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The Legendary Man Chapter 36

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Chapter 36 Get Going Already

Members of the Blackwood family were nowhere to be seen in Jadeborough a few hours after the
cancellation of the birthday banquet.

Most of the citizens couldn’t be bothered by the disappearance of the Blackwood family. Nonetheless,
they would talk about it every now and then.

Meanwhile, the guests of the banquet were conscious of the fact they couldn’t afford to mess with
Jonathan. After all, he was powerful enough to force Anderson into submission.

“Dad, what’s going on?” Alvin asked when he was on the way home with his father. He was astonished
by the drastic turn of events as he thought Jonathan would be killed. Not only had that not happened,
but the Blackwood family had been chased out of Jadeborough as well!

How is that possible?

Sebastian reprimanded, “You need to stop being such a busybody! Never pick on the Smith family and
Jonathan Goldstein again! You’re as good as gone if you get on the nerves of the one behind

I’m sure Jonathan’s acquainted with the most influential figure in Jazona because no one apart from
Zachary would have been capable of stopping Kingstone from protecting the Blackwood family!

“Dad, are you telling me to stop going after Jonathan?” Alvin cried out in frustration.

“If you don’t stop this foolishness of yours, I’ll sever ties with you! I can’t afford to have you drag down
the Langford family!”

Within one night, Jonathan’s name spread far and wide among the families in Jadeborough.

On the other hand, Jonathan was on his way to the residence of the family on the outskirts of the city
with the rest of the Smith family.

Connor had never been considered an important member of the Smith family. The ones in charge didn’t
even bother to grant him a mansion when he left.

A unit at a second-rate residential area was the only thing they offered him when the most inferior
members would be given a mansion along with an Audi when they were about to start a family.

On the contrary, Connor wasn’t even given a car when he made up his mind to start a family with

“Come on in!” Margaret turned around and urged once she unlocked the door. She would have never
allowed Jonathan to return home with them if it weren’t because of his connection.

Things were still the same as they were three years ago. Ironically, the only difference was Jonathan’s
belongings were nowhere to be seen anymore. It was almost as if he had never been a part of the
family at all.

“You’re spending the night here!” Margaret pointed at the seat next to her after she took a seat. She
looked at Jonathan in the eyes and commanded, “Now, go get me a basin of water to wash my feet!”

Much like she did years ago whenever she was exhausted, she ordered Jonathan around as if he was
the housekeeper of the family.

“What? You’re not the only one who’s exhausted!” Jonathan took a seat on the couch instead of getting
her the basin of water she wanted.

Does she really think I’m going to take her instructions seriously? No way!

Glaring at her son-in-law in the eyes, she repeated herself, “Jonathan, have I not made myself clear?
Go get me a freaking basin of water to wash my feet at once!”

“You know what? The only time where you’ll see me getting you a basin of water to wash your feet will
be in your dreams!” Jonathan retorted with a scoff.

Do you really think I’m the same man I was three years ago?

Back then, he had endured all the humiliation and insults only because he wanted to repay Josephine
for saving him. Yet, reality had proven that no matter how hard he tried, Margaret would still take him
for granted. In fact, she even became harsher and harsher on him, demanding more. She would take
advantage of him, instructing him to wash her feet every day.

“Jonathan, what’s with that attitude?” Margaret sprang up from her seat in anger and asked, “Are you
even in your right mind? How dare you defy me?”

Jonathan wasn’t the wimp he was a few years ago. Thus, she was astonished by the drastic change in
her son-in-law’s character.

“There’s no way I’m allowing you to take advantage of me anymore!” Jonathan had no intention to carry
on with the conversation. Josephine was the sole reason he hadn’t sent someone to kill Margaret yet.

The enraged Margaret went berserk and bellowed, “You need to mind your manners and consider
yourself lucky I’m willing to let you return home with us!”

“Can you come up with something new to threaten me? Do you really think I enjoy staying here? If
Josephine weren’t around, there’s no way I would have set foot here!”

“I guess you’re no longer the same, huh? Do you think this house is too small for you? What makes
you so confident in yourself when you can’t even get yourself accommodations after stepping out of

this house!”

He’s merely the dog of an influential figure, but that doesn’t mean he’s as powerful as the mysterious
man! I will never allow him to challenge my authority when he’s just a wimp!

“Hello? I can gain access to the most premium residential area and neighborhood of Jadeborough
whenever I want!”

Margaret thought it was another joke when Jonathan was just telling the truth.

“Will you stop bluffing in front of me? Are you aware of the fortune it takes to acquire a unit in the most
premium residential area? It’s going to cost you at least tens of millions for the cheapest unit! Do you
even have ten thousand with you?”

“I don’t, but what’s the big deal?”

It wasn’t even necessary for him to pay most of the time. Others would welcome the almighty Asura
with open hands due to his contribution to the nation.

“Can you stop bluffing when you don’t even have ten thousand with you? Now, get going and bring me
my basin of water to wash my feet! If not, do me a favor and get out of the house!”

Three years ago, it worked like a charm whenever she brought up something similar to threaten
Jonathan. Instead of succumbing to her threat this time, he reached for his phone and instructed the
man on the other end, “I want you to purchase the most extravagant mansion at the premium
residential area on my behalf in ten minutes.”

“Ha, go on! Aren’t you aware it’s going to cost you an arm and a leg? We shall see if you’re the owner
of an extravagant mansion in ten minutes!”

“Does it really matter how much it’s going to cost? Ten minutes is all it’s going to take! I’ll show you this
mansion of mine soon enough!”a

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Chapter 36

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