Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 1176

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The Legendary Man -Seboxia couldn’t help feeling troubled.

That primordial beast had been sealed up for thousands of years. Even though it was captured back
then, it was an immortal being.

The fact that it was still alive after the passage of multiple millennia meant that it was an immensely
powerful cultivator.

Seboxia figured that the beast probably possessed the ability to self-seal just like him, which was why it
could hold out for so long.

A cultivator like this usually had some hidden tricks. Even though it was trapped in the stone cage, it
didn’t have to worry about its spiritual energy.

In fact, when Seboxia was punished by the Heavenly Way because of his fight with Ivanov and was
forced to fall into a deep slumber, he still had eighteen spiritual beads purely made of life force as his
trump card.

Even a mere cultivator in the Divine Realm like him had such tricks, let alone a demigod like the
primordial beast.

To take on such an entity in a place like that was basically asking for death.

That was why Seboxia never had the intention to fight the primordial beast head-on in the first place.

The entire Demon Zeal Formation was made to cage the primordial beast. Once the beast used its
powers, the formation would activate itself and restrain the beast.

Seboxia was confident that as long as he joined forces with Jonathan while the Demon Zeal Formation
was triggered, trapping the beast’s spiritual energy form and using its immense spiritual sense as a

bargaining chip, they could at least intimidate the primordial beast and find an opportunity to leave.

After all, while the primordial beast had sufficient spiritual energy, it needed a massive amount of
spiritual energy to maintain the spiritual sense needed for the spiritual energy form.

Given where they were, once the primordial beast’s spiritual sense was damaged, it could never be
restored using conventional methods.

Seboxia even considered the possibility that he and Jonathan could obtain numerous benefits by
threatening the primordial beast that way.

Since the primordial beast was likely a demigod cultivator, its cultivation learnings about the realms
beyond the Divine Realm would greatly benefit Seboxia and Jonathan, even if its cultivation method
was different from that of humans.

With the Heavenly Pryncyp ruined and the Immortal Road severed in the outside world, it was terribly
difficult to break through the Divine Realm there now.

When Seboxia had reached the Ultimate Realm in the practice of Pryncyp of Life one thousand and
five hundred years ago, he had fallen victim to a plot.

After being injured to the core, Seboxia was well aware that he could never truly become one with the
Pryncyp of Life. This also meant he no longer had a chance at achieving the Ultimate Realm.

Thus, he had sealed himself completely and waited for the day the Heavenly Pryncyp returned.

It was after he was unintentionally awakened by Jonathan that everything else unfolded.

In his encounter with the primordial beast this time, Seboxia had wanted to uncover new breakthrough
methods so he could continue his journey toward Immortal Road.

Unexpectedly, Jonathan angered the beast by slaying its spiritual energy form.

Sensing the physical energy of the primordial beast being directed at them, Seboxia realized he had
lost his chance.

“I guess it’s not my time yet,” he lamented out loud. He had no choice but to stand by Jonathan and aid
the latter in finding a way to escape their predicament.

“Blossom Steps!”

As Seboxia made a step forward, the life force around him turned into countless light spots and swam
toward the grooves of the Demon Zeal Formation.

The light spots fell at Seboxia’s feet like seeds before sprouting and growing rapidly.

Everything happened in the blink of an eye. Countless lotuses bloomed on the formation’s grooves in
an instant, their petals drifting in the air and transforming into thin swords that flew toward the
primordial beasts.

Standing on the coffin, Seboxia looked up at the stone cage and uttered, “I had come in peace, but
heaven’s will is difficult to defy. Serendipity is elusive and rare, but souls of brilliance are always there.
Allow me to bestow these lotus flowers upon all beings! Sir, I see that we are fated with each other, so
let me offer you a piece of advice. Please stop now so there is still room for turning back.”

“You old rat!”

An angry roar sounded from the stone cage, and innumerable primordial beasts surrounding them
rushed toward Seboxia aggressively.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

Crisp sounds rang continuously around Seboxia as the lotus petals scattered everywhere.

Upon the mere touch of the petals, the primordial beasts exploded into pieces and simultaneously
dissolved into pure spiritual energy.

Then at the next moment, they came together to form a new primordial beast, which charged forward

Likewise, Seboxia’s lotuses vanished and reappeared endlessly, consuming a huge amount of energy.

Just as Seboxia had expected, a battle in an abyss like that was all about the consumption of spiritual

In a fight like this, he was no match for a demigod.

Then again, he was not on his own.


Following a frightening chime, the primordial beasts around them froze.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

A smile appeared at the corner of Seboxia’s lips.

The lotus petals around him seemed to move faster as chimes echoed nonstop in the cave.

The primordial beasts began collapsing and struggling, looking like marionettes who were cut loose
from their strings.

With his sword in one hand, a blood-covered Jonathan ran over to Seboxia.

“Seboxia, what is the origin of this bell? How is it so effective in restraining these things?”

“It’s the bell from Demonbane Tower,” answered Seboxia leisurely. “You won’t understand even if I tell
you more. All you need to know is that this thing restrains the spiritual sense.”

Demonbane Tower sounded familiar to Jonathan, but he couldn’t recall where he had seen or heard it

However, now was not the time to delve into the details.

Carrying the bell that had grown up to thirty feet tall, Jonathan asked in a low voice, “We’ve kept them
under control. What now?”

“Leave this place,” said Seboxia while staring at the stone cage above him warily.

At that moment, the blurry outlines of the eighteen cultivators behind the eighteen stone-carved lotuses
on the walls around them had become distinct.

Even their hair and skin texture turned clearly visible, as if they were meticulously drawn using fine

This indicated that the Demon Zeal Formation had been fully activated.

Although Seboxia was not very knowledgeable about the Demon Zeal Formation, he knew that as time
wore down the demigod cultivator, it also eroded the formation that imprisoned the demigod.

In short, this was a contest of endurance.

If the demigod died first, then the people who set up the formation thousands of years ago would be the

On the contrary, if the formation broke down first in the trial of time, chaos would ensue.

People may think that the demigod was at death’s door after being locked up for so long, but once it
was freed, even the thirteen ancient families who controlled the lifeblood of the cultivators around the
world would have no choice but to bow down to it, let alone Divine Realm cultivators like Seboxia.

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