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The Legendary Man Chapter 46

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Chapter 46 Grovel At His Feet

“Don’t call me that! I’m not your boss!” Harrison roared once the call was connected. “How dare you
kick Mr. Goldstein out of my store?” Fury was evident in his voice.

“I kicked Mr. Goldstein out?” Oliver paled at his words.

I didn’t even see Mr. Goldstein today! How could I have kicked him out?

“Boss, Mr. Goldstein is here?” Oliver glanced around frantically, trying to find out if he was here.

The only person in the store was that man who came on an electric scooter.

“Of course!” Harrison barked furiously. “I’ll give you one minute to either apologize to Mr. Goldstein or
chop off your limbs and jump into Goda River to redeem yourself! If Mr. Goldstein leaves our store
before I arrive, I’ll take your life personally!”

He then cut the line abruptly.

Oliver felt his vision turn black when he realized Harrison had just hung up on him.

“M-Mr. Sandwith, what’s wrong?” the female sales assistants gathered around him and asked in

“Move aside! Get out of my way!”

He pushed them away impatiently and caught up to Jonathan.

“Are you stopping me from leaving?” Jonathan demanded when Oliver appeared before him, panting

“N-No! Listen to me, Mr. Goldstein…”

Without warning, Oliver fell to his knees before Jonathan. It was a shocking sight to everyone in the

Is Oliver Sandwith, the manager of a Lamborghini car dealership, kneeling before a man who came on
an electric scooter? Didn’t he ask the security guard to kick this man out earlier? Why is he on his
knees now? How shocking!

“Mr. Sandwith, what are you doing?” The voluptuous sales assistants rushed over to him and
questioned in a frantic manner, “Why are you kneeling before him?”

“Yes, Mr. Sandwith, you must’ve gotten the wrong person. This man who came on an electric scooter is
definitely not Mr. Goldstein!” another chimed in.

“Yes, he’s dirt poor, unlike Mr. Goldstein.”

The ladies pouted, refusing to believe him.

They had seen many influential figures in this line of work.

None of the big shots they served had dressed shabbily like Jonathan and came to their car dealership
on an electric scooter!

“Just shut the f*ck up!” Oliver hollered, his face crimson with rage.

What a bunch of idiots. Can’t they see I’m in trouble? Why are they adding fuel to fire now?

Even a fool like him had realized that the man who he nearly kicked out earlier was the Mr. Goldstein
he had been waiting for!

Shit, I’ve offended the big shot. Jonathan Goldstein is the only man I’ve tried to kick out today. Thus, he
must be the Mr. Goldstein I’ve been waiting for the entire day!

“Mr. Goldstein, please forgive me for disrespecting you. It was all my fault!” Oliver apologized before he
gave himself a tight slap.

At once, a fresh slap mark appeared on his cheek.

“Yes, you’ve indeed disrespected me. You are worse than a dog!” Jonathan declared icily at the sight of
Oliver slapping himself continuously on his knees. “If Harrison hadn’t called you personally, I don’t think
I’ll get to leave your store. The police you called earlier is about to arrive, right?”

When he was about to leave, Oliver had been glaring at him. It was obvious Oliver wasn’t going to let
him go easily.

“Mr. Goldstein, I’m sorry for my rash action. I’ll call the police and tell them not to come!” After saying
that, Oliver scrambled to get his phone. Right when he was about to make the call, Jonathan shot him
a withering look. “Isn’t it too late to regret your action?”

In his eyes, the employees in the car dealership were merely a colony of ants.

He couldn’t be bothered to waste his time on them.

Even the owner of the car dealership, Harrison, was insignificant to him.

As they kept provoking him, he refused to hold back anymore.

Even the nicest person would retaliate when being driven up the wall!

“I’m really sorry, Mr. Goldstein. Please spare me!” Oliver begged, his legs buckling under the pressure.
His initially fair cheeks had turned crimson red and swollen from the continuous slaps.

His jaw tightened as he began banging his head on the ground to beg for forgiveness.

“I’m sorry, Mr. Goldstein!” he expressed his remorse profusely.

His heart was hammering in his chest, pummeling in his temples as he continued banging his head.
Soon, blood began trickling down his forehead, dripping onto the ground.

The sexy sales assistants parted their lips at the appalling sight.

Is he really Mr. Goldstein? The big shot Boss was talking about?

They hurriedly covered their lips in fear, finding it hard to believe that the man who came on an electric
scooter was the big shot they had been waiting for.

“Get out of my way!” Jonathan demanded, refusing to spare him another look.

Asura was a killing machine who had killed plenty of people in his life.

Many people had groveled before him to beg for his forgiveness.

If he was kind enough to forgive everyone who knelt before him, he wouldn’t have conquered Chanaea
and the eight regions with the Four Asura Guards in just two years’ time.

“What are you waiting for? Hurry, get on your knees and beg for Mr. Goldstein’s forgiveness!” Oliver
barked angrily at the ladies who stood rooted to their spots in confusion.

If Jonathan stepped out of our car dealership, Harrison will feed me to the fishes in the Goda River for

The dozen of sales assistants promptly snapped back to reality and dropped to their knees before

“Mr. Goldstein, please forgive us for looking down on you. We had no idea of your identity! Please
spare us!” the ladies pleaded. They were dressed in their usual uniform of crisp white shirts and mini
black skirts. Even though they were on their knees, their well-proportioned bodies were visible to the
naked eye.

Any man would feel the urge to give in to their demands at the sensuous sight.

Alas, Jonathan didn’t even deign to spare them a look.

Back then, many socialites had knelt before him, begging him to spend a night with them.

He had no interest in them, let alone these cheaply dressed snobs.

“Get out of my way!” A frown marred Jonathan’s brows.

Right when his patience was at its limit, a loud rumble sounded outside the store.

The next second, a figure dashed into the car dealership and fell to his knees before Jonathan.

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