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Chapter 1179

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The Legendary Man -Jonathan felt his heart skip a beat when he heard the mention of a

That referred to someone who had surpassed the Cavoid Realm and transcended the void.

In Chanaea, a deity was a cultivator who had transcended cultivation.

According to the information in ancient books, when one’s cultivation level reached the level of a deity,
the laws of Heavenly Pryncyp in this world could no longer restrain that person.

Upon transcending the void, a deity would travel to the heavenly realm.

In other countries, a cultivator of such was regarded as a god, and these cultivators would head toward
the Land of the Gods.

In short, the myths and legends spoken by the commoners from all over the world of cultivation were

As a matter of fact, instances of cultivators transcending the void could be found in the countless
ancient texts left behind.

What Jonathan knew about had all happened in the past. If one were to compile all the incidents that
had happened in the world of cultivation, one would notice something was amiss.

Although it was rare to see a cultivator transcending the void, such an occurrence would always
happen once every few decades or a couple of centuries. In other words, an incredible cultivator would
definitely appear, reign supreme over everyone, and transcend the void.

Yet, there was no record of such an occurrence in the past six thousand years.

Although some cultivators had gone out of sight, no one had ever witnessed someone transcending the
void. It was important to note that not a single formation could restrain a demigod from transcending
the void. According to ancient texts, every cultivator on earth comprehending Pryncyp would definitely
sense someone transcending the void.

No one knew what had happened eight thousand years ago, but the existence of deities seemed to
have vanished from the world of cultivators.

During the first few hundred years, cultivators from all over the world had been cultivating as hard as
they could to be the next cultivator to transcend the void.

However, they soon realized that becoming a demigod was the most a cultivator could achieve.

From then on, some suggested that the Immortal Road had been lost forever, and that eventually led to
everyone believing that was the case.

Just like that, deities ceased to exist in the history of the world of cultivators.

There’s something weird about this small world! The Ancient Sacred Dragon Technique existed since
ten thousand years ago. Deities existed then, but no one seemed to have figured out how to create
small worlds. Jonathan became anxious at that thought, so he asked Seboxia, “Seboxia, you existed
for over two thousand years, so you must have a huge collection of ancient texts. Do you know when
the first small world was created?”

In both the worlds of mortals and cultivators, an invention could only happen because of the
researchers. The creation of small worlds was a monumental achievement and a milestone in the world
of cultivators. How could such a historical occurrence not be recorded?

Seboxia glanced at Jonathan and noticed that the latter had finally wrapped his head around the
meaning behind the existence of small worlds. “The cultivators who could comprehend the methods of
creating a small world were at least in the advanced phase of Ultimate Realm. These cultivators had
achieved the absolute phase of merging with their Pryncyps and begun exploring the fundamentals of
Heavenly Pryncyp. Naturally, these were all well-known cultivators with resolute temperaments. They
wouldn’t disclose their findings to get famous. That’s why no one knows how the first small world was
created. But we know the name of the first small world known to the public. Four thousand years ago, it
was created in a barren land that’s now called North Adrune. Anglandur owns that land now.”

Uh… Jonathan froze when he heard those words. Anglandur? Fehohr was the one who came up with
the methods to create a small world. Yet, a cultivator from North Adrune had created one before
everyone else. How convenient was that?

“Wait… North Adrune wasn’t part of Anglandur four thousand years ago, no?” Jonathan asked Seboxia
in bafflement.

Seboxia glanced at Jonathan speechlessly. “I said that was a barren land back then. Although the
mortals from Epea hadn’t discovered that land, the cultivators with high cultivation levels could travel
across the ocean. Ingbrookians were already there, but they were still uncivilized. According to the
records in the West Region, cultivators would conduct heavenly trials and various spell experiments in
that area. Because even if they failed, they could still minimize the effect of Heavenly Pryncyp. It’s
similar to why people conduct experiments in deserts nowadays.”

Jonathan nodded slightly when he heard those words. With a chuckle, he said, “In other words, the first
small world was discovered in North Adrune, but it was most probably created by a cultivator from
elsewhere. I bet that cultivator was from Chanaea!”

Seboxia took in the smug look on Jonathan’s face and said, “It doesn’t matter where the cultivator was
from. What matters is the fact that the small world would degrade over time. Four thousand years ago,

that small world became an attraction to cultivators everywhere, and the methods of creating a small
world started to spread worldwide. That small world then collapsed approximately two thousand and
seven hundred years ago.”

With a frown, Seboxia continued, “After the small world collapsed, all the cultivators who knew how to
create small worlds gathered and did research. Those small worlds were like their personal backyards.
No one wanted their years of effort to vanish into thin air. In the end, they concluded that the
establishment of the small world violated the main world’s principles. Thus, the Heavenly Pryncyp of
the main world would constantly attack the small worlds. In other words, small worlds are bound to
collapse after some time. Besides, they also found out that the lifetime of a small world is between one
thousand and eight hundred years and two thousand and five hundred years.”

Upon hearing Seboxia’s explanation, Jonathan quickly did the calculation in his mind. Deities
disappeared eight thousand years ago, and the Immortal Road was lost. We found the first small world
four thousand years ago, and it collapsed two thousand and seven hundred years ago. That means the
first small world was created five thousand and two hundred years ago! The small world I’m in is
definitely not created by an ancient deity! Based on such a timeline, it’s very likely that there was a
deity who lived from before the Immortal Road was cut off eight thousand years ago to five thousand
years ago to create this vast small world! The influence of the outside world must be minimal in this
small world. If that deity had a way to hide from the Heavenly Way and live to see the creation of this
small world, he could still be alive!

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