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The Legendary Man Chapter 47

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Chapter 47 Throwing Themselves At Asura

That man who charged in and promptly knelt before Jonathan was Harrison.

Oliver and the female sales assistants were shocked senseless.

“B-Boss…” they stammered at the sight of Harrison’s figure on the ground.

Harrison’s the most ruthless man in Jadeborough! This is the first time I’ve ever seen him kneeling
before someone instead of others kneeling before him!

“Shut the f*ck up!” Harrison gave Oliver a slap so hard that the latter’s tooth flew out of his mouth.
“Useless piece of shit! How could you not recognize Mr. Goldstein? How dare you kick him out? You’re
worse than my watchdog!”

Oliver covered his lips so the blood wouldn’t gush out of his mouth.

“Mr. Goldstein, please forgive me for not teaching my subordinates well. You shouldn’t be treated this
way!” Harrison knelt on his knees, his head hung low.

He knew how millions would end up dead under Asura’s wrath.

Though Harrison was influential in Jadeborough, it would take only an instruction from Jonathan to
have him killed.

“Yes, you are at fault for failing to discipline your subordinates. You’re useless,” Jonathan remarked
with a snort. Harrison’s face drained of color at his words as he trembled in fear.

Jonathan continued calmly, “If I don’t know you, they would’ve either kicked me out and left me to the
police, right? The nerve of you, Harrison Seymour!”

“I’m really sorry about that, M-Mr. Goldstein!” Harrison mumbled, sick with fear.

Even though his life was at risk, he dared not deny Jonathan’s words.

The fear he had for Jonathan came from deep within his heart.

“I regret leaving the Blackwood family in your hands,” Jonathan said, casting Harrison a cool glance.
“You’ve just taken over the Blackwood family for two days but already have the guts to kick me out. If
you gain full control of the Blackwood family, will you kick me out of Jadeborough, then?”

“Of course not, Mr. Goldstein! I dare not do so,” Harrison answered in a shaking voice.

His lips were devoid of color as he shivered in horror.

“Stop talking nonsense. I’ll give you three minutes to deal with them. Come to me when you’re done!”
Jonathan announced icily.

He then strode back to the couch and took a seat. At once, Harrison’s frightened expression turned
hard. A dangerous glint appeared in his eyes as he declared, “Drag him out, break his limbs and feed
him to the fishes in the Goda River!”

“Yes, Mr. Seymour!”

Following that command, five men in black charged into the store without hesitation.

They dragged Oliver out of the door as though he was a pig heading to the slaughterhouse!

“No, Mr. Seymour! Don’t kill me!” Oliver nearly passed out when the men in black grabbed him. He
shrieked in horror, “I was wrong. I know my mistake. Please spare my life! I promise I won’t repeat the
same mistake ever, Mr. Seymour!”

He sobbed so hard that blood dribbled down his nostrils. Alas, Harrison didn’t even glance at him and
merely gave a dismissive wave. The men in black promptly dragged him out without mercy.

Shortly after, an ear-splitting scream pierced the air. The ladies who were still kneeling on the ground
blanched in fear.

As their legs gave way beneath them, they pleaded, “Please don’t kill us, Mr. Seymour…”

There was a glazed look in their eyes as they trembled in distress.

“Did you speak to Mr. Goldstein rudely earlier?” Harrison’s gaze turned icy. The racy sales assistants
promptly collapsed to the ground in terror.

“M-Mr. Seymour, it wasn’t us. She was the one who spoke to Mr. Goldstein rudely!” one sales assistant
pointed an accusing finger in another sales assistant’s direction.

Friendship, my foot! I need to stay alive!

“You…” The accused sales assistant’s expression fell.

She immediately groveled at Harrison’s feet. “Have mercy on me, Mr. Seymour! I won’t do it again!”

“Drag her out!” Harrison ordered with an irritable wave.

The men in black leapt to action and towed her out as ordered.

“Did any of you speak to Mr. Goldstein in a rude manner?” Harrison’s frosty gaze swept over the other
ladies sharply.

The remaining sales assistants lowered their heads nervously. Not a word escaped their lips.

Though they didn’t mock Jonathan verbally, they didn’t bother hiding the disdain in their eyes.

“I can spare your lives, but you should know what to do next,” Harrison declared, his voice cold.

“Yes, we know what we should do!”

Hope sparked in their eyes upon finding out they had been spared.

“So? Why are you still on your knees? Get up and serve Mr. Goldstein!” Harrison glowered at them.
Without further delay, they scrambled to their feet and wiped their tears away. Forcing out sweet
smiles, they sashayed over to Jonathan. “Mr. Goldstein, you must be exhausted. Do you want a
relaxing massage?”

“I can knead your shoulders.”

“Mr. Goldstein, would you like a drink? I’m at your service!”

In a blink of an eye, the sales assistants who couldn’t wait to kick Jonathan out mere moments ago
changed their attitudes abruptly and tried buttering him up by throwing themselves at him. Jonathan’s
brows knitted together instinctively at their antics.

Women had flocked to Asura, throwing themselves at him shamelessly all the time.

If he wished, women would line up from Jadeborough to Jazona just to gain his favor!

“I don’t need anything. Stay away from me!” Jonathan waved his hand irritably. The ladies staggered
back in fear and fell silent.

After taking in his reaction, Harrison went to him carefully and offered a polite bow. “Mr. Goldstein, don’t
you like them? If they aren’t to your liking, should I get prettier ones to serve you?”

“No need!” Jonathan replied with a wave of his hand. Frowning, he added, “Stop playing tricks. I came
to your store to buy a car, not to choose a wife!”

“Got it, Mr. Goldstein!” Harrison quipped.

Harrison dared not utter a word after that, and Jonathan didn’t want to waste his time here. His gaze
landed on a fiery red Lamborghini in the showroom as he asked, “How much does this cost?”

“Mr. Goldstein, pick any car you like. I shall deliver it to your address as soon as possible!” Harrison
offered enthusiastically.

He dared not ask Jonathan to pay for his selection.

“No need,” came Jonathan’s answer. “I can afford to buy a sports car!”

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