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The Legendary Man Chapter 37

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Chapter 37 Join Me

“Go on! I’ll give you twenty minutes just in case ten minutes isn’t enough! Show me how you’re going to
get your hand on the most extravagant mansion!”

Margaret continued provoking Jonathan. She was certain it was another bluff as her son-in-law was
stone broke.

It takes more than a fortune for members of the upper echelon to become residents of the most
premium residential area in Jadeborough. The cheapest mansion already costs more than ten million.

Not even ordinary millionaires can get their hands on the mansions there because only influential
figures are allowed to join the neighborhood.

Most of them are the persons in charge of renowned organizations or political figures of the city. I heard
it was the favorite hang-out spot of socialites from Jazona as well.

Three years ago, someone told me it would cost them more than a hundred million to acquire the most
extravagant mansion there. I’m afraid it’s going to cost about three hundred million due to inflation over
the past three years.

There’s no way Jonathan can afford such an exclusive mansion even with the aid of the mysterious
figure. No one in their right mind would purchase a wimp something as extravagant as that.

“We shall see!” Jonathan thought it was a waste of time to bicker with his mother-in-law. If Josephine
wasn’t against the idea of moving out with him, he would definitely take her to the most lavish mansion
in Jadeborough.

No matter who the inhabitant might be, he was confident he could get rid of them since not even
Zachary had the guts to defy him.

Josephine couldn’t stand the bickering duo anymore. “Just give me a break! Mom, when will you stop
making a fuss and learn to appreciate the favor Jonathan has done us? Are you seriously asking him to
wash your feet when he has resolved the conflict between our family and the Blackwoods?”

Her mother shot daggers at her. “Why are you taking his side again?”

Unable to stand her mother anymore, Josephine stomped her way to her room. “If you want someone
to wash your feet, why don’t you go ahead and do it yourself?” Then, she called back to Jonathan, “I
want you to come with me! You don’t have to spend the night on the couch!”

Did she just ask me to join her in her room?

It took Jonathan a few seconds to snap out of his confusion as he had never been allowed to join
Josephine in her room, even when they got married a few years ago.

He had spent most of his time on the couch or the storeroom. To his surprise, she had asked him to
join her today.

“Josephine, have you lost your mind?” Margaret jolted up from the couch when she heard her daughter.
She blurted out her concerns, “What if he takes advantage of you when you’re sleeping?”

“What do you mean I’m going to take advantage of her? I’m her lawfully wedded husband, so it’s not
much of a big deal even if we do sleep together or something, isn’t it?” Jonathan interrupted with his
brows furrowed.

Truth be told, Jonathan had never consummated his marriage with Josephine despite being married for
four years. Heck, he hadn’t even held her hand before!

He was a perfectly healthy man. However, he was against the idea of forcing her into submission.

“No! I don’t care if you’re her husband or not! I’m not allowing you to sleep with her!” Margaret raised
her volume since she knew it was over if her daughter consummated her marriage with Jonathan.

After all, how could Josephine get her another wealthy son-in-law if she was no longer pure?

“That’s enough! He’s spending the night in my room!” Josephine dragged Jonathan into the room
instead of arguing with her mother.

Meanwhile, Jonathan was in a state of awe because it was the first time he had the chance to hold
Josephine’s hand.

“Connor, you weakling, are you going to sit here and do nothing when he’s going to take advantage of
our daughter? Aren’t you going to do something to stop him?” Margaret started squabbling with her

Her confused husband queried, “Why are you making a fuss when they’re legal husband and wife? It’s
not like they’re up to something illegal.”

He couldn’t make heads or tails of his wife’s process of thought as Jonathan was their daughter’s

“Come again? I’m merely trying to make use of him! It’s only a matter of time until they file for divorce.
Never will I allow them to spend the rest of their lives together! With her looks and figure, Josephine
can easily get herself another wealthy husband! There’s no way I’m allowing the wimp to ruin her

Connor finally figured out what Margaret was up to. He couldn’t think of anything else to carry on with
the conversation. Instead of wasting his time, he returned to his room to call it a day.

Margaret began reprimanding her husband, “Where do you think you’re going? Go get me a basin of
water to wash my feet!”

As the duo continued squabbling in the living room, Jonathan’s mind was all over the place in
Josephine’s room.

He was surprised as everything in the room, including the furniture and Josephine’s belongings, was
pink in color.

The pink enthusiast unfastened her grip seconds after they made it to the room. She warned him in a
serious tone, “I’m allowing you to spend the night in my room only because I don’t want you to continue
arguing with Mom anymore. You better not do anything out of line. If you try taking advantage of me
when I’m asleep, I’ll—”

A few seconds of pause later, Josephine enunciated her warning, “I’ll bite my tongue until I die!”

Although she wasn’t repulsed by Jonathan’s presence anymore, she wasn’t ready to take their
relationship to the next level just yet. She started trembling in anger whenever she recalled the budget
date they went on.

“I’ll keep that in mind and refrain from trying anything!” Jonathan wasn’t agitated at all; he had long
foreseen her bringing up something similar.

He wasn’t in a hurry either. Instead of relying upon some cheap tricks, he had faith she would open up
to him in the future.

There’s no way I’m going to resort to something as lowly as forcing her into submission when I’m the
almighty Asura!

“I’ll hand you one of my extra blankets. You’re sleeping on the floor next to my bed.”

She tossed a blanket in Jonathan’s direction before curling up in a corner of her bed with a suspicious
look on her face.

Jonathan shook his head at her wary actions. Spreading the blanket on the floor, he thought it was time
to call it a day.

He heard her breathing increase once he switched off the light. She had a hard time breathing due to
her racing heart.

Out of nowhere, the man asked in the pitch-black room, “Aren’t you going to take a shower?”

He was well aware of her habit of taking multiple showers throughout a day ever since they were
married a few years ago.

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