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The Legendary Man Chapter 51

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Chapter 51 In Her Face

“What? Do you mean you bought this car?” The young lady burst out laughing like he had just said a
funny joke. “Did I mishear it? Can you afford to buy such a luxurious car? Why don’t you say you own
that helicopter, too?”

She refused to believe him, for this sports car cost eighteen million, eight hundred and eighty thousand.

There was no way he could afford it! She assumed he couldn’t even afford to buy the car insurance.

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“If Josephine wishes, I can buy a helicopter,” Jonathan replied with a snort. “I can even buy a cruise

“Darling, did you hear what he said? He wants to buy a cruise ship for Josephine!” the lady exclaimed.
She had laughed so much that her belly started aching. She couldn’t help but stare at Jonathan as
though he were a fool. Even her boyfriend couldn’t stop himself from snickering. “I don’t think he has
ever seen a cruise ship in his life,” he remarked, his tone acerbic.

They took turns to roast Jonathan in public!

Hearing their deriding comments, Josephine couldn’t stop herself from trembling in fury. “Let’s go,
Jonathan,” she muttered in a low voice.

She couldn’t blame them for not believing Jonathan, for she herself couldn’t believe his words.

If Jonathan could afford to buy an eighteen million, eight hundred and eighty thousand sports car, he
wouldn’t need to live like a coward in the Smith residence.

“Why are you leaving?” her colleague sneered. “You hadn’t seen the Lamborghini your dirt poor
boyfriend bought for you yet!”

She turned to Jonathan and said sarcastically, “You claimed to have bought this sports car, right?
Where is the key? Don’t tell me you don’t have it with you.”

“The car key?” Jonathan asked coolly. “I have it.”

Under everyone’s watchful eyes, he whipped out an LCD smart key from his pocket and pressed on a
button. With a click, the car was unlocked.

The Lamborghini’s signature red lights instantly lit up.

At the sight of the lights, the young lady’s scornful expression froze. She lifted a trembling finger to
point at Jonathan. “That’s impossible. You’re too poor to afford this luxurious sports car! You must’ve
stolen the car key. Yes, you must’ve done that!”

Even though Jonathan had the car key, she refused to believe that he could buy this pricey sports car!

“Ha! Why would I steal the car key to a sports car?” Jonathan scoffed icily. “It might be an unattainable
sports car to you, but I only see it as a tool to please Josephine! I can even buy a one hundred million
sports car for her if she wants!”

Having said that, he pulled the door open and turned back to look at Josephine. “Darling, what are you
doing? Get in!”

“Jonathan, you…” Initially, Josephine wanted to ask where he got the money from to buy this costly car,
but she changed her mind after realizing they were in public.

Without a word, she entered the car after Jonathan.

Behind her, her colleague’s jaw tightened at the sight of her entering the sports car.

There is no way Jonathan can afford to buy this pricey sports car! He’s dirt poor!

“Darling, why didn’t you say anything?” the young lady demanded. She stomped her feet angrily after
seeing her boyfriend rooted to the spot. “Didn’t you see how pompous the penniless idiot was?”

“Yes, I saw it.” The middle-aged man’s lips thinned. “There’s nothing to be proud of. So what if he has
the key? That doesn’t mean he owns the car. He might’ve borrowed it from someone else or rented it
for the day! He’s dressed too shabbily to be a rich person.”

“Yes, he must’ve rented it for the day!” the young lady answered excitedly. “After I insulted him this
morning, he couldn’t stomach the humiliation and went to rent a sports car to pretend to be rich! I shall
expose his lie now!”

She promptly marched over to the Lamborghini, where Josephine was fiddling around with the control
buttons inside.

This was the first time Josephine had ever ridden in a sports car as pricey as this.

Her body was tensed up, for she was afraid of hitting the wrong button.

“Jonathan, did you rent this car?” Josephine had the same idea, too. She thought Jonathan couldn’t
stomach the humiliation and chose to rent this car to puff himself up at his own cost.

Jonathan flashed a helpless smile. “Darling, I wasn’t lying. This car is my gift to you! I did tell you that I
will give you anything you want, right?”

“You’re truly beyond saving, Jonathan!” Josephine lost all hope in him.

He’s still the same! Rather than admitting the fact that he’s inferior to others, he’d rather spend an
exorbitant amount of money to rent an expensive car for the sake of his pride!

She suddenly spotted her colleague coming over to them. The latter bent down and grinned at
Josephine, who was in the passenger seat. “Josephine, do you like this car? If you do, hurry and touch
it when you can. Otherwise, you won’t be able to touch it when he returns the car!”

“What are you talking about?” Josephine’s brows knitted together in displeasure.

Though she had guessed that Jonathan had rented this car, her colleague was obviously shaming him
by exposing this in public!

“Didn’t I make myself clear?” her colleague uttered smugly. “He rented this car!”

“I rented this car?” Jonathan sneered, “Do you think I need to rent a car worth millions? I don’t have to
do that.”

“Ha! Drop your act, won’t you?” the lady replied scathingly. “If you had bought this car for real, do you
have the vehicle purchase agreement?”

“You want to see the vehicle purchase agreement, right?” Since she refused to budge, Jonathan’s
impatience heightened. “Fine, here you go!”

Having said that, he whipped out the vehicle purchase agreement and tossed it at the woman’s face.


The lady was about to yell at him when the agreement fell into her hands.

She flipped it open, and the name written on the owner’s column was none other than Josephine

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