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The Legendary Man Chapter 42

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Chapter 42 Buying A Car

An hour later, Jonathan made it to the central business district of Jadeborough with his electric scooter.

As one of the most luxurious sports cars in the world, the showroom of a Lamborghini car dealership
would put the brand’s competitors to shame.

Apart from the cheapest model that would cost the owner at least two million, there were another few
limited edition exorbitant cars in the showroom.

To everyone’s surprise, someone with the look of a fugitive made his way to the store with an electric

“What’s that man doing here? Is he seriously thinking of visiting the showroom of such an exclusive

“Huh? Can he really afford a freaking Lamborghini when it looks like he doesn’t even have enough to
purchase a spare tire of the brand?”

“Maybe he’s just a plumber or a technician! You don’t think he has anything more than a few hundred
with him, do you?”

“He stinks! I can smell his odor when we’re a few feet apart from one another!”

Those around Jonathan engaged themselves in another round of heated discussion shortly after he
pulled over at the entrance of the showroom.

It wasn’t much of a surprise because even the most inferior customer would show up at the showroom
with a Mercedes-Benz or a BMW instead of an electric scooter that was half a decade old like

Minutes after he parked the electric scooter, Audrey, an arrogant sales assistant, got in his way and
asked, “Hey, what are you doing here? Who allowed you to come in here?”

“What? Am I not allowed to be here?” Jonathan queried while furrowing his brows.

“We don’t need your service since everything in the store is fine!” Audrey answered with her face
scrunched up in disgust.

“Did I mention I’m here to repair anything? Are you implying I can’t be a customer of yours?”
Jonathan’s expression instantly chilled.

“Huh? You? A customer of ours? Why don’t you tell me if you can afford the cheapest merchandise or
not? Are you aware an umbrella of ours costs more than a hundred thousand? It’s worth more than
your electric scooter over there!” the sales assistant scoffed.

“What’s the matter? Can’t the owner of an electric scooter be the owner of a Lamborghini? You need to
step aside and stop getting in my way!”

“I’m afraid I can’t if you’re merely here to shelter from the heat! If that’s not the case, are you here to
take a few pictures to deceive the ladies in the club? If you can afford a freaking Lamborghini, I’ll get
down on my knees and bow before you!”

Huh? Shelter from the heat? Take a few pictures to deceive others? Is something wrong with this sales

Jonathan’s face darkened in irritation—he couldn’t stand others insulting him when he would never rely
on such petty tricks to get others to open up to him.

“Get me the manager at once!” Initially, he had no intention of making a fuss out of something trivial,
which was why he told Harrison his presence wouldn’t be necessary. However, he couldn’t stand the

snobbish woman looking down on him anymore.

“Huh? My manager has no time for the likes of you! He only has time for potential owners of
Lamborghinis! If you don’t see yourself out, I’ll get the security guards to show you the way out!”

The sales assistant turned around and yelled, “Can someone show this beggar the way out of here?”

The security guards rushed out of the store with their batons as soon as they heard Audrey.

One of them asked, “Are you sure you’re not going to leave? You better not hold us accountable for the
things awaiting you!”

They thought Jonathan was there to take a few photos for his social media account. With that being
said, Jonathan was different from the pretentious people they had encountered before.

At the very least, they would dress up as if they were members of the upper echelon. On the contrary,
Jonathan didn’t even bother to put on his best outfit and showed up without getting changed.

“You’re trying to kick me out? Heh! We shall see if your boss Harrison has the guts to take me out, let
alone you!” The moment Jonathan was about to retrieve his phone, he heard the shrill blaring of a car
horn from behind him.

A crimson Maserati pulled over at the entrance of the car dealership before a young man alighted from
the car.

He scowled at the presence of the electric scooter a few feet away and asked, “Since when has the
store included electric scooters as one of their merchandise?”

It was obvious it was a sarcastic remark meant to humiliate Jonathan.

On the other hand, Audrey greeted the young man with a wide smile, “Hello, sir! Welcome! Please
come with me!”

It merely took her a few seconds to change her expression when she was utterly disgusted by the
presence of Jonathan a short while ago.

“Where did this electric scooter come from? Smash it and dispose of it somewhere! It’s such an
embarrassment!” The young man swaggered into the store instead of engaging himself in a
conversation with Jonathan.

Audrey assured him, “I’ll get it done as soon as possible.”

She glared at the security guards next to her and asked, “Stop standing around idly and take him and
that electric scooter of his out at once!”


Jonathan’s fury was written all over his face. The security guards couldn’t even reach the defenseless
Jonathan as they were forced to their knees with two well-placed kicks from him.

“How dare you try to lay your filthy hands on me? I’ll break the arms of anyone who tries to destroy the
electric scooter!”

“H-Help! Someone’s trying to beat up the staff of the store!” Audrey’s shriek successfully grabbed the
attention of a suited man in the lobby.

He rushed out of the store and asked, “What’s going on? Who’s making a scene outside the

“It’s him! Mr. Sandwith, this dirt-poor man over here beat up the security guards of the store! He parked
his electric scooter at the entrance, getting in the way of potential customers!”

“It’s not necessary to waste our time with him! Just get the cops to take him into custody!” Oliver
Sandwith, who was a middle-aged man, glanced at Jonathan before returning to the store. He greeted
the young man next to him, “Hi, are you Mr. Gold—”

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