saw the key in
his hand, his brows abruptly scrunched together. “You’re a resident? Which mansion do you live in?”

There are only twenty mansions in this community, and I’ve seen the owner of almost every single one
of them. Yet, I’ve never seen this man! Besides, all who can live here are big shots who reign supreme.
They usually go and come in either Rolls-Royces or Bentleys. Otherwise, it’s Bugattis or Paganis.
When have they ever taken a taxi?

“No. 1 Villa,” Jonathan replied blithely.

“No. 1 Villa?” At once, the guard’s expression changed, and a trace of contempt showed in his eyes as
he regarded the man. “You live in No. 1 Villa?”

“Is there a problem?” Jonathan questioned, frowning.

“What do you think?” Snorting, the guard drawled, “Lad, do you know who the owner of No. 1 Villa is?
And you dare to simply masquerade as him? The owner of No. 1 Villa is Mr. Warhol from the Warhol
family in Jazona! How dare you come and dupe me with some random key?”

Does he even know who is Mr. Warhol? That’s the patriarch of the Warhol family, one of the four
prominent families in Jazona! Is he someone whom a snot-nosed kid like him could impersonate?

He then waved a hand impatiently to dismiss Jonathan as though he was driving a fly away.

“No. 1 Villa has already changed hands.” Dispassionately throwing him a glance, Jonathan declared,
“From now on, I’m the new owner of No. 1 Villa!”

“And that’s true just because you said so?” The guard scoffed and demanded, “Where’s the evidence?”

“What kind of evidence do you want?” Jonathan’s brows furrowed slightly.

“The property ownership certificate and also the sales and purchase agreement.” Putting his hand out,
the guard barked, “Do you have them?”

“I forgot to bring them!”

Jonathan’s frown deepened.

I seem to have left the property ownership certificate and the sales and purchase agreement in the

“You forgot to bring them?” the guard sneered. “I don’t think you even have them! Stop putting up an
act here. Hurry up and buzz off! Go back where you came from instead of getting in my way here!
Otherwise, I’m not going to show you any mercy!”

I’ve seen tons of vain young men like him who want to infiltrate into Edenic Heights! Anyhow, I’ve
kicked them all away. If they refuse to leave, I’ll simply get physical with them. With a strike of my
baton, they become as docile as a lamb!

“You’re not going to show me any mercy?” Hearing his threat, Jonathan snickered and queried, “How
are you planning to accomplish that?”

“You want to know that, yes?” in the blink of an eye, the guard’s expression went cold. “In that case, I’ll
show it to you!”

As soon as his words rang out, he raised the baton in his hand and swung it at Jonathan’s head without
a second’s delay.

But the moment he did so, an after-image zipped past.

With a flick of his wrist, Jonathan caught the baton between two fingers before applying force. In the
next instant, a snap sounded, and the baton broke in half.

Subsequently, the man lifted his right hand lightly.

A gust of wind whizzed past, and a crisp slap pierced the air. As his palm landed on the guard’s face,
the latter’s knees went weak, and he dropped to his knees before Jonathan with a thud.

“So you want to show me no mercy?” Chuckling coldly, Jonathan murmured, “If it were a year ago, you
would’ve probably been riddled by bullet holes before you could even get anywhere closer to me.”

“W-Who exactly are you?” The guard’s mouth overflowed with blood after having suffered the blow
across his face.

That slap even knocked out a few teeth of his teeth!

“You’re not worthy of knowing who I am.” Casting him a chilly look, Jonathan stated, “You only need to
know that I’m the owner of No. 1 Villa!”

After saying that, he strolled right into Edenic Heights without sparing the man another glance.

Undeniably, Edenic Heights was truly vast.

Some time later, Jonathan pushed open the door of No. 1 Villa.

The second the door swung open, the opulent lights automatically flicked on. The interior of the entire
mansion was revealed in all its resplendence, with luxury reflected everywhere.

However, he wasn’t the least bit fascinated.

After all, he had razed countless ritzy villas back when he was still on the battlefield. That aside, he had
even laid waste to castles and palaces.

Compared to those majestic and regal structures, a mere No. 1 Villa was nothing.

Thus, he merely swept a nonchalant gaze around before heading upstairs. He had just stepped onto
the sandalwood staircase when a commotion suddenly sounded outside the door.

On the heels of that, a loud bang split the air.

The mansion door was thrown open.

A middle-aged man in a uniform barged into the living room with a big group of guards. Behind him, the
guard with blood all over his mouth pointed at Jonathan. “It was him, Captain! He was the one who hit

Upon hearing that, the middle-aged man stared at Jonathan frostily and thundered, “How daring of you!
After beating up my subordinate, you still dared to trespass into the No. 1 Villa? Are you sick of living?”

“Are you here to avenge him?” Jonathan regarded the group of guards with batons in their hands
aloofly without a hint of panic in his eyes.

Compared to the Four Asura Guards under my command back then, this group of people is simply a
bunch of nobodies! I’m not even interested in throwing a single look at them!

“So what if I am?” Harrumphing, the middle-aged man growled, “Not only did you trespass into Edenic
Heights, but you even beat my subordinate up. If you fail to give me an explanation today, I’m afraid
that you won’t be able to walk out of No. 1 Villa!”

“I initially thought that he was the only idiot, but I never expected the lot of you to be all morons!” At his
self-righteous expression, Jonathan’s gaze abruptly went cold. “I’m only giving you all a minute. Get out
of my sight in a minute, and I’ll forget about this incident. But if the lot of you are still here after a minute
has passed… I’ll have no choice but to send you all to meet your maker!”

In a flash, a murderous intent blazed in his eyes.

They’re just some ants, so I naturally won’t bother about them. But if they provoke me endlessly, I don’t
mind trampling them to death! I’ve killed innumerable people during my days as Asura, so a few more
don’t matter!

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