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The Legendary Man Chapter 48

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Chapter 48 Dirt Poor

“Mr. Goldstein, that wasn’t what I meant.” Harrison turned as pale as a sheet.

“How much is it?” Jonathan asked in a glacial voice.

“Eighteen million, eight hundred and eighty thousand. It’s a worldwide limited edition sports car, and
there are only three cars in the whole country. This is the only car in Jazona!” Harrison revealed.

“Not bad,” came Jonathan’s reply.

He bobbed his head slightly before fishing out a black card from his pocket. Handing it to Harrison, he
stated matter-of-factly, “Charge it on my card, including the money you spent on the mansion

“Got it, Mr. Goldstein!” Harrison answered hastily.

After accepting the card, Harrison immediately recognized it as a worldwide limited edition black card
issued by Citibank. Rumor had it that the bank had only issued around a dozen cards worldwide!

Only a selected few in Chanaea were in possession of this black card.

This was the first time Harrison had ever seen it in real life, excluding the one time he saw it in the
papers, of course.

Shortly after, when Harrison rang up a purchase of over two hundred million on the POS terminal, the
sales assistants behind him widened their eyes in amazement.

Two hundred million? Did that man who rode an electric scooter just pay two hundred million using his
black card?

“Mr. Seymour, is this young man from a wealthy family? He’s really low profile!” one sales assistant
commented in an effort to suck up to them.

She racked her brains to find a suitable adjective to describe Jonathan, but the only word that came to
mind was “low profile.”

It felt like they were serving a prince who wanted to experience a commoner’s life.

“Don’t ask questions. The truth won’t benefit you in any way!” Harrison shot her a frosty glare. “All you
need to know is that he ordered for the most distinguished Blackwood family from the four prominent
families in Jadeborough to be kicked out of the city.”

Did he kick the Blackwood family out of Jadeborough?

The scantily clad sales assistants paled visibly, fighting back the urge to slap themselves as regret
overwhelmed them.

How influential is he to kick the Blackwood family out of Jadeborough single-handedly?

“Mr. Goldstein, here’s your card.”

A few minutes later, Harrison returned the card to Jonathan. At a snap of his fingers, a man in black
stepped forward and offered the house deed along with a bunch of keys.

“Mr. Goldstein, this is the keys to No. 1 Villa in Edenic Heights. I’ve transferred the deed to your wife,
Josephine Smith. When will you move in?” asked Harrison politely after he handed the house deed and
keys to Jonathan.

“I can’t be sure.” Jonathan shook his head. It would depend on whether Josephine was willing to move
in with him.

He didn’t want to move into the mansion alone.

“I’ll send someone to clean the place up every day. Just inform me when you’re ready to move in,”
Harrison said with his head lowered. “Mr. Goldstein, should I ask someone to drive your car back to
your house?”

“Nope!” Jonathan shook his head. “I’ll drive it back myself. I need your help to deliver my electric
scooter back to Brocade Park, though,” he said after a brief consideration.

“No problem, Mr. Goldstein!” Harrison promised.

He pointed at one of the sales assistants and commanded, “Get a sports car and deliver Mr.
Goldstein’s electric scooter back to Brocade Park!”

“Yes, Boss!” the lady answered promptly with a curt nod.

She strolled away, her high heels clicking noisily on the floor.

Soon, the fiery red Lamborghini stopped at the entrance of the car dealership. Harrison proceeded to
ask, “Mr. Goldstein, do you need a driver?”

“Of course not,” came Jonathan’s reply as he pulled the door of the Lamborghini open.

Back in his expedition years, all the fighter aircrafts, armed helicopters, and battleships were all at his
disposal. Many times, he had to drive them around.

A loud roar echoed in the air as the engine roared to life.

The Lamborghini soon sped away, leaving only a trail of exhaust gas in its wake.

“This is better to maneuver compared to an armed helicopter,” Jonathan remarked on the way back
home. It only took him a few minutes to figure out the red Lamborghini’s control buttons completely.

The sports car attracted the attention of countless passers-by.

Jonathan sped ahead without sparing them any glance. After figuring out the time Josephine would get
off work, he stopped the car by the road nearby her office and lit a cigarette to pass the remaining time.

“Look, isn’t this the latest Lamborghini model?” one passer-by exclaimed excitedly.

Her friend answered, “Yes, indeed! I heard that there are only three of them in the whole of Chanaea.
There’s only one in Jazona. It’s a worldwide limited edition model, too!”

“A worldwide limited edition model? Then, it must be ridiculously expensive, right?”

“I think the cheapest it can go is fifteen million. The model with the complete specs costs eighteen
million, eight hundred and eighty thousand!”

“What? Eighteen million, eight hundred and eighty thousand? That’s really expensive!”

A bunch of girls chattered excitedly at the sight of the fiery red Lamborghini. As an inexperienced
bunch, this was the first time they had ever seen such a gorgeous sports car.

They couldn’t imagine how much eighteen million, eight hundred and eighty thousand was.

It was akin to driving a mansion that could go anywhere!

“Be careful not to touch it. We can’t afford to pay the repair costs if we cause a scratch!” One of them
was about to reach out to caress the car when her friends stopped her hastily. “I heard that the paint
itself costs over a million. Don’t you dare lay a hand on it!”

“What? That’s ridiculous!” the girl remarked in surprise as she pulled away from the car.

Jonathan chuckled at their words. “Don’t listen to them. You are free to touch the car as you wish!”

“I-Is this your car?” the girl asked carefully as she stared at Jonathan. He carried an imperious nose
well and his angular cheekbones carved down towards a flinty jaw. His manly, Samson physique
caused the girl to blush in embarrassment.

“Yes, it’s mine. You’re welcome to take a photo with it if you wish!” Jonathan said warmly. As they were
innocent beings, he wasn’t his usual irritable self. His voice could be foghorn loud when he was
booming out orders, but it was now mellifluous, especially when he was talking to these young girls.

“N-No, thank you!” the girl answered shyly as she retracted her hand.

Though she was shy, her friends didn’t share her sentiments. One girl standing beside her promptly
parted her lips to greet Jonathan, but before she could do so, Jonathan spotted Josephine coming out
of her company. He immediately flung his cigarette aside and strode toward her.

“Darling!” he called out.

“Jonathan? Why are you here? Didn’t I tell you not to come and pick me up?” Josephine’s face fell at
the sight of him.

Because of what happened this morning, her colleague had been mocking her the entire day!

“Darling, are you still mad at me?” Jonathan flashed a smile at her displeased look. “I didn’t lie to you
this morning, for I did plan to buy a car for you—”

Before he could finish his words, a jeering voice sounded, “Oh, isn’t this the dirt poor boyfriend who
said my BMW 3 series sedan is inferior? Are you here to give Josephine a ride back home on your
electric scooter?”

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