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The Legendary Man Chapter 40

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Chapter 40 None Of Your Business

Josephine glared at her sister and barked, “Emmeline, shut up!”

She couldn’t help but flush when she recalled the intimate session in the man’s arms after she took her
shower. It was the first time a man had ever touched her throughout the past two decades.

Emmeline started stomping her feet to express her frustration. “Josephine, have you lost your mind?
How could you spend a night with this good-for-nothing?”

Jonathan launched a strike at his sister-in-law’s head and warned, “Where are your manners? When
will you learn to show your brother-in-law some respect?”

“Stay the hell away from me! I will never acknowledge you as my brother-in-law!”

“Ugh! Give me a break! I’m off to the office!” Josephine sprinted toward the entrance after she got
herself a few pieces of bread to eat along the way.

“I’ll drop you off!” Jonathan went after Josephine.


It took Emmeline a few minutes to regain her composure as the duo marched out of the house side by
side. She muttered to herself, “I’ll come up with something else to teach you another lesson soon

Jonathan showed Josephine the way to the half a decade old electric scooter and urged, “Hop on,
Darling! We’ll go for a ride together!”

Josephine was speechless because the man seemed to be proud of the scooter when there was
nothing special about it.

It’s not like it’s a Lamborghini!

“Hold on tight! If not, you’re going to fall once I start accelerating!”

Once Jonathan zoomed off, Josephine grasped the hem of the man’s shirt to stop herself from falling
as he warned.

“You need to stop being so shy! Go on and hold on to my waist tightly!”

“Shut up!”

Josephine glared at him and continued grasping the hem of his shirt to prevent any form of physical

Jonathan maneuvered around the bustling streets easily with the electric scooter. The moment he
thought things would get very nasty if there was a heavy downpour, he suggested, “Shall I get you a
car for the ease of commuting to work?”

“No need! Are you sure you have enough to get me a car when it’s going to cost you a little more than
fifty thousand to get even the cheapest car?”

Josephine turned him down the moment he brought up the suggestion. She thought he didn’t even
have ten thousand with him, let alone fifty thousand.

“I do have enough money!” Jonathan wasn’t a huge fan of cash, but he had a debit card with him. He
wasn’t certain of the amount available, but one thing was for sure—he had more than he would ever

In short, it wasn’t a big deal to purchase Josephine a car when he could easily get her a shopping mall.

“You need to save up as much as possible and start up a business, maybe something small like a
breakfast stall. It’s time for you to learn to stand on your feet.”

Josephine was merely against the idea of Jonathan living off her instead of being independent. She
thought a man was meant for greater things apart from spending most of his time doing nothing.

“I can’t really think of anything suitable for the time being.” Jonathan thought others would make fun of
him if they were aware Asura had started a breakfast stall.

“What do you mean you can’t think of anything suitable? As long as you’re willing to work hard,
everything is possible!” Josephine was infuriated and perceived him as the unreliable man he had
always been.

He needs to stop blaming others for his pathetic future since he’s the one who isn’t willing to work hard
when he has nothing much to offer!

“Darling, shall we talk about the type of car to get you? Do you like Lamborghinis or Maseratis? I
thought of getting you a Rolls-Royce, but it isn’t the best type of car for a woman. Shall I get you the
brand new Aston Martin—”

“Jonathan Goldstein!” Josephine raised her voice while her expression darkened. She thought those
words were nothing but another bluff of Jonathan’s.

Is he even aware the cars he has mentioned are going to cost him at least five million?

“Jonathan, do you know I hate it whenever you pretend as if you own everything when you’re not even
capable of much? When will you stop talking big? It’s nothing to be ashamed of if you’re stone broke!
However, it’s very embarrassing if you don’t stop bluffing in front of others!”

Josephine was enraged because of the things Jonathan brought up just when she thought he was no
longer the unreliable man he used to be three years ago.

“Darling, I’m not bluffing!”

It’s just a sports car, isn’t it? If she wants it, I can get her the ownership of every luxury car dealership in

Unable to stand the man anymore, she yelled, “That’s enough! Stop right here! I don’t need you to send
me to my workplace anymore!”

“H-Huh? W-We’re almost there!”

They finally made it to Smith Group. Although the company merely had a net worth of a few billion, it
was considered sizable in Jadeborough.

As soon as Jonathan brought the scooter to a halt, a woman questioned sarcastically, “If it isn’t the
oldest daughter of the Smith family, Ms. Josephine Smith!”

Zoey, a woman in her mid-twenties, sashayed her way in the direction of the duo shortly after she
finished speaking.

She did a great job maintaining her youth and showed up in a crimson dress with her ginger hair
drooping over her shoulders.

The mean woman didn’t even bother to keep her intention of making fun of them to herself and
continued humiliating Josephine.

“Josephine, when will you get yourself something else to commute to work? Will you consider getting
yourself a wealthy husband anytime soon? Why are you still wasting your time with this stone-broke

man over here?”

She paused and started sizing Jonathan up with a scowl. A few seconds later, she remarked, “Why
have you gotten yourself married to another dirt-poor man after the passing of Jonathan? What is it
about them that intrigues you so much?”

Zoey had no intention to conceal her hostile intent toward Josephine. She deemed Josephine a filthy
woman unworthy of others’ sympathy and hated it when the other woman pretended to act innocent
and pitiful.

Jonathan would never allow others to pick on his wife when he was around. He got ahead of Josephine
and returned the favor. “Who are you to poke your nose into her business? Besides, don’t you know
you’re not supposed to judge a book by its cover?”

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