Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 1175

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The Legendary Man -“Come back!”

At the critical moment, the life force in Seboxia’s hands wrapped around the woman’s waist, and he
forcefully pulled her backward.

As the skeletal jaw closed, Jonathan felt an excruciating tearing pain on his cheek.

Although the giant mouth failed to bite off Jonathan’s head, it had ripped off his entire left cheek along
with his left eye, which burst upon contact with the sharp teeth.

After the two spiritual beads entered Jonathan’s eyes, his body rapidly underwent profound changes,
and all his senses were enhanced.

The intense pain from his cheek made Jonathan’s head throb, almost causing him to lose

Yet, the more intense the pain, the calmer Jonathan’s mind became.

Ignoring the injury on his left cheek, Jonathan formed a spell with his left hand, activating the space-
altering formation on the Divine Chessboard beneath his feet.

Without any warning, he appeared behind the woman.


Wielding the Heaven Sword, Jonathan swung it directly at the head of the woman in white.

Seboxia, witnessing Jonathan’s action, appeared somewhat anxious because the woman in front of
them was simply a spiritual energy form.

A purely physical attack like the Heaven Sword would have no effect on a transfiguration constructed
entirely of spiritual energy and mental energy.

“Go get the bronze handbell!” Seboxia exclaimed.

Two more spiritual beads burst again in Seboxia’s hands, causing dense life force to envelop him. The
life force transformed into numerous tentacles that flew forward to entangle the woman ahead.

Meanwhile, above their heads, bone daggers emerged from the gaps in the suspended stone cage and
swiftly descended toward them.

Seboxia’s life force manifested as an invisible shield above his head as he strived to buy some time for

At that moment, the Heaven Sword sliced through the air to strike at the woman’s head, which had now
transformed into white bones.

With a cry of agony, the woman’s head shattered and crashed onto the ground, unable to gather itself
to reform into spiritual energy or regain her physical form.

With a keen sensitivity to life force, Seboxia could clearly sense that the woman’s head had truly

Could the Heaven Sword actually annihilate spiritual sense and spiritual bodies?

What is the origin of this sword?

In a state of shock, Seboxia momentarily relaxed his control over the Pryncyp of Life in his hands,
causing the woman’s body to disperse completely.

“Jonathan, it wants to return to its original form! Stop it!”

Transforming into a blurred afterimage, Seboxia flew toward the sky.

Up in the air, the skeletal claws emerging from the cracks of the stone cage shattered one by one
under Seboxia’s assault. Simultaneously, the life force in his hands transformed into a massive dome
as he attempted to intercept the return of the demon beast’s spiritual sense.

Meanwhile, on the ground, Jonathan could no longer hear any sound.

The Divine Chessboard beneath his feet no longer required any intuitive activation; it had fused
completely with him.


A simple word was uttered.

Above the Divine Chessboard, purple formations instantly materialized.

At that moment, the Divine Chessboard resembled a giant purple box, completely blocking the spiritual
energy form of the beast.

The spiritual energy crashed against the purple formations several times but failed to break through. It
eventually gathered together and transformed into a bizarre primordial beast resembling a spider with
four claws.

The primordial beast cowered in a corner of the chessboard while constantly howling at Jonathan with
its terrifying mouth.

It seems this is the true form of the woman!

Jonathan quickly skimmed through the miscellaneous records of the Ancient Sacred Dragon Technique
but found no mention of this primordial beast.

Meanwhile, above Jonathan’s head and outside the formation of the Divine Chessboard, the entity
trapped in the stone cage was nearing madness.

Bone daggers protruded from the gaps in the cage, relentlessly piercing the Divine Chessboard below.

Seboxia, though unsure of how Jonathan managed to trap the creature, understood that Jonathan had
found a way to deal with the beast.

Thus, he dutifully stepped on the intricate formation of the Divine Chessboard, acting as a shield to
intercept the bone daggers descending from the sky.

Jonathan gazed at the monstrous white-boned beast that continuously roamed within the Divine
Chessboard, his eyes filled with icy determination.

“Every application of Pryncyp requires drawing from the Heavenly Pryncyp,” Jonathan said. “Here,
countless people sacrificed themselves to form a spirit shield, which sealed off everything and disabled
the use of Pryncyp. No matter how mighty a cultivator you were in ancient times, you’re nothing more
than a spiritual energy form now. This chessboard of mine specializes in suppressing great malevolent
creatures. It is a relic from one of the ancient divine beings’ games. Thus, it has more than enough
power to seal someone like you who is devoid of Pryncyp now.”

Jonathan spoke while raising his right hand. He then placed it in front of his own face.

As spiritual energy surged, he exerted force to pull something out from his eye sockets effortlessly.

It was the two spiritual beads that had entered his eyes earlier, which he then tossed to Seboxia
standing above him.

Without the boost from the spiritual beads, Seboxia and the bone daggers above swiftly vanished from
Jonathan’s sight.

Meanwhile, the primordial beast on the chessboard seemed to have sensed Jonathan’s change. It
leaped toward him with a speed far surpassing Jonathan’s visual perception and reaction.

However, just as the primordial beast’s claws were about to pierce Jonathan’s forehead, Jonathan’s
figure disappeared.

At that instant, the beast was split in two by the Heaven Sword.

The two halves of the primordial beast tried to merge back together, but the chessboard between them
continued to elongate.

Jonathan stood on one of the halves, his eyes filled with murderous intent.

“It’s clear that this spiritual energy form of yours is crucial to you!” Jonathan remarked.


With his words, the Heaven Sword in Jonathan’s hand thrust directly into the primordial beast on the

The primordial beast shattered instantly, and on the stone cage above Jonathan, numerous runes lit
up. Within the cage, a series of furious roars echoed.

“Jonathan! Quickly deal with its remaining transfiguration!” Seboxia shouted.

Jonathan looked up. Within the light from the stone cage, primordial beasts made from white bone
leaped down one after another and landed on the ground. They then crazily charged forward in
Jonathan’s direction.

“Die!” Jonathan bellowed, his figure flickering as he plunged the Heaven Sword into the last remaining
spiritual energy form of the beast.


The formation of the Divine Chessboard was disrupted by the exploding primordial beast.

Jonathan also felt an additional chilling aura on him.

Yet, the aura was as fleeting as a shadow passing through a scorching summer sky, so he paid it no

Around him, an uncountable number of primordial beasts formed by spiritual energy assaulted him like
a torrent made of white bones, causing his scalp to tingle.

“Stop them!” Jonathan commanded Seboxia, his voice resolute. With his sword leading the way, he
swiftly charged toward a distant target—the bronze handbell that had been knocked away!

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