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The Legendary Man Novel Chapter 33

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Chapter 33 Out Of Jadeborough

The crowd let out an incredulous gasp when the leader of the most prominent family started begging
for mercy from a trivial member of the Smith family.

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The guests couldn’t remain calm anymore when they found out Anderson had succumbed to the threat
of the young man they deemed a wimp.

What the heck? Has Mr. Blackwood really gotten down on his knees in front of the wimp? Can
someone slap me in the face and tell me I’m not dreaming?

When everyone went dead silent, someone asked as he could no longer keep his curiosity to himself,
“A-Am I seeing what I’m seeing? Why has Mr. Blackwood kneeled in front of the wimp?”

Margaret was of the same idea. She pinched Connor and asked, “Are you seeing what I’m seeing? Is
Mr. Blackwood kneeling in front of the good-for-nothing?”

Holy moly! Mr. Blackwood is the one leading the most prominent family in Jadeborough! Why has he
gotten down on his knees in front of Jonathan?

That live-in son-in-law of ours is just a good-for-nothing! How the heck has he gotten the influential
figure to succumb to his threat?

Connor gulped to keep himself calm. “You’re not seeing things! He has just kneeled in front of

“What’s going on? Can anyone tell me it’s not real?” Margaret started shouting.

On the other hand, Josephine was also confused. She couldn’t believe the man, who was on the verge
of death four years ago, managed to force Anderson into submission when he didn’t even defend
himself throughout the years her parents humiliated him.

Back in the hall, none of them were aware of the things going on due to the distance. They couldn’t
even see what was happening up close, let alone hear the content of the conversation that had taken
place among the men.

However, they knew things had taken a drastic turn shortly after Randall hung up the call with someone

Upon another glimpse at Anderson, Jonathan remarked, “It’s too late. You should’ve made up your
mind when you were given a chance. Among the options available, you’ve chosen to learn your
lessons the hard way.”

“I’m so sorry, Mr. Goldstein! Please forgive me for being an imbecile fool!” Anderson was afraid of
offending Jonathan more than he had.

I shouldn’t have looked down on him! It was very ignorant of me to pick on him just because he didn’t
seem like someone accomplished!

“Don’t you think it’s too late?” Harrison scoffed at the kneeling Anderson when he recalled the latter
getting full of himself, acting all high and mighty in front of them earlier.

“Mr. Goldstein, I’m willing to compensate a total of one billion for the Smith family’s loss! On top of that,
I’ll appoint them as the ones in charge of the ecological park’s development! If these aren’t enough, I’m
willing to hand over the ownership of over half of my family’s assets to the Smith family as long as you
show us some mercy!”

A potential gain of more than tens of billions is nothing compared to the family’s future! I don’t need
anything apart from his mercy!

“I’ll consider giving you another alternative—get out of my sight with the rest of the family, and I’ll stop
pushing you to the limit.”

Anderson was no longer the arrogant man leading the most prominent family he was a few minutes
ago. He slurred, “M-Mr. Goldstein, it’s over for my family the moment we leave Jadeborough!”

“Is that any of my concerns? Have I not warned you that you were responsible for your family’s future a
few minutes ago?”


The leader of the most prominent family made a tough decision to keep the rest of the family safe
without a second thought. He started slapping himself until his face was swollen in a final attempt to
salvage whatever was left.

Once he was done, he requested, “I’m so sorry for offending you, Mr. Goldstein! I’ll take the rest of the
family and leave Jadeborough at one! Kindly honor your promise and stop coming after us once we

“You and the likes of you aren’t really worthy of my time. Also, Josephine, my wife, is the one you’ve
offended. You need to bow before her and seek for her forgiveness instead of mine.”

Those were precisely the things he had in mind the moment he showed up at the Blackwood

“All right, Mr. Goldstein! I’ll get going at once!” Anderson brought himself up with the aid of his walking
stick and started marching in another direction.

“Mr. Blackwood…” Josephine was anxious when Anderson was on his way to her. She thought the man
was about to take things out on her when her husband had offended him.

To her surprise, he kneeled in front of her and orated, “Ms. Smith, please forgive me for offending Mr.
Goldstein and you! It was very foolish of me to pick on the two of you! Allow me to express my utmost
apologies for my mistakes!”

He couldn’t care less of things others had in mind and continued bowing just to keep the rest of his
family safe.

His action took the guests by surprise—they were stupefied because a few minutes was all it took to
get the arrogant Anderson to kneel in front of Jonathan and Josephine.

“M-Mr. Blackwood—”

Josephine couldn’t even finish her sentence as Anderson returned to Jonathan shortly after he sorted
things out with Josephine.

He asked, “Is that all, Mr. Goldstein? Is there anything else I’m supposed to do to ensure everything’s

His sole objective was to leave Jadeborough with the rest of the Blackwood family. He had to stop
pushing his luck to prevent the worst possible outcomes awaiting the family.

“I want you to appoint Harrison as the person in charge of the Blackwood family’s business and hand
over everything regarding the development of the ecological park to him. Also, compensate the Smith
family for the loss they have occurred because of you. Once you’re done, feel free to leave with the rest
of your family.”

“Yes, Mr. Goldstein!” Anderson didn’t even bother to defy Jonathan’s instruction to hand over
everything he had to others.

With a tinge of resentment, he glared at Harrison in the eyes and asked, “Were you aware of Mr.
Goldstein’s identity all along?”

Harrison returned the favor and questioned with a scowl, “What if I was? Stop holding others
accountable when you wouldn’t stop pushing your luck!”

Gritting his teeth, Anderson approached Harrison and whispered, “Since you’ve acquired ownership
over everything of my family, can you at least tell me the identity of this mysterious figure over here?”

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