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The Legendary Man Chapter 54

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Chapter 54 Do You Think You Are Worthy

“Is that important?” Jonathan then countered in a placid voice, “I only know that the owner of No. 1 Villa
is now me.”

“And it’s true just because you said so?” Upon hearing that, Margaret immediately scoffed, “Why don’t
you say that you’re also the owner of the King of War residence in Jazona?”

“It’s not a problem if I want it,” Jonathan replied blandly.

Would Zachary dare to have any objections if I were to say something to that effect?

“Oh wow, go on and shoot your mouth off!” Margaret sneered, not believing his words in the least.
“Who in the whole of Jadeborough doesn’t know that the owner of No. 1 Villa in Edenic Heights is the
Warhol family in Jazona? Do you know of the Warhol family? Are you aware of their influence in
Jazona? Compared to them, the Blackwood family that tops the four most prominent families in
Jadeborough is nothing! And you think you’re worthy of living in No. 1 Villa? You’re dreaming!”

Once again, she wore an expression of utter contempt.

What’s the status of the Warhol family? They’re one of the four prominent families in Jazona. In fact,
they’re the most elite family in the whole of Jazona! Rumor has it they spent hundreds of millions on the
renovation of No. 1 Villa in Edenic Heights alone. Could he fork out a couple hundred of million? And
even if he could, would they be willing to sell it? No. 1 Villa isn’t a place someone could live in just
because he has money!

“Whatever!” Jonathan decided not to waste any more time convincing her otherwise.

I bought the place for Josephine in the first place, so I don’t mind moving in right now as long as she’s
willing to leave with me.

“Why? Are you feeling guilty now?” In Margaret’s opinion, the fact that he didn’t continue refuting her
was a sign of his guilt. “Don’t go around bragging all day if you don’t have that capability! Watch out, for
you might just shoot yourself into the foot one day! Hurry up and cook instead of spouting nonsense!”

She waved a hand impatiently, dismissing Jonathan as though she was chasing a fly away.

He doesn’t have the slightest capability but goes around talking big all day long!

Ignoring her, Jonathan turned to Josephine and queried, “Josephine, are you willing to move into No. 1
Villa with me? If you’re willing to do so, we can move in right away! I’ve already had it all cleaned up.”

“Hah! Go on and keep up your act! Don’t entertain him, Josephine!” Rolling her eyes, Margaret dragged
Josephine away without bothering to say a single word further to the man.

“That’s enough! Stop bickering!” Josephine shook off her hand and maintained with a cold expression
on her face, “Mom, stop badgering him since he doesn’t want to cook. Why must you make things
difficult for him?”

“I’m making things difficult for him?” Margaret promptly blew a gasket at her accusation. “He stays at
home all day doing nothing, and he doesn’t even have a proper job! How am I making things difficult for
him when I’m just asking him to cook?”

“Who said he doesn’t have a proper job? He has already found a job and will be going to work in a few
days!” Josephine riposted huffily.

“Are you serious?” Harrumphing, Margaret mocked, “What kind of job can he get? Is he going into
multi-level marketing or being a waiter at a restaurant?”

“He’ll be working at a real estate company!” Josephine rebutted.

“He can get into a real estate company? I think he’ll be dismissed in less than three days!” Throwing
Jonathan a disdainful look, Margaret snarled, “Jonathan, I’m asking you this for the last time—are you
going to cook?”

“No!” Jonathan rebuffed without delay.

I’m never going to cave to her demands anymore! Does she really think that I’m still the same person
from three years ago?

“If so, get out of the Smith residence! The Smith family doesn’t support a lazy, good-for-nothing bum
like you!” Margaret’s finger shot out as she threatened to boot him out of the Smith residence just like
she always did every so often back then.

“I don’t need the Smith family to support me!” Jonathan’s expression abruptly turned chilly. He looked
at Josephine and asked, “Are you coming with me, Josephine?”

“Can’t you just bear with it for a bit, Jonathan?” Glimpsing his wintry gaze, Josephine couldn’t help
murmuring, “You know my mother’s temper, don’t you?”

“I’ve put up with her for four years, so I don’t want to do so anymore!” Jonathan answered frostily.

I owe Josephine, but I don’t owe Margaret! Three years ago, I thought that I could gain the Smith
family’s trust after toiling and laboring at the Smith residence like a dog, but what did I get in the end?
All I got in return was endless jibes and scorns! In her eyes, I might even be lowlier than a dog!

“Jonathan, you-”

Josephine pointed at him even as a glimmer of astonishment flashed across her eyes.

After all, back when Jonathan married into the Smith family, he had never once defied Margaret as he
did right then.

“Let him go, Josephine!” Margaret cut her off with a snort. “He wants to leave, yes? Let him go, then! I
want to see where he could go after leaving the Smith residence!”

“Can you please zip it, Mom?” Josephine was fit to be tied.

“Don’t worry, for I certainly have a place to go after leaving the Smith residence!” After glancing at her
coldly, Jonathan fished a key out of his pocket. “Josephine, here’s the key to No. 1 Villa in Edenic
Heights. If you want to see me, go and look for me at No. 1 Villa.”

Having said that, he tossed the key to Josephine before striding away.

Are they still hoping that I’ll remain at their beck and call while enduring immeasurable ridicule and
mockery like three years ago? No way!

“Jonathan…” At the sight of the man spinning on his heels and leaving, Josephine wanted to chase
after him instinctually.

Alas, Margaret tugged her back just after she had taken a few steps. “Stop right there! Why are you
chasing after him? Do you still have the slightest hint of dignity left? Well, he wants to run away from
home? Hah! I shall see how capable he is. If he’s so great, he can just stay away forever!”

In truth, she didn’t take any of Jonathan’s words seriously. No. 1 Villa? How is he worthy of living there
when he’s nothing more than a deadbeat? He’ll probably be kicked out by the guards before he could
even make it past the gate! After all, those living in Edenic Heights were either wealthy or influential.
Yet, he thinks he can live there? Hmph!

“You’ve gone too far, Mom!” Josephine hissed while biting her lip, jerking her head back.

“I’ve gone too far, you said?” Livid, Margaret instantly placed her hands at her hips and snarled, “Three
years ago, who was the one who supported that useless bum for a whole year? And who gave him

food and shelter? If it weren’t for me, he would’ve probably been sleeping on the streets and frozen to
death long ago! And he wants to live in No. 1 Villa? I think he’ll likely be sleeping outside its gate!”

“What are you doing, Josephine?” While she was still foaming at the mouth, she abruptly realized that
Josephine wasn’t listening to her at all. Instead, she broke free of her grip and sprinted toward the door.

“I’m going to look for Jonathan!” Josephine didn’t even turn back.

“Stop right there, you da*n girl!” Margaret was incandescent, flushing bright red when she saw that her
daughter was truly going after Jonathan. “Josephine, don’t come back anymore if you dare go and seek
him out! I’ll just forget that I ever had you as my daughter!”

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