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The Legendary Man Chapter 52

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Chapter 52 She Deserves It

“How is this possible? No, I must be seeing things! How can you afford to buy this costly sports car
when you’re dirt poor?” the lady demanded, feeling her cheeks heating up in humiliation.

It felt worse than the pain she experienced when Jonathan had thrown the agreement to her face!

“Are you done?” Jonathan asked, sending her a withering gaze.

I hate obnoxious women like her!

“This must be fake. This agreement must’ve been forged!” The lady refused to back off and admit that
Jonathan had bought the car. “Darling, take a look at this agreement.”

“All right.”

The middle-aged man took the agreement from her and started reading it carefully. If it was forged,
he’d definitely recognize it. However, the further he got, the darker his expression became.

This isn’t a fake agreement. He had bought this car at the same Lamborghini car dealership as mine!
The stamp is the same as the stamp in my agreement!

“Darling, why aren’t you talking?” the lady urged. “Hurry, tell everyone that the vehicle purchase
agreement is fake!”

“Stop it!” her boyfriend bellowed as raw anger shot through him.

He stretched his arm out to give her a tight slap. Slap! At once, a fresh slap mark appeared on her
initially fair cheek.

“How dare you?” the lady demanded in bewilderment.

Ever since we began dating, and even when we were in bed, he never tried to slap me! What is going
on now? How dare he slap me in front of a crowd?

At that thought, her resentment grew inside her like a tumor.

“I’m already going easy on you, fool!” her boyfriend answered icily. “Are you done causing a
commotion? This vehicle purchase agreement is valid! Da*n it, it was all your fault. I nearly accused the
wrong person!”

Someone who can afford to pay eighteen million, eight hundred and eighty thousand is clearly not a
nobody. Only a handful of people in Jadeborough are capable of doing that. Obviously, he isn’t
someone I can cross.

“Mr. Goldstein, Ms. Smith, I’m really sorry for offending you. It was all this b*tch’s fault. Please forgive
me this once,” the man apologized and gave them a polite bow.

His previous arrogance was replaced by a subservient attitude.

“Keep an eye on her instead of allowing her to accuse others wrongly!” Jonathan responded with a
displeased frown.

“Yes, I shall discipline her,” the man replied politely. He was wondering if he should get on his knees to
apologize to Jonathan.

Seeing the abrupt change in his attitude, disgust flashed across everyone’s eyes.

Meanwhile, his girlfriend’s expression contorted into hatred as she gnashed her teeth.

The vehicle purchase agreement is valid? Did that pathetic son of a b*tch really buy this sports car
worth eighteen million, eight hundred and eighty thousand?

“It’s over between us. Don’t greet me when you see me in the future, for we’re already strangers!” With
that, the middle-aged man cast her an icy glare before stalking away.

The lady promptly panicked and ran after him. Grabbing his sleeve, she begged, “Don’t leave me

“Get out of my way!” In response, the man shoved her out of his way, causing her to topple onto the

“Am I not clear enough? It’s over! From now on, stay away from me!” he barked angrily before entering
his green Lamborghini. After the engine roared to life, he floored the accelerator.

Soon, the car disappeared from sight.

The lady sat on the ground, watching helplessly as the car sped away. “B*stard! You foolish b*stard!
How dare you dump me after having sex with me? Son of a b*tch!”

Tears streamed down her cheeks as she sobbed sadly, but none of the spectators pitied her.

In fact, they thought she deserved it.

After all, she was the one who looked down on Jonathan and kept stirring trouble by provoking them.

Serves her right!

“Darling, let’s go!” Jonathan cast the wailing lady one last look before turning to Josephine.

“Sure!” Josephine bobbed her head slightly.

They got back into the fiery red Lamborghini.

“You should drive!” said Jonathan as he tossed the car key to Josephine. He then entered the
passenger seat.

Josephine gulped nervously at his words. Though she owned a driving license, she had never driven a
sports car in her life.

“I-I don’t drive well,” she replied anxiously.

“Never mind. I can teach you!” Jonathan took her hand and led her to press the ignition button. At once,
the engine rumbled alive, and the fiery red Lamborghini sped out.

“Ah!” Josephine shrieked in shock and promptly stepped on the brake.

“You should drive. I can’t do it.” She made to unbuckle her seatbelt, but Jonathan stopped her from
doing so. “Don’t be scared. I’m right here!” he comforted her.

His assuring words gave Josephine a sense of security.

After a brief hesitation, she stepped on the accelerator and picked up speed. The car rolled forward

A short while later, Josephine gradually got used to the Lamborghini and grew more confident in driving
the car. However, she couldn’t help herself from clutching the steering wheel forcefully. “Jonathan, did
you really buy this car?” she inquired curiously.

Even until now, she still couldn’t believe that Jonathan had bought a car that was worth twenty million.

“Yes, that’s right,” came Jonathan’s calm reply. “I’ve never lied to you!” His tone was firm.

“Where did you get the money from?” Josephine pressed on.

“Do you want to hear the truth or a lie?” Jonathan chuckled. “The truth is, I have a card with money that
is sufficient for this lifetime. I can buy a helicopter if you wish, let alone a car worth twenty million.”

“What about the lie?” Josephine urged as she glanced at him briefly. Sometimes, Jonathan’s words
were a mixture of truths and lies, so she couldn’t figure out which was which.

“Well, I borrowed some money from Zachary!” Jonathan answered with a nonchalant shrug. “I’ve
worked under him for three years. We’re comrades in war, so he agreed to lend me the money.”

“You borrowed so much money from him just to buy this sports car?” Josephine demanded, biting her
lip as a muscle in her jaw twitched in fury.

Twenty over million! With that money, we can buy over ten houses! But he used it to buy one sports

Jonathan knew his wife well, for she was more inclined to believe a lie than the truth.

Before he could say anything else, Josephine hit the brakes. She swung around to look at him and
ordered, “Jonathan, return the car before it’s too late!”

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Chapter 52

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