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The Legendary Man Novel Chapter 34

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Chapter 34 Son In Law

Anderson was astounded because he wasn’t even aware of the identity of the one chasing them out of
the city. To leave right now seemed very cowardly of him as the one leading the most prominent family
in Jadeborough.

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“You don’t deserve to know his actual identity! Here’s a heads-up for you—get out of Jadeborough as
soon as possible unless you wish to get on his nerves more than you have. Otherwise, not even
Kingstone is capable of keeping your family safe!”

“Y-You—” As infuriated as Anderson might be, he knew it wouldn’t be wise to start another fight. He
turned around and announced, “The banquet is over! Kindly evacuate the hall at once! Thanks for
showing up!”

Huh? Why has he canceled the banquet?

As confused as the guests might be, they knew Anderson was serious due to the stern look on his

What’s going on? Didn’t we gather around here today to celebrate his seventieth birthday? Why has he
changed his mind out of the blue?

“On top of that, the Blackwood family is going to leave Jadeborough in a few hours. Please stop
dropping by the mansion in the future. If there’s anything you need, kindly get in touch with Harrison—
the person in charge of the company from now onward.”

Anderson marched away seconds after he finished his announcement, leaving the confused guests
behind in the hall.

What! Why are members of the Blackwood family leaving Jadeborough? Have they lost their minds or
something? Why have they handed everything over to Harrison? How is Harrison related to the
Blackwood family?

A series of unprecedented events had thrown off most of the guests. While everyone had their eyes
glued on Harrison, Harrison kneeled in front of Jonathan. “Thank you so much, Mr. Goldstein!”

In spite of the questions he had in mind, he was afraid of poking his nose into the business of the man
in front of him. It was almost impossible for him to figure out the things going on in the mind of Asura.

Jonathan glanced at Harrison and queried, “Do you know the reason I appointed you as the person in
charge of the Blackwood family’s business instead of the Smith family?”

“No!” Harrison shook his head when Jonathan brought up the most prominent question in his mind.
After all, Jonathan was the son-in-law of the Smith family.

It didn’t make any sense for him to appoint someone else when he had chased the members of the
Blackwood family out of Jadeborough because of the Smith family.

“I don’t have any intention of doing the Smith family a favor. My wife is the sole reason I’m resolving the
conflict between the two families. The Blackwood family’s business is merely something blown down by
the windfall.”

It was never his intention to chase the Blackwood family out of Jadeborough. Unfortunately, Anderson
refused to admit his fault when he had the chance. Therefore, Jonathan thought of teaching Anderson
a lesson the hard way.

Harrison continued kneeling and answered, “Yes, Mr. Goldstein!”

“Keep in mind it’s not meant to be your personal keepsake. It’s something I’ve acquired on behalf of my
wife. In other words, Josephine’s the one in charge of the Blackwood family’s business from now

“Yes, I’ll definitely keep that in mind!”

Seconds after he assured Jonathan, he stammered his question, “I-If that’s the case, why don’t you
appoint her as the person in charge instead?”

“She’s not a match for the vicious members of the Smith family. They will try everything and anything
just to get their hands on it. They would assume I was handing the business over to them and not
Josephine herself.”

Jonathan sneered when he recalled the nature of the Smith family. The greedy bunch wouldn’t even
conceal their intention to get their hands on the Blackwood family’s business if he were to appoint
Josephine as the person in charge.

“I want you to appoint her as the person in charge of the ecological park’s development project.” After
wrapping up his conversation with Harrison, Jonathan marched in Josephine’s direction.

On the other hand, Josephine was afraid of looking Jonathan in the eyes. She had her lips pursed in an
aggrieved manner as she thought about how the man seemed different.

Although it merely lasted for several seconds, she thought the man was none other than the almighty

How is that possible! As capable as he might be, he’s just relying on the influence of the strong backing
he’s affiliated with! There’s no way he’s Asura!

When she recalled the back of the almighty figure she once saw on the television two years ago, she
got lost in her thoughts.

Jonathan returned to Josephine’s side and announced in a gentle voice, “See? I told you I was going to
make them regret their decisions!”

Although the man was no longer the intimidating figure he was a few minutes ago, Josephine couldn’t
get used to it. She asked with her lips pursed, “That’s great! H-How did you do that, though?”

Despite racking her brain to make sense of everything, her effort was to no avail. It was close to
impossible to get Anderson to grovel at others’ mercy, let alone leave Jadeborough with the rest of his

“Have I not promised to get you everything you desire even if it’s the world we’re talking about? Why
are you astonished when we’re merely talking about the Blackwood family?”

Unable to think of anything else to justify the series of absurd incidents, she questioned, “Is the one
supporting you behind this again?”

If a phone call was all it took to get rid of Mr. Blackwood and the rest of his family, it must be the one
hiding behind the scenes again! If not, there was no way Mr. Blackwood would get down on his knees
in front of Jonathan!

“Well, you’re not entirely wrong.”

Jonathan played along as it was too much of a hassle to explain himself. On top of that, Josephine
wouldn’t believe him even if he told her the truth.

I knew it! That’s the only possible reason behind everything! No one apart from that mysterious figure is
capable of pulling off such an impossible feat!

Just who the hell is this mysterious figure? Could it be Kingstone or the King of War, Zachary? Maybe
it’s Zachary! Andrew and Randall would never take Jonathan seriously if it weren’t because of
Zachary’s orders!

She asked in another attempt to get to the bottom of everything, “Is it Zachary? I can’t think of anyone
else apart from him. How did you get yourself acquainted with him?”

“It was nothing more than a mere coincidence.” Jonathan made something up to deceive his wife. He
ended up laughing as he couldn’t even imagine Josephine’s response if Zachary were to show up and
bow before him one day in the future.

“As long as he’s around, no one is going to pick on you anymore unless you leave Jadeborough or

When Josephine was about to say something, Margaret rushed to their side and greeted Jonathan, “Oh
Jonathan, what a good son-in-law you are! It’s been such a long time! Where have you been
throughout the years? How did you suddenly become so amazing?”

She was no longer the harsh mother-in-law of Jonathan. Instead, she carried herself as if she had
always considered him a member of the family.

I don’t care if he’s affiliated with an influential figure or not! All that matters is the fact he’s powerful
enough to force Anderson into submission the moment he shows up! I need to patch things up with him
as soon as possible!

Staring at the pretentious woman, Jonathan answered with a sudden gush of vitriol, “Weren’t you just
making it clear earlier that we’re not acquainted with one another?”

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