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The Legendary Man Chapter 53

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Chapter 53 A New Mansion

Return it?

Surprise inundated Jonathan. “Why do you want to return it? Don’t you like this car?”

“I love this car, but it’s too expensive!” Josephine looked at him solemnly and remarked, “Don’t you
think it’s a waste to spend about twenty million on a car? You should use the money to do some
business or make an investment instead of buying a car.”

Even if this twenty million is a loan from Zachary, it still has to be repaid in the future, no? Besides, the
man is the King of War, the most powerful person who rules the whole of Jazona! If Jonathan can’t pay
him back when he owes him money, the consequences would be undoubtedly terrible!

“It’s not a waste as long as you like it.” Smiling, Jonathan reassured, “Truly, I’m not short on cash.”

“Drop the act, Jonathan!” Upon seeing that he was boasting again so soon, Josephine frowned slightly.
“I don’t want this car!”

“I’m not acting.” Exasperation showed on Jonathan’s face when she clearly didn’t believe him.
“Furthermore, this car can’t be returned once it’s been paid. If I insist on returning it, I’ll even have to
compensate them for liquidated damages, and that amounts to a couple million.”

Having no other choice, he could only use such an excuse to dispel her notion of returning the car.

“What? The liquidated damages cost that much?” Josephine was visibly taken aback. “What should we
do, then?”

“The best solution is to just keep the car!” Chuckling, Jonathan continued, “What’s more, there’s no
such thing as returning a gift from me! Trust me, Darling. I’m no longer the person I was three years

ago. I’ll slowly repay the money I owe Zachary.”

“How are you going to repay twenty over million?” Josephine was still a tad infuriated right then.

He actually used twenty over million to buy a car! Isn’t it much better to buy ten houses and wait for
them to appreciate?

“Zachary has already recommended me a job, and I’ll start working in a few days. At that time, I’ll
reimburse him gradually with my pay,” Jonathan fibbed. “Besides, he doesn’t care about the twenty
million since he isn’t lacking funds. He won’t force me to return the money to him!”

Force me to return the money to him? How could he possibly dare to do so?

“What kind of job did he recommend you?” Sure enough, when Josephine heard that Zachary
introduced a job to him, her expression eased significantly.

I don’t really have much to ask of him. I’ll be contented as long as he has his feet planted firmly on the
ground and holds a proper job without straying from the path!

“I think it was some real estate company. He hasn’t told me what position I’d be holding exactly, but the
pay is very high. I’ll be going over to the company for a visit sometime later,” Jonathan prevaricated.

“Indeed, real estate companies are generous in paying their employees!” Josephine nodded in

The prices of real estate have been ballooning time and again in recent years. Hence, those working
for real estate companies have made a fortune! If he were to work for a real estate company, he would
make quite a lot of money!

“Don’t be extravagant when you start working there. Instead, you must save the money you make.
Later, I’ll make some inquiries and see whether anyone wants to buy this car. Even if the price is

slightly lower, it’s better than wasting the money!” Josephine was still contemplating how to sell off the
car and return the money to Zachary.

Since this sports car is bought with money that’s on loan, I’ll feel rather uneasy using it.

“All right. Then, just drive it first in the meantime.” Jonathan didn’t bother wasting his breath to dissuade
her further but racked his brains about finding a real estate company.

Hmm… Should I just buy one?

Half an hour later, the bright red Lamborghini screeched to a stop outside the community gate.

Meanwhile, the shabby electric scooter was also parked there all alone.

As soon as they alighted from the car, Josephine headed toward the shabby electric scooter. Seeing
that, Jonathan was pretty surprised. “Are you still going to ride the electric scooter, Darling?”

“I’ll ride it when we’re nearing home.” Josephine entered the community while wheeling the electric
scooter along. “Don’t ever let it slip to my parents that you bought a sports car. Otherwise, they’ll
definitely come up with a way to make it theirs!”

I know better than anyone what my own parents are like! Never mind if Jonathan hasn’t a dime to his
name, but once they learn that he has money to buy a sports car, they’ll certainly do everything
possible to get some money out of him!

“Ah, you’re right!” Jonathan couldn’t agree more. “You’re the best, Darling!”

“Stop sweetening me up!” Josephine threw him a glare over her shoulder.

Shortly after, they went home side by side.

The moment they opened the door, they were greeted by the sight of Margaret with her arms akimbo,
ordering Connor about.

Connor, on the other hand, was on his hands and knees on the ground in an apron, wiping the floor
without daring to utter a single word of protest.

He looked exactly like Jonathan back then.

“Mom!” After calling out a greeting, Josephine slipped off her high heels and walked into the house.

But the second Margaret caught sight of Jonathan, she instantly placed her hands on her hips and
bellowed, “Jonathan, where did you go, you useless piece of trash? I hadn’t seen you the entire day!
What do you take my house for? A hotel or a hostel that you could come and go as you please?”

“Mom, he went to my office to pick me up from work,” Josephine instinctively chimed in with a frown
when she saw her mother’s nasty attitude.

“Pick you up from work? Don’t you know the way home that you need him to go and pick you up?”
Snorting coldly, Margaret glowered at Jonathan and snapped, “What are you looking at? Hurry up and

“I’m tired and have no energy to cook.” Jonathan couldn’t be bothered to do her bidding.

I’m not going to give in to her loathsome demand. Is she still hoping to have me at her beck and call as
she did back then? Well, in her dreams!

“What kind of attitude is this, Jonathan?” Margaret’s temper spiked at once when he turned her down
again. “Great, just great! You’re getting bolder now, huh, Jonathan? Not only do you refuse to mop the
floor and repair the toilet, but you won’t even cook now! Do you think that I really dare not kick you out
of the Smith residence?”

“If you want to kick me out, you can do so this very minute.” Jonathan then nonchalantly added,
“Anyway, the new mansion I bought has already been transferred to my name. As long as Josephine
goes with me, I have no problems leaving this place right away!”

“The new mansion you bought?” Hearing that, Margaret couldn’t help sneering, “Why, have you not
awaken from the dream you had last night? Would a deadbeat like you afford to buy a mansion? So,
where is this mansion of yours? And when are you going to invite me there for a visit?”

Derision was written all over her face.

Good Lord! He claims to have bought a mansion, huh? If a loser like him can afford to buy one, I’ll eat
my words tomorrow!

“I forgot where it is.” After pondering for a moment, Jonathan ventured, “If I remember correctly, it’s No.
1 Villa in Edenic Heights.”

“No. 1 Villa in Edenic Heights?” When Margaret heard that, she could no longer keep her snickers at
bay. “You’re truly gutsy in blowing your own trumpet, Jonathan! Aren’t you afraid that you’ll doom
yourself one day? The No. 1 Villa? Do you know who the owner of the mansion is?”

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