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The Legendary Man Chapter 50

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Chapter 50 A Surprise

“Worldwide limited edition sports car?” the lady repeated, her voice trembling. “It must be expensive,

“Expensive?” the middle-aged man scoffed. “Even if you’re rich enough to afford to buy this car, it isn’t
available to everyone. There are only ten worldwide and only three in Chanaea. In Jazona, there is only
one available for sale! The car itself cost eighteen million, eight hundred and eighty thousand. Including
all the specs, fees, and taxes, the owner will have to pay more than twenty-five million! The vehicle
purchase tax itself costs two million!”

What? The vehicle purchase tax itself costs two million?

Everyone blanched at the piece of information, for two million was enough to buy a house in a high-end
residential area.

One can buy a house with the vehicle purchase tax paid to buy this car. That’s shocking.

The young lady’s expression was dark as thunder. She assumed the car belonged to her boyfriend, but
turned out her boyfriend’s car was cheaper than the purchase tax of this limited edition model.

She felt her throat clamming up as though she had just swallowed a fly.

“Darling, where’s the Lamborghini you bought? Let me take a look at it!” As the crowd’s gazes turned
scornful, she dragged the middle-aged man to his newly bought Lamborghini.

“Around two million,” the man replied honestly.

In fact, he had already told her about the price of this car before he went to buy it.

“Oh, that’s really expensive!” the lady exclaimed, pretending to be shocked. Without warning, she threw
herself at the man and said shyly, “Thanks for the gift, Darling!”

Gift? Disdain flashed across the middle-aged man.

Why will I gift a two million car to you?

This lady wasn’t actually his girlfriend, though they had recently gotten together.

There was no way he’d marry her, for it was clear that she had slept with countless men before him.

Instead of exposing her lie, he played along. “I’m glad you like it, Darling. Two million isn’t that much!”

“Ha!” Jonathan let out a scoff at their act.

He had seen through their crude act.

“Penniless fool, why are you laughing? You can’t afford to buy this sports car even if you work hard
your entire life!” the lady hissed. “If you grovel at my feet, I might consider letting you try out the leather

“Darling, who is this?” the middle-aged man demanded, his gaze landing on Jonathan.

“A penniless man who drives an electric scooter!” the lady answered, her voice dripping with disdain.
“He said my BMW 3 series that cost three hundred thousand is an inferior car. Look at how shabby he
looks. I bet he hasn’t even touched a three hundred thousand BMW before.”

“He’s the penniless idiot you’ve been talking about?” Scorn appeared in the man’s eyes.

“Yes, that’s right. He doesn’t even have a job. I don’t understand what Josephine sees in him,” the lady
laughed coldly. “Come on, Josephine. Let’s get into my darling’s new car. This must be your first time
riding a fancy car, right?”

Oh? This is Josephine?

The middle-aged man looked right at Josephine. At once, his face lit up in delight, utterly mesmerized.

Compared to her colleague, Josephine was far prettier.

Her slender figure, photogenic looks, and gentle demeanor were flawless!

“Come on in!” he offered, pulling the door open. “The seats are made of leather and stitched on by
hand. It’s better than an electric scooter.”

“No, thanks.” Josephine shook her head. “I prefer my electric scooter. It might be a cheap ride, but at
least it’s mine!”

Having said that, she snapped her head back and ordered, “Jonathan, let’s go!”

“Darling, you didn’t tell me whether you like it or not.” Instead of leaving as told, Jonathan dragged her
to the fiery red Lamborghini. “Do you like this car, Darling?”

“What the heck do you want?” Josephine snapped, losing her patience.

She had initially found an excuse to leave her colleague, who kept insulting them, but Jonathan insisted
on bringing them here and gave her colleague a chance to keep tormenting them.

What does he want? Isn’t this embarrassing enough?

“To view the car, of course,” Jonathan replied blithely. “Didn’t I promise to gift you one if it’s to your

Before Josephine could say anything, her colleague burst out in giggles. “Did I hear you correctly?
You’re going to gift Josephine a worldwide limited edition sports car?”

“Yes, that’s right. Is there a problem?” Jonathan questioned with a frown.

“Can you afford it? You’re dirt poor! I don’t think you can afford to buy a tire even if you work hard your
entire life,” the lady replied sarcastically.

Ha! There’s no way he can afford to buy this car that cost eighteen million, eight hundred and eighty
thousand, she thought to herself smugly.

“That’s none of your business,” Jonathan answered, growing impatient at the lady’s incessant

“Young man, watch your tone!” the middle-aged man declared as he reached out to Jonathan. Seeing
his action, Jonathan’s gaze turned frosty. “Are you going to beat me up?” he challenged.

It only took one look from him to stop the middle-aged man in his tracks.

His gaze is so scary! It feels like I’ve been sentenced to death!

Ignoring the annoying pests, Jonathan took Josephine’s hand. “Darling, ignore them. Let’s take a look
at that car!”

Alas, Josephine shoved him away forcefully before he could lay a hand on her. “Jonathan Goldstein,
that’s enough. How long are you going to put up an act?” she demanded, growing increasingly

“Darling, I’m not bluffing! I just want to show you the car,” came Jonathan’s exasperated reply.

“There’s nothing to look at! Even if it’s pretty, it has nothing to do with us. We can’t afford it!” Josephine

She had enough of him.

I can’t believe he’s pretending to be rich when he’s just a jobless and penniless loser!

“This is a gift for you!” Jonathan answered helplessly. “I wanted it to be a surprise…”

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