Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 1177

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The Legendary Man -“Let’s go!”

Seboxia jumped down the coffin and swiftly headed toward the only exit of the cave.

When Jonathan noticed Seboxia heading that way, he quickly shouted, “Hey, we can’t go that way.
Stepping out would subject you to immense pressure, considering we’re hundreds of meters deep
underwater! It could be fatal!”

Seboxia replied curtly, “If you refuse to leave, you’re more than welcome to stay with that creature.”

Upon hearing this, Jonathan swiftly turned around, only to witness the amalgamation of numerous
ancient beasts forming an enormous creature several dozen meters in height.

Its four powerful legs with bone spurs pierced through the Demon Zeal Formation, almost tearing it

The formation is unstable!

As that thought surfaced in Jonathan’s mind, he felt his newfound confidence crumbling away.

He reached out to retrieve his Divine Chessboard before running to the exit at full speed.

Alas, he was too slow for the enormous beast behind him.

In the blink of an eye, the huge bone spur had arrived at the top of Jonathan’s head.


Jonathan struck the bronze handbell above his head yet again.

At the same time, he sensed a powerful force wrapping around his waist, forcefully pulling him aside.


Jonathan watched as the bone spur behind him stabbed into the formation.

If Seboxia hadn’t pulled him away, he would’ve been the one pierced by the bone spur.

“The bronze handbell can’t stop its spiritual sense!”

Seboxia grabbed the bronze handbell from Jonathan and struck his chest.

Jonathan felt his vision go dark before realizing Seboxia had pushed him into the coffin.

“D*mn it…”

Before he could finish cursing, the coffin lid had closed above him.

At the last moment, Jonathan caught sight of the countless runes within the formation intertwining and
transforming into a chain, effectively immobilizing the ancient beast.

Seboxia’s coffin made it past the cave’s exit and descended into the underground water.

Jonathan had previously experienced being trapped within the coffin, but that incident occurred within
his elixir field, where only his spiritual sense formation was held captive.

This was the first time Jonathan had entered the coffin in his physical form.

Feeling the solid surface beneath him, Jonathan discreetly took out his phone, planning to use the
flashlight function to catch a glimpse of Seboxia’s physical form.

Just as he held his phone, Seboxia’s voice rang out slowly. “If you have a death wish, feel free to turn
on the flashlight on your phone.”

Hearing that, Jonathan meekly pocketed his phone.

He chuckled dryly and cleared his throat. “I was just curious,” he offered a quick explanation.

After a pause, he asked, “Seboxia, where did that primordial beast come from? I believe I witnessed it
piercing through the Demon Zeal Formation in the end. Did I see that correctly?”

As Seboxia didn’t emerge, he was clearly not in the mood to entertain Jonathan.

However, after hearing Jonathan’s question, he fell silent for a moment before answering, “I don’t know
what that creature was. However, judging from its form, I believe it’s a type of Dathore.”

“A Dathore?”

Hearing that, Jonathan quickly racked his brains for the Dathore’s information.

According to the Ancient Sacred Dragon Technique, apart from the external bone structure, there were
no other similarities between the two creatures.

“Seboxia, I don’t read much, but don’t attempt to deceive me. This creature bears no resemblance to
the Dathore I am familiar with,” he uttered dubiously.

Seboxia chuckled aloud. “I am curious about the kind of inheritance that granted you access to
knowledge about various ancient cultivation methods and ancient beasts. However, I can assure you
that Dathore is not a specific creature; it represents a bad omen. In Chanaean mythology, it is believed
that Pangu was the entity responsible for separating heaven and earth. Dathore is said to have
emerged earliest, leading people to speculate that this ominous being was formed from Pangu’s bones.
However, this is not true. By studying literature from different parts of the world, one would discover
that Dathore is an ominous entity with no fixed form. A cultivator must die in a meditative state within a
spiritual realm until their body decomposes, leaving only the bones behind, which still retain spiritual

power within. Over time, as the bones are nourished by spiritual energy, a spiritual consciousness
forms and gains intellect. This is what we refer to as Dathore.”

Realization dawned on Jonathan after he heard Seboxia’s explanation.

As Jonathan’s cultivation progressed, he gradually realized that even the teachings of the Ancient
Sacred Dragon Technique might not be entirely accurate. One particular instance was regarding the
existence of small worlds.

According to the Ancient Sacred Dragon Technique, small worlds were deemed impossible as they
contradicted the presence of the Heavenly Pryncyp.

However, Jonathan had personally entered two small worlds, challenging the validity of the technique’s

During Jonathan’s time in the West Region, when he acquired the Divine Chess, he initially believed it
to be a restraining barrier. However, after mastering the Ancient Sacred Dragon Technique, he came to
the realization that it was, in fact, a small world.

Jonathan regretted not exploring it further.

When the small world was initially opened, the Divine Realm experts from the West Region were slow
to react, granting Jonathan the opportunity to claim the most significant benefits from within.

Jonathan obtained the Divine Chessboard from that small world. Additionally, he initially retrieved a
black spear from within. However, he was forced to abandon the black spear during his escape from
Remdik, making it a regrettable sacrifice.

Recalling the past events, Jonathan asked, “Seboxia, are you saying that the Dathore was formed
within the Demon Zeal Formation?”

Seboxia responded firmly, “That’s impossible. The Demon Zeal Formation is designed to seal and
contain, not to nurture or create. The Dathore must have already existed before it was sealed within the

After a pause, Seboxia added, “Jonathan, I think you need to be careful as there is a malevolent
ancient being present within this small world. While I may have had my own reasons for entering your
body, you are not my sole option. My life force is dwindling, and I cannot protect you indefinitely. You
will ultimately have to rely on yourself.”

Hearing the warning tone in Seboxia’s voice, Jonathan nodded reluctantly.

“I know what you mean. I’ll do my best to not use your life force in the future. Is that enough?” he

As Seboxia didn’t reply, Jonathan sighed and began to mutter to himself. “You only saw a Dathore.
Before you woke up, I encountered a lilith, a massive black bear standing dozens of meters tall, and
even a hook serpent lurking outside—”


Before he could finish, Jonathan felt someone grabbing his collar.

Before him, Seboxia began to emerge slowly using its spiritual energy.

“Say that again!”

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