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The Legendary Man Chapter 44

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Chapter 44 The Wrong Person

Pleased by how humble Oliver was acting, he responded with a nod and answered with his chest
puffed out, “Yes!”

Oliver carried on with the conversation as if he was nothing more than the young man’s slave. “May I
know the model of the car you’re purchasing? Is it one of the globally limited edition cars?”

Audrey got ahead of Charles and answered on his behalf, “No! Mr. Goldstein has gotten himself the
cheapest sports car we have to offer in an attempt to live a humble lifestyle.”

“The one with the cost of two million? Mr. Goldstein, we’re currently having a buy-one-free-one
promotion! Since you’re purchasing a sports car worth two million, we’ll give you another car of a
similar value! Alternatively, you can opt to purchase a car that’s going to cost four million at the price of
two million!”

Charles asked, “Huh? Why have I never heard of such a promotion?”

“It’s the first day of an exclusive event!” Oliver made something up to keep the young man in the dark.
In truth, there was no such promotion.

It was something he came up with to please this important guest of Harrison’s. Hence, he couldn’t stop
himself from perspiring when he thought of the potential loss due to the favor he had to do for the
young man.

“If that’s the case, I’ll get myself a sports car that’s going to cost me four million!” Charles thought it was
an absolute steal and completely disregarded his earlier words about living a humble lifestyle.

If I have more than fifty million to purchase the freaking globally limited edition sports car, I won’t even
hesitate to bring that home with me!

“Sure, I’ll send someone to get everything ready at once!” Oliver turned around and instructed Audrey,
“Stop standing around and register the car Mr. Goldstein needs!”

She leaned over and whispered her question, “Mr. Sandwith, why have I never heard of that

Oliver glared at her. “Duh, isn’t it obvious? It was merely something I made up to flatter this important
guest of ours! Hurry up and sort everything out! He’s someone the boss regards highly! Make sure
nothing goes wrong, or else I’m feeding you to the fishes in the Goda River!”

“Mr. Sandwith, he doesn’t seem like the real deal at all!” She had encountered countless similar
customers from a relatively well-off family like Charles. Most of them were there to get the cheapest car
the store had to offer to fulfill their sense of pride.

“You need to keep that to yourself! Who else could it be apart from him? You’re not trying to tell me the
man with an electric scooter is the one we’re looking for, are you?”

Glaring at her after his rhetorical question, he urged, “Why aren’t the cops here yet? Check on them
and see if they’re nearby! Get this wimp out of my sight as soon as possible!”

Oliver was infuriated at the presence of Jonathan in the showroom—he thought it was an
embarrassment to such a high-end store. Others might consider their store a second-rate car
dealership or something with Jonathan in the store.

“Yes, Mr. Sandwith!”

She paid no heed to Jonathan and returned to Charles’ side with a pretentious smile. “Mr. Goldstein,
please come with me!”

As he joined her at the showroom for sports cars with values of four million, he found a suitable one in
a few minutes.

When they were about to seal the deal, Oliver received a call from Harrison. Consequently, he sprang
up from his seat when he was about to have another sip of tea.

Instead of glaring at Jonathan, he instinctively bowed and greeted the man on the other end, “Hello,

“How’s it going? Has Mr. Goldstein reached the store?” Harrison asked to make sure everything was

“Yes, Boss!” Oliver turned around and took a peek at Charles, assuring the man on the other end with a
grin, “Mr. Goldstein has found the perfect car he needs! Currently, we’re in the middle of sealing the

Surprised by Oliver’s reply, Harrison asked, “Are you serious? Which car has he chosen?”

“Initially, he was about to buy one that would cost him a little more than two million, but I offered him
something with a higher value since he’s an important guest of yours. In the end, he accepted the offer
and bought a car that was about four million.” Oliver thought Harrison would compliment him for a job
well done.

To his surprise, Harrison queried as if something was wrong, “Are you seriously telling me he has
agreed to take up the offer?”

Not realizing anything strange was going on, Oliver repeated himself in anticipation of Harrison’s
compliment, “Yes, he bought a car that costs about four million. Haven’t I done a great job, Boss?”

“A sports car that cost him a little more than four million?” Harrison parroted in disbelief because there
was no way Asura would set his eyes on something as cheap as such when he could easily acquire the
ownership of the car dealership.

Immediately after he found out something was wrong, he instructed in a stern tone, “I want you to tell
me the name of the so-called Mr. Goldstein in the showroom!”

“What’s wrong, Boss?” Oliver’s mind was all over the place due to Harrison’s sudden change of

“Just get going and stop asking questions!”

Oliver rushed over to check on Charles’ name as instructed instead of defying Harrison.

Oliver yelled at the sales assistant, “Hand me the purchase agreement!”

“Huh? What’s wrong, Mr. Sandwith?”

The moment she brought him the agreement, he gasped out the name of the young man, “It’s Charles!
Charles Goldberg, Boss!”

“Charles? Charles Goldberg?”

Harrison spiraled into an endless loop of despair at the announcement—the ones in the showroom had
gotten the wrong person.

“Boss, are you telling me we’re dealing with the wrong person?” The color drained from Oliver’s face.

He broke out into a cold sweat at the thought of them dealing with the wrong person.

“You’re just a good-for-nothing! What the hell? Didn’t you realize you got the wrong person? Why the
hell did you make him such a lucrative offer when I don’t even know who this Charles Goldberg is? If
you seal the deal with him, I’m holding you accountable for the incurred loss!”

Immediately after Harrison hung up, Oliver’s mind went blank as his legs gave out and he collapsed to
the ground.

Oh, God! I’m done for! It seems like I’ve made a grave mistake! Apart from offending Harrison, I need
to bear the loss of that deal!

Once the thought of compensating for the loss of the store crossed his mind, he rushed in Charles’
direction and yelled, “Hold it right there! We’re calling everything off!”

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