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The Legendary Man Chapter 45

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Chapter 45 The Real Mister Goldstein

“What’s wrong, Mr. Sandwith?” the incredibly sexy sales assistant asked, shocked by his sudden roar.
She turned at her shoulder and saw how pale Oliver was. “The customer has just signed the

“Rip it apart!” Oliver grabbed the vehicle purchase agreement and tore it to pieces. “This contract is

“Why is that?” Charles bristled and demanded, “What is going on? I thought you said you have an
ongoing promotion. If I buy a car, I can either get the next one free or pick a sports car worth four
million. Now that I’ve paid for it, you’re telling me the contract is invalid?”

His face turned an ugly shade of purple in rage.

I’ve already agreed to meet a sexy young lady tonight to ride my new four million sports car, and now
you say the contract is invalid? What shall I tell my date, then? She’ll just refuse to keep me company!
I’m pretty sure of that.

“The buy one get one free promotion has been canceled. It was a bug in our system. As a form of
compensation, if you’re still interested in buying this car, I can offer you a one thousand shopping
voucher,” Oliver answered with a scoff. He didn’t bother showing any respect to this young man

In fact, he was fighting back the urge to slap Charles for having a similar surname.

“How can you cancel it as you like? Is this a joke?” Charles demanded, grounding his jaw in fury.

Do I look like I need the one thousand voucher? Da*n it! I can’t afford another two million!

At the thought of how his date would end up with another man tonight, rage pulsed through his veins as
he fought back the urge to give Oliver a tight slap.

“Stop spouting nonsense. It’s either you buy it if you can afford it. Otherwise, get out now!” Oliver finally
showed his true colors, and he refused to waste more time on this young man.

There was no need to be polite to Charles, for he wasn’t the big shot Oliver’s superior was talking

“What kind of attitude is this?” Charles exclaimed. He slammed the table in disgust and barked, “Where
is your superior? I want to talk to your superior!”

“My superior doesn’t have time for you.” Oliver gave a dismissive wave. “If he kicks up a fuss, ask the
security guard to escort him out!”

“All right. You’ve got some nerve, huh? Just you wait!” Charles warned, grinding his jaw in fury.

Having said that, he spun on his heels and stormed out of the store, rage flowing through him like lava.

After losing the four million new car and his date for tonight, he nearly got thrown out of the store by the
security guard.

There was no way he’d let this slide.

“Oh, come on. Don’t you know the owner of this store? I can’t believe you dare to kick up a fuss in Mr.
Seymour’s store. Do you have a death wish?” Oliver scoffed at the young man’s warning and paid him
no need.

Harrison was the most ruthless man in all of Jadeborough.

Anyone who had the audacity to create trouble in his store would be chopped to pieces and fed to the
fishes in the Goda River

“Mr. Sandwith, what’s going on?” The scantily dressed sales assistants immediately gathered around
Oliver curiously after Charles made his exit.

After all, he was buttering up to that young man a few moments ago but ended up being rude to him.

“What else? I got the wrong person! Da*n it,” Oliver cursed angrily. “He isn’t the big shot Boss was
talking about!”

“What? You got the wrong person?”

The empty-headed sales assistants froze in shock. “But we just…” they trailed off hesitantly.

In order to please Charles, they had allowed him to take advantage of them by giving in to his

They even agreed to go to dinner with him, and now Oliver was telling them that they had gotten the
wrong person.

“Let’s cut to the chase and wait at the entrance of the store. Since that person wasn’t the man we are
waiting for, that means the real Mr. Goldstein hasn’t arrived yet!” Oliver waved his hands impatiently.

This is my last chance is to serve the real Mr. Goldstein well so I can make up for my mistake!

He gave a firm nod to cheer himself up.

“Also, kick that brat that came on an electric scooter out. Don’t let him stay here and risk offending Mr.
Goldstein,” Oliver commanded. He was already fuming mad, and the sight of Jonathan lounging on the

couch in his store made his anger spike. “Who the f*ck is that shameless fool who refuses to leave our

“The police should be here soon,” one sales assistant commented, shooting Jonathan a disdainful look.
There was no way she’d lower her pride to serve this customer.

Look at that man with his electric scooter and shabby clothes. Clearly, he’s dirt poor. He must stink a

Suddenly, Jonathan’s phone rang, breaking the silence.

He pulled it out to reveal an old phone that was popular decades ago. It was literally strong enough for
one to crack walnuts!

The disdain of the sales assistants equipped with flawless curves heightened when they spotted his

“Hello?” Jonathan answered the call calmly.

“Mr. Goldstein, have you arrived at my store?” Harrison asked in a careful manner.

“Yes, I’ve arrived,” came Jonathan’s calm reply. “After arriving, your security guard tried to kick me out.”

“What?” Harrison’s legs went limp at his answer. Jonathan could hear his trembling voice on the other
end of the line asking, “Mr. Goldstein, w-who did that to you? I’ll get someone to beat him up and feed
him to the fishes in the Goda River!”

Jonathan Goldstein is Asura! If Asura unleashes his wrath, he’ll wipe out millions of lives! I’ll definitely
die if I offended him, let alone my employees. Even the Blackwood family who used to be the most

prominent family in Jadeborough, had to move out of Jadeborough after offending him. They are not
allowed to set foot in the city for their entire lives!

Harrison knew his place, for he was neither as influential nor as powerful as the Blackwood family.

“Does it matter who disrespects me?” Jonathan snickered. “They are your employees, Harrison. They
listen to your orders. How dare your store deny me entry and ask the security guard to kick me out?”
His voice was cool but threatening.

He concluded, “Looks like I don’t deserve to enter your car dealership, Harrison.”

“Please listen to my explanation, Mr. Goldstein,” Harrison pleaded, his legs nearly giving way. “I’m
really sorry. I’m at fault for not disciplining my employees well. Please don’t be angry. I’ll head over right
now to apologize to you on my knees!”

“No need for that. Since I’m not worthy of entering your store, I won’t be buying anything here!” Having
said that, Jonathan cut the line without hesitation and made to leave. Right when he got to his feet,
Oliver’s phone started ringing.

Ring, Ring! Ring, ring!

The jarring ringtone gave everyone a shock. Oliver stopped glaring at Jonathan and glanced at his
phone. He nearly dropped his phone in fright at the caller ID that appeared on the screen.

“Hello, Boss?” he answered the call carefully.

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