Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 1178

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The Legendary Man -As Jonathan’s body was lifted up, he struggled to breathe as he
gazed at the semi-transparent bald man standing before him.

Seboxia was a renowned cultivator known for his patience and composure.

In their previous encounters, he never resorted to grabbing Jonathan’s collar like a thug. Instead, he
would use his strength to suppress him with finesse.

What did I say that caused Seboxia to lose his composure?

Jonathan quickly recalled what he said earlier.

“I didn’t say anything. All I said was that I met many ancient demon beasts in this small world before
you woke up. I encountered a lilith, an unknown huge bear, and a hook serpent that brought us to this
underground cave—”

Before Jonathan could finish his words, Seboxia interjected firmly, “There is no way those creatures are
still alive!”

Jonathan broke free from Seboxia’s grasp and pulled out a sharp claw.

After slaying the hook serpent, Jonathan was captivated by its magnificent scales and sharp claw-like
legs. Employing the Heaven Sword, he skillfully cleaved the creature’s body into several sections and
carefully stored them in his storage ring.

That was why Seboxia didn’t discover how Jonathan entered the cave and asked that question.

Surprise flitted across Seboxia’s eyes as he stared at the sharp and strong claws.

“This is impossible. These ominous beings from ancient times shouldn’t be here!”

Jonathan noticed how surprised Seboxia looked, but he still had no idea why the latter reacted this

He pulled out the hook serpent’s tailhook and gave it to Seboxia.

“Seboxia, I initially couldn’t believe that the beings existed here too. However, this is a small world, after
all. It was designed to confine these ominous creatures. I know that before small worlds were created,
they served as spirit animal spheres…”

He trailed off when he noticed how solemn Seboxia looked.

“You’re talking about the period before small worlds existed!” Seboxia cut in coldly.

“Do you know that after small worlds emerged, they were mostly used as an escape from the real world
and the Life and Death Pryncyp? They became like back gardens for cultivators and sects, providing a
refuge. However, these small worlds are usually limited in size and require constant maintenance by
cultivators. While they can serve as spirit animal spheres for ancient demon beasts, they cannot
sustain a large number of them simultaneously.”

Seboxia paused, his expression shifting as if a memory resurfaced. “Jonathan, did you say we are
several hundred meters deep underwater?”

Jonathan gave a slight nod. “Yes. I don’t know the exact depth, but the hook serpent swallowed me and
swam downward for at least a few dozen seconds.”

Seboxia stared at Jonathan as though he was a fool.

A cultivator would often fight demon beasts and slay them. It was normal for cultivators to get killed by
demon beasts, too.

However, Seboxia had never heard of cultivators being swallowed by demon beasts.

Jonathan noticed the disdain on Seboxia’s face.

“Hey, what’s with that expression? I might have been eaten, but I fought my way out without any
assistance. Who are you looking down on?” he protested, his tone defiant.

Seboxia raised his right hand and pressed the claw onto Jonathan’s neck, grazing his skin easily. “Just
answer my question,” he demanded, his voice filled with urgency.

“Got it,” Jonathan replied obediently.

Seating himself comfortably, Jonathan crossed his legs and offered Seboxia a warm smile.

Glancing at the menacing claw of the hook serpent, Seboxia spoke again, his voice laced with
anticipation. “Before I fell into a deep sleep, how much of this small world have you explored? Have
you ventured beyond fifteen kilometers?”

“Fifteen kilometers?” Jonathan snorted coldly before he revealed calmly, “The lilith alone chased me for
dozens of kilometers, and when I reached the top of a mountain, I could see a vast expanse of
mountains stretching out before me, spanning hundreds of kilometers at least!”

Hearing that, Seboxia started panting heavily.

Seeing Seboxia’s reaction, Jonathan sounded uncertain as he asked, “Seboxia, are you okay? So what
if this small world is big? Why are you so excited?”

Seboxia took in a deep breath and turned away, throwing the sharp claw back to Jonathan. “I envy how
clueless you are. Ignorance can indeed be bliss, can’t it?”

Seating himself opposite Jonathan, Seboxia clasped his palms together in front of his chest. “Jonathan,
have you ever wondered why it’s called a small world? It’s precisely because it’s small and could never

be as vast as this!” he exclaimed, gesturing to their surroundings.

Jonathan was astonished to hear that revelation.

He had only been to two small worlds—one in West Region and the current one they were in.

Jonathan did see a vast chessboard at West Region, a sight made possible by the assistance of the

The Divine Chessboard in Jonathan’s hand was able to expand to hundreds of meters in the outside

However, if Jonathan manipulated the formation from within and activated the Within Reach technique
on the cultivators inside, they would perceive the chessboard expanding, with the borders of the
formation seemingly moving farther away.

Jonathan acknowledged that his strength was far from that of ancient Gods or Devils. If he possessed
their immense power, the chessboard could serve as a self-contained world, forever sealing off anyone
trapped within its confines, rendering escape impossible.

Of course, that was a story for another time. The true spatial extent of the Devil and God small world
resided within the space encompassed by the two Devil and God statues.

Although it appeared vast, its actual width was limited to a maximum of fifteen kilometers.

“Are you saying that there is something off with this small world?” Jonathan asked, sounding hesitant.

“Of course!” Seboxia exclaimed, fixing Jonathan with an intense gaze. “The fundamental prerequisite
for creating a small world is the creator having the ability to defy the Heavenly Pryncyp. No cultivator
can simply conjure a world out of spiritual energy. To establish a small world, one must appropriate a

portion of space from the primary world. However, the Heavenly Pryncyp governing the primary world
will inevitably retaliate, inflicting an equivalent backlash that matches the size of the small world.”

He paused for a moment, then continued with a stern expression, “According to the Aploth cultivation
levels, a cultivator’s progress ascends through the Precelestial Realm, Postcelestial Realm, Superior
Realm, Grandmaster Realm, God Realm, Divine Realm, Ultimate Realm, and Cavoid Realm. Beyond
the advanced phase of the Cavoid Realm lies the pinnacle stage known as the absolute phase, or what
you Chanaean cultivators refer to as a demigod. However, even at the level of a demigod, the
maximum size of a small world that can be created is limited to fifteen kilometers. If the small world we
find ourselves in is truly as vast as you claim, there can be only one plausible explanation for its creator
—they must be a deity!”-

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