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The Legendary Man Novel Chapter 32

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Chapter 32 I Am Sorry

Jonathan Goldstein!

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Kingstone couldn’t even carry on with the conversation as his lips started twitching against his will.
Overwhelmed by distress, he murmured to himself, “I-It’s him! H-He has finally returned!”

“Mr. Warhol, what are you talking about? Who’s the man we’re talking about?” Randall was hopelessly
muddled by Kingstone’s response.

“It’s none of your business!” Kingstone returned to his usual self in a few seconds. He added, “Randall,
I’m not going to repeat myself anymore! I want you to listen to him and carry out his instructions as
absurd as it might be! If you dare defy him, you’re the one I’m taking out next!”

Kingstone had made himself clear he wouldn’t allow others to challenge his authority as the governor of

“Y-Yes, Mr. Warhol!” Randall couldn’t stop his heart from racing the moment he turned around and
found out the young man was someone capable of turning his life upside down.

As a result of his arrogant speech a few minutes ago, he had a hard time stopping himself from

What have I done? It turns out this young man isn’t merely a nobody from Jadeborough, trying to get
his way through his acquaintance with the King of War! There’s no way someone from the streets can
intimidate the freaking governor!

“H-Hand Mr. Goldstein the phone!” Kingstone stammered when he brought up another instruction. It
was evident he was startled by the thought of engaging himself in a conversation with Jonathan.


Randall was afraid of wasting the young man’s time. He returned to Jonathan and mentioned in a
hushed voice, “Mr. Goldstein, Mr. Warhol wishes to speak with you.”

Others couldn’t hear him since his volume was almost inaudible. On the other hand, Jonathan said, “I
don’t have time for him!”

“Mr. Goldstein—”

Just when Randall was about to say something, Jonathan responded with a frown, “Hmm?”

The former immediately kept his mouth shut.

He had to make something up in fear of offending the governor on the other end of the call. No one in
Jazona had the guts to answer Kingstone in a similar manner. “M-Mr. Warhol, Mr. Goldstein is occupied
with something else at the moment.”

Instead of losing his cool, Kingstone responded, “Kindly express my utmost apologies for bringing up
such an unreasonable request. Assure him I’ll be there in an hour to meet him in person.”

Randall felt his legs turning to jelly because Jonathan turned out to be an accomplished figure beyond
his comprehension.

What the hell? Is he seriously coming here just to meet the young man in person? Why is he in such a
hurry when the young man didn’t even bother to answer his call?

“Tell him that won’t be necessary because I don’t have time for him,” Jonathan got ahead of Randall
and broke the silence before Randall could deliver the message on Kingstone’s behalf.

It wasn’t even necessary for Randall to deliver Kingstone’s message due to Jonathan’s exceptional

“Y-Yes, Mr. Goldstein!” Randall answered with bated breath as Kingstone went dead silent once he
heard Jonathan’s words.

A few seconds later, Kingstone answered in a defeated tone, “All right.”

Shortly after Kingstone wrapped up the call and hung up the phone, Randall secretly gulped while
turning around.

“You have three minutes left,” Jonathan announced when Randall was about to say something.

“Yes, Mr. Goldstein! I’ll get going at once!” Afraid of offending the young man, Randall brought himself
up and looked at Anderson.

It was a waste of time to be courteous with the Blackwood family since Kingstone had given up on
them as well. As a result, he yelled, “I’ll give you three minutes to evacuate with the rest of your family!
I don’t want you to set foot in Jadeborough anymore! Three minutes later, I’ll do you a favor and send
all of you out with as many stretchers as I need!”

Anderson found out Kingstone must have told Randall something. In an attempt to figure out the
content of their conversation, he asked, “M-Mr. Swindell, can you tell me what Mr. Warhol has told

“You don’t think you get to poke your nose into Mr. Warhol’s business, do you? All you have to know is
he has given up on you and your family!”

“It’s impossible! He’ll never give up on us!” Anderson started trembling. He tried stopping himself from
falling with the support of his walking stick. Subsequently, he slurred, “W-We contributed more than a
billion on a yearly—”

“You need to mind your words! If not, I’m afraid it’s time for you to leave Jazona instead of
Jadeborough!” Randall finished with a stern look.

“No! I’m sure there’s some sort of misunderstanding! Allow me to call him again!” Anderson lost his
cool and reached for his phone once more. Sad to say, the person on the other end hung up the
moment the call made it through.

In the end, the person on the other end blocked Anderson’s contact number to stop him from
contacting him.

Anderson dropped his phone and lost himself in a train of thought to link the missing pieces of puzzles

“You have two minutes left!” Randall scowled at Anderson.

He wasn’t sympathetic toward the family at all. It was time for Anderson to bear the consequences of
messing with the wrong person.

Unable to fathom the things going on, Anderson asked in a final attempt to sort out his confusion, “Mr.
Swindell, can you tell me the identity of Mr. Goldstein?”

Who the hell is Jonathan? How has he managed to intimidate Kingstone and get the powerful governor
to give up on us?

“Will you learn to read the mood and stop asking questions?” Unaware of Jonathan’s actual identity,
Randall made something up to divert Anderson’s attention.

“A-All right!”

Anderson stopped retaliating and marched in Jonathan’s direction after taking a deep breath to get
himself ready for the upcoming session.

When everyone thought Anderson would start beating Jonathan up with his walking stick, they saw
Anderson casting everything aside, prostrating himself in front of Jonathan.

“I’m so sorry, Mr. Goldstein! Can you please forgive this foolish one for offending you? I wasn’t aware of
your identity! It was never my intention to pick on you! Please be merciful and spare the rest of my

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