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The Legendary Man Chapter 43

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Chapter 43 A Snob

The young man who came in the Maserati, Charles, stopped Oliver from finishing his sentence when
he heard the latter greeting him in a courteous manner. “Have you been expecting me?”

“It’s really you! Come with me, Mr. Goldstein!” When Charles responded enthusiastically, Oliver thought
he was the important guest Harrison had mentioned.

Although Charles wasn’t aware of the reason Oliver had addressed him with a different surname, he
thought of playing along with Oliver because it felt great to be considered superior to the rest.

A few gorgeous sales assistants showed up and joined Audrey in greeting him once he marched into
the showroom. “Good morning, Mr. Goldstein!”

Charles was overwhelmed with a sense of achievement when he saw those gorgeous sales assistants.
They had put on their best fits for the important guest of Harrison.

Despite the lecherous thoughts he had in mind, he tried his best to remain calm and responded with a

With that being said, he had his eyes glued to the sales assistants as he was intrigued by their busty

“I want all of you to keep Mr. Goldstein company until he finds the car he needs!” Oliver instructed the
ones with sexy outfits to join Charles when he saw right through the young man’s naughty thoughts.

“Yes, Mr. Sandwith!”

Without a second thought, the sales assistants joined Charles and started tending to the young man’s

Charles couldn’t remain calm anymore when one of the sales assistants served him a glass of tea in an
ostentatious manner.

“Mr. Goldstein, do you need me to massage your back?”

“Mr. Goldstein, leave your shoulders to me!”

As they continued offering all types of additional services to flatter the young man, Charles couldn’t
help but wonder if he had made his way to a spa instead of a Lamborghini car dealership.

Holy moly! I wouldn’t have purchased a freaking Maserati if I had been aware of the extensive services
available here!

He remained seated as the sales assistants continued serving him his glass of tea, keeping him
pleased through a wonderful massage session on par with the best spa of Jadeborough.

“Mr. Goldstein, here are the latest models of sports cars we have! We have a few globally limited
edition sports cars! You’re merely one step away from becoming the owner of an exclusive car in

“Globally limited edition?”

Charles responded with a satisfied nod upon a glance at the aforementioned limited edition cars
around him. He was pleased with the unique and sleek designs.

After a few seconds of consideration, he asked, “How much is it going to cost me?”

In response to Charles’ query, Audrey started introducing the exotic cars to the young man, “I’m sure
it’s nothing you can’t afford! The cheapest one only costs you a little more than thirty million, while the
one in the middle will only cost you a little more than fifty million.”

Charles almost fell from the couch when he heard the price of those cars.

It’s nothing I can’t afford? Are you freaking kidding me? Do I look like I’m someone with fifty million
when I don’t even have five million in my account?

My Maserati was a refurbished car from someone else! These gorgeous sales assistants were the sole
reason I brought it along with me! It was something I needed to hit on them!

Once he gathered his thoughts, he asked, “What about the ones over there?”

“I’m afraid those aren’t suitable for someone as accomplished as you, Mr. Goldstein! Those merely cost
a little more than eight million,” she answered in a mellifluous tone when she heard Charles inquiring
about the price of the inferior sports cars.

Those aren’t suitable for someone as accomplished as me? Come again? Just how accomplished am I
to the extent I’m not even aware I’m such an honorable figure?

A little more than eight million? Oh, God! Also, can she stop making it sound as if eight million isn’t a
big deal? Is she indicating she can purchase one if she wishes to?

Charles clenched his fists in an attempt to remain calm. He asked, “Are there any cheaper alternatives

“Y-Yes—” Audrey arched her brows in confusion and stuttered when she heard Charles.

Seconds after she returned to her senses, she questioned to make sure she hadn’t been hearing
things, “The cheapest ones will cost you a little more than two million, but are you sure it’s fine since
those are outdated models?”

“Huh? The cheapest ones are going to cost me a little more than two million as well?”

Charles was on the verge of losing his mind. His face scrunched up since he merely had a million to
spend despite being the heir of a relatively well-off family.

He knew he couldn’t afford to embarrass himself after being highly regarded by the staff of the car

He cleared his throat and announced in a hushed voice, “I-If that’s the case, get me the cheapest car
the store has to offer!”

“Are you sure it’s fine, Mr. Goldstein? Isn’t it too much of an embarrassment for someone as
accomplished as you?”

“It’s merely one of my attempts to remain humble! We’re not really supposed to flaunt our achievement
and wealth in front of others!” Charles made it sound as if it was the right thing to do.

“Y-Yes, Mr. Goldstein!”

The pretentious Audrey had something else in mind when she made it sound as if she was the one at
fault for misperceiving Charles’ intention.

Huh? How are you supposed to remain low profile with a sports car worthy of two freaking million? If
you’re really trying to live a humble life, why don’t you go get yourself an electric scooter?

“Mr. Goldstein, please follow me!” Just as she thought of showing Charles the way to a different
showroom, Jonathan finally walked into the store.

Audrey brought herself to a halt at his presence and started commenting with her face puckered, “He
stinks a lot! Who the hell let him in? Hurry up and take him out of the store! What are we supposed to
do if he gets on the nerves of Mr. Goldstein?”

There’s no way we’re allowing someone as inferior as him to join us in the showroom when he has
nothing but an electric scooter! Moreover, we have an important guest with us today!

“Just leave him alone until the cops are here! I’m sure they’re going to arrive sometime soon!” Oliver
instructed the sales assistant to pay no heed to Jonathan.

He couldn’t wait to see if the dirt-poor man was courageous enough to challenge them when he was
the one out of place.

Jonathan guffawed and remarked, “You know what? I’m not sure if the cops are going to take me into
custody, but I’m pretty sure Harrison will teach you a lesson as soon as he’s here!”

He knew Harrison had informed the staff of the car dealership of his arrival beforehand when he heard
them addressing the young man with his surname. Sad to say, they had gotten the wrong man with a
similar surname.

To make things worse, they wouldn’t stop chasing Jonathan out of the car dealership and even called
the cops to take him into custody.

Jonathan was certain Harrison would grovel on his knees again if Harrison were aware of the things his
staff was up to.

“Wow, it turns out you’re aware the owner of the store is none other than the honorable Harrison, huh?”
Oliver thought it was a waste of time to take Jonathan seriously since Charles had found the car he

When Charles returned, Oliver rushed over and greeted, “Mr. Goldstein, have you found the car you

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