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The Legendary Man Chapter 41

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Chapter 41 Humiliation

“Are you indicating you’re different from the way you look? Have you ever seen this key I have with
me? I’m sure you haven’t because you’ve never had the chance to go for a ride in a BMW throughout
your entire life!”

The headlamps of the luxurious BMW behind her flickered once she unlocked the car using the remote
control after finishing her rhetorical question.

Jonathan burst out laughing and commented, “Huh? Since when have others started considering BMW
a luxurious vehicle? I wouldn’t even want it if you offered me one!”

How dare she show off something that’s worth a little less than half a million in front of me?

“Is that your sense of pride speaking? Do you even know how much this costs? I’m afraid the two of
you can’t even accumulate enough even after working your asses off for the down payment of the car
because it’s going to cost you three hundred thousand in total!”

We know she’s relied on that electric scooter of hers to commute to work for the past half a decade
because she couldn’t even afford an ordinary car that would cost her more than forty thousand! There’s
no way she can afford a freaking BMW when she can’t even get herself a car!

Jonathan added, “Is that a big deal? I mean, is three hundred thousand a lot?”

My main mode of transport is a helicopter! A chopper is going to cost tens of millions to produce! On
top of that, the ones I have are custom-made to fulfill my needs! Those cost at least a hundred million
each! It’s not an exaggeration to consider a BMW inferior to those, is it?

“What sort of car do you think qualifies the ranks of luxury cars?” Zoey asked in an attempt to push
Jonathan to his limits.

“Cars that cost at least a million!”

Instead of squabbling with Jonathan, Zoey yelled at Josephine, “At least a million? I doubt if you’ve
even touched one as expensive as that before! Josephine, how the hell did you get yourself acquainted
with this man over here? If he’s so rich, get him to do something about your trashy scooter!”

She rolled her eyes and remarked to Jonathan, “Stop talking shit when you don’t have the capability to
back your words up. All you’re doing is just humiliating Josephine.”

Zoey sashayed into the office ahead of Josephine. Jonathan was about to say something, but he kept
everything to himself when he caught a glimpse of Josephine’s grim look.

She resisted the urge to let her emotions loose and announced while gritting her teeth, “Jonathan,
return home at once and get out of my sight!”

“Huh? What’s wrong, Josephine?” Jonathan’s confusion was written all over his face.

Josephine could no longer contain her rage. She yelled, “Are you seriously asking me why? I can’t take
it anymore, Jonathan! When will you ever stop bluffing and exaggerating things?”

“It wasn’t a bluff! I haven’t been exaggerating things either! I really want to get you a car—”

What’s the matter? It’s just a luxury car that’s going to cost me nothing more than a million! Why would
she think it’s a bluff?

Josephine got increasingly infuriated when she heard him. “Haven’t you had enough of embarrassing
yourself and me? When will you stop living in your imaginary world? Have I not told you it’s not a big
deal if you’re poor? It’s embarrassing whenever you allow your ego to get the better of you and start
acting as if you’re a member of the upper echelon!”

Unable to stand the man’s presence any longer, she stomped her way to the office the moment she
finished her sentence.

This is more than enough! Why hasn’t he changed at all when it’s already been three years? Will he
ever learn to carry himself more humbly?

Staring at the infuriated woman’s departing figure, the stupefied Jonathan murmured, “What’s the
matter, Josephine? It’s just a car, isn’t it? If the world’s the thing you want, I’ll conquer it and hand it
over to you!”

Seconds after Josephine’s departure, Jonathan reached for his phone and made a call, asking in a
serious tone, “Have you purchased the mansion I needed?” On top of a car, Jonathan thought of
getting Josephine the most extravagant mansion in Jadeborough.

Harrison, who was on the other end of the call, assured Jonathan, “Mr. Goldstein, the mansion is ready.
Initially, the owner was against the idea of selling it, but he changed his mind when he found out the
almighty Asura would be the one purchasing it. If I’m not mistaken, he has only just renovated the
entire place recently.”

It turned out he had gotten in touch with Harrison to have him sort out everything on his behalf.

“Good job. How much did it cost you?”

“It’s not much, Mr. Goldstein! Just consider this a token of gratitude from me!”

As much as Harrison was against the idea of accepting Jonathan’s payment, Jonathan repeated his
question, “How much is it?”

“T-Two hundred million!” Harrison answered with his voice quivering.

“Drop by my place in two days to collect the payment.”

Two hundred million in return for the most extravagant mansion at Jadeborough was considered an
absolute steal when it cost him more than ten billion to acquire his palace at Yaleview and get it

“My wife, Josephine, will be the owner of the mansion.”

“Yes, Mr. Goldstein.”

“Speaking of which, do you know where I can get myself a luxury car in Jadeborough?”

“Mr. Goldstein, do you need a car? I’m actually the owner of a car dealership! Why don’t you drop by
and get yourself a Lamborghini?”

Lamborghini? I guess it’s not half bad as a gift for Josephine!

“Sure, I’ll drop by in a while! Can you text me the address of the store?”

“S-Shall I head over to welcome you?”

“Nah, I’ll head over and get everything done as soon as possible.” Jonathan was against the idea of
Harrison tagging along, or else he would be in the limelight again.

The staff might do Harrison a favor and offer me an incredibly low price. I may get to leave the store
without paying anything, but that’s not what I want. I don’t wish to take advantage of him since it’s
nothing I can’t afford.

“All right, I’ll text you the address immediately.” Harrison carried himself in a humble manner even
though it was nothing more than a phone call.

Jonathan hung up the call once he wrapped up the conversation with Harrison. On the other hand,
Harrison made a call and instructed the person in charge of the car dealership, “An important guest of

mine will visit the store in a short while! You know the protocol, don’t you?”

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