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Chapter 1180

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The Legendary Man -At that moment, Jonathan didn’t know how to describe his feelings.
All the cultivators in the world know that the Immortal Road was cut off. Over the past two thousand
years, even the Ultimate Realm cultivators had vanished, let alone Cavoid Realm elites. Now, the Kore
of the world has deteriorated. When the world’s best assassin tried to get me to join Apocalypse, he
told me thirteen families controlled the world. These families had been murdering those cultivators who
had been trying to achieve Ultimate Realm. Prior to that, I thought Divine Realm was the highest
cultivation level a cultivator could achieve!

Due to his limited knowledge, Jonathan was puzzled when Seboxia told him there could be a deity in
the small world.

Seboxia noticed the dazed look on Jonathan’s face and felt relieved. Jonathan finally knows how
serious the current situation is!

“So? You know what we should do now, right?”

Jonathan nodded solemnly. “We should locate the deity and learn from—”


Before Jonathan could finish his sentence, Seboxia sent him flying with a tight slap across the face.

“We need to find a way out! We need to run! Do you understand me?” Seboxia scowled at Jonathan. I
would kill him if I didn’t need to rely on him to steal Emperor’s Heart on Mount Enly!

“Did you even hear yourself? You were thinking about locating the deity and learning from him? I’m in
Divine Realm, and you’re as weak as an ant in front of me! If not for the Demon Zeal Formation tens of
thousands of people had formed, the Cavoid Realm demigod primordial beast could’ve killed you

easily! What do you think a deity is capable of doing to you? Let me put it this way. Would you teach a
speck of dust to cultivate?” Seboxia asked Jonathan.

Jonathan held his head and gritted his teeth as he glanced at Seboxia. Seboxia is scared! He
possesses the Pryncyp of Life. Although he’s hiding himself in my body, he can’t escape a deity’s eyes!
Despite the existence of Demon Zeal Formation, the demigod could easily drag Seboxia’s coffin out of
my elixir field. I can only imagine the strength of a deity! If the deity sees Seboxia, I think Seboxia will
be used as a life supplement and never see the light of day again. Well, I’m not bringing Seboxia to see
a deity. After all, I’m as worthless as a puff of wind in a deity’s eyes. Even if I were to offer Seboxia to a
deity, I think the deity would kill me on the spot. It’s a risky thing to do with little to no reward in return.
It’s a bad deal.

“All right, I’ll do as you say. Once I get out, I’ll find my way back,” Jonathan said reluctantly while
scratching his head.

Seboxia nodded in satisfaction. Right before disappearing, he froze momentarily and asked, “What did
you mean when you said you would find your way back? Are you lost?”

Jonathan blinked and shook his head slightly. “Well, I’m not lost because I never knew the way around
here. Ever since I arrived here, I’ve been figuring out where to go.”

“Cut the crap!” Seboxia suppressed the urge to kill Jonathan there and then. “Are you saying you don’t
know the way out?”

“That’s right!” Jonathan answered dejectedly. “Before I arrived, I passed out due to the explosion of a
bomb. When I regained consciousness, I was already on a cliff. I could neither find the chaos portal nor
sense the fluctuations of the chaos portal. I don’t know my way out.”

After Jonathan was done talking, he saw Seboxia letting out a long sigh.

“We’re doomed. Perhaps this is our fate.”

Jonathan shot Seboxia a confused look in response. “Seboxia, you’re an expert, no? Why are you so
scared? So what if I can’t find the portal? We can look for it together now that you’re awakened. We’ll
surely find it.”

Seboxia shook his head, clasped his hands before his chest, and sighed helplessly. “That’s impossible.
I’ve seen the ancient texts of the West Region. According to the information regarding the small worlds,
cultivators were worried that others would hunt their descendants down after they died. Hence, when
creating small worlds, they deliberately set up portal formations at the connection between the small
worlds and the outside world. That way, uninvited guests would get lost after they sneaked in. At the
same time, the intruders wouldn’t be able to put up a fight or contact the outside world. It’s hard to
admit it, but we’ve indeed entered a very complicated world. Trust me, Jonathan. The sooner we leave
this small world, the better!”

This time, Jonathan nodded unhesitatingly. I’ve also sensed something is amiss. In this vast small
world, we have to face ancient beasts, demigods, deities, and portal formation. I’m a cultivator, and I
can’t even fully understand one of the difficulties we’re faced with. I must leave this small world!
Treasures aren’t my priority now. There are a dozen Divine Realm cultivators and over a hundred God
Realm cultivators here, and they are all highly capable. I must flee as soon as I can. I still have a lot of
things to do in the real world!

After Seboxia disappeared, the coffin became dark once again.

However, Jonathan was no longer interested in finding Seboxia’s true form.

There was a huge coffin flowing in the dark underground water, but no one knew where it was heading.

Meanwhile, a chaos portal appeared in the valley of Delisgar Ridge.

It was already the second day the small world was fully opened. After the previous war, all the surviving
members of the eight respectable families, Remdikian cultivators, and six major sects had entered the
small world.

Yet, none of them had made it out of the small world after over twenty hours.

As the host, the Leeson family had flattened a hill and set up several tents at the scene.

Since Ashton had led his troops into the small world, Winston was the person in charge of the matters
concerning the Leeson family.

At that moment, Winston was sitting in a cross-legged position on a platform and cultivating by using
the spiritual energy that had escaped from the chaos portal. So many people went in, and none of them
made it out. Although I don’t know what’s going on in the small world, I know something bad is
happening. Yet, the only thing I can do now is wait.

When Winston was cultivating, he suddenly opened his eyes and looked to the west.

There, Winston saw three figures closing in rapidly before appearing right in front of him.

The leader of the trio was a woman. She looked at the chaos portal excitedly and exclaimed, “That’s a
chaos portal! Tell His Majesty a small world has appeared in Doveston, Chanaea!”

That woman was none other than Savannah, the Remdikian cultivator Wilbur had defeated.

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