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The Legendary Man Chapter 38

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Chapter 38 A Night In The Same Room

“W-What exactly do you want?” Josephine was startled by Jonathan’s question. She was initially
against the idea of spending a night with him in the same room. Therefore, she couldn’t help but think
of the worst when she heard those words.

“You need to calm down because I’m not up to anything at all. I’m just wondering the reason you’re not
taking a shower when it’s a habit of yours to take one before calling it a day. If my presence is a
nuisance, I’ll return after you’re done.”

“I-It’s fine!”

She wrapped herself up using her blanket as she continued biting on her lips in the dark. Silence fell
when Jonathan found out Josephine was uneasy with him around.

Once again, they heard the sound of one another’s breathing. After a short while, she thought
Jonathan had fallen into a deep slumber and muttered, “Jonathan?”

Jonathan ignored her as if he was asleep. She repeated herself in a hushed voice, “Jonathan?”

After another few attempts, she got out of bed and tiptoed her way to the bathroom with a set of
pajamas for her to change into.

Jonathan was spot on—Josephine couldn’t stand going to bed without taking a shower. She would’ve
long taken her shower if it weren’t because of the man in her room.

She started showering in the bathroom a few seconds after she turned on the tap. On the other hand,
the man outside of the bathroom opened his eyes and let out a long sigh.

I knew it! She wouldn’t take her shower unless she was sure I was sleeping!

Halfway through his process of thought, he noticed the bathroom merely had a frosted glass door.
Therefore, he caught a glimpse of the showering woman’s figure.

He had a hard time breathing when he saw Josephine’s hair drooping over her shoulders as water
continued running down her body.

He couldn’t help but imagine her response if he were to join her in the bathroom. She would be utterly
shocked, wouldn’t she?

Chuckling softly, he shut his eyes and tried to calm his racing heart down.

Throughout the years, countless women had tried hitting on him. However, he did a great job of
keeping his lust in control instead of messing around with them. He thought he had no right to consider
himself the almighty Asura anymore if he couldn’t even control himself.

A few minutes later, Josephine came out of the bathroom and returned to her bed dressed in her
pajamas. She was afraid of rousing the man from his sleep, so she tried to walk as lightly as she could.

Alas, she staggered and fell when she stepped on something as she couldn’t even see the things in
front of her in the pitch-black room.

As a result, she let out a shriek of surprise as she fell into Jonathan’s arms.

Jonathan’s eyes snapped open. “Josephine, are you okay?”

Then, he caught a whiff of a pleasant scent coming from the woman in his arms. It was a unique smell
that was even more amazing than any perfume.

“I-I’m fine!” Jonathan’s mind was all over the place when Josephine started running her hands across
his body to bring herself up.

Seconds after she brought herself up in the dark, she ended up in the man’s arms once again. She felt
him wrapping his arms around her waist with his gigantic palms.

She groaned against her will and warned the man, “D-don’t touch me!”

“All right, I’ll move away from you if that’s the case.” The moment he let go, she fell once more.

Jonathan hissed in a similar manner when he felt her warm body on top of him. He was on the verge of
losing control over himself after staying away from a woman for years.


It was the same for Josephine. Immediately after she moaned against her will, she rushed to switch on
the light.

Once the room was illuminated, Jonathan finally got a clear glimpse of the woman’s figure since she
had nothing but a flimsy nightgown on her.

“J-Jonathan, you need to remain calm! If not, I-I’ll…” Josephine found herself a pen for self-defense
purposes against the man. The look in his eyes now terrified her. She was horrified by the thought of
him letting himself loose.

“You don’t have to be scared. I won’t do anything to you. Besides, if I truly wish to try anything, do you
think you can stop me when not even the bodyguards at Phoenix International Hotel could put on much
of a fight against me?”

He wouldn’t have resisted the urge to sleep with her for years if he wasn’t against the idea of forcing
her into submission. There were more than a thousand ways for him to do so if he was serious.

“T-Then, turn around and stop looking at me with that look!” When Josephine recalled the time at
Phoenix International Hotel, she got increasingly anxious.

Ugh! Was it a mistake to allow him to spend a night in the room? What am I supposed to do in case he
gives in to his lust and tries something?

“What are you afraid of when you’re wearing clothes? Besides, it’s not illegal to stare at my wife, is it?”

Instead of looking elsewhere, Jonathan had his eyes glued to Josephine‘s great figure, something
which others could only dream of seeing.

She had curves in all the right places, and not a hint of fat was on her. To be precise, she was on par
with the top models in terms of appearance.

As expected of my wife! She can easily put others in the fashion industry to shame without much of a

“No! You need to close your eyes at once!” Josephine repeated herself as she continued flushing in

She reminds me of a kitty in the middle of a heavy downpour, in need of someone’s love!

He snapped out of his thoughts and marched toward her when he recalled something. “Josephine, are
you okay after falling down thrice in a row? Are you hurt anywhere?”

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