Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 1174

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The Legendary Man -Jonathan looked at Seboxia’s figure in front of him and tensed up

“Don’t react. I left some spiritual sense in your consciousness field just now. You can focus and
communicate with me there,” Seboxia explained.

Upon hearing Seboxia’s explanation, Jonathan quickly divided his attention and formed his own figure
in his consciousness field.

“Seboxia, what did you mean by ‘kill it’?” Jonathan looked around, feeling confused.

A thin wisp of mist floated in front of Jonathan. This was the transfiguration form Seboxia took within
Jonathan’s consciousness field. Due to its thinness, this form could only rely on thoughts to
communicate with Jonathan and was not enough to make Seboxia visible.

“I don’t have any pact at all. I simply said that just now to buy time,” Seboxia explained.

“What?” Jonathan exclaimed upon hearing Seboxia’s words.

Back in reality, the woman who was struggling with the coffin lid turned her head and looked at
Jonathan as well.

The woman looked at Seboxia. “You’re really something, huh? I can’t open this coffin. I lost. You can
bring out that treaty now, and I’ll sign it with you.”

Hearing this, Seboxia folded his hands together and smiled, then turned to look at Jonathan.

“Mr. Goldstein, you need to be the one to sign this treaty.”

As Seboxia spoke, he communicated again through the spiritual sense he left in Jonathan’s mind.

“The opponent’s cultivation level is too high, and you can’t sense its spiritual sense. Nevertheless, it
has been locking onto you,” Seboxia explained. “Before I fell into a deep sleep, I left a mark on your
body just in case you encountered an unbeatable enemy. My mark was triggered under its probing.
This means that it is beyond the Divine Realm, and it’s not something I can explain in a few words. Just
remember what I said. If we can’t kill it, we’ll all die here.”

In reality, Jonathan’s back was completely soaked with sweat.

Previously, he thought that Seboxia could win in a battle against the woman after seeing how
confidently he fought against her. However, now it seemed that everything Seboxia did was just to buy

“What should I do?” Jonathan asked urgently, both in reality and the consciousness field.

However, the meanings conveyed were quite different.

In reality, Jonathan reached out to Seboxia, gesturing to receive the technique required for the treaty.

However, in the consciousness field, Jonathan anxiously wanted to know what role he could play in this
major battle between cultivators.

Seboxia formed his hands together in a gesture of prayer.

In the consciousness field, Seboxia urgently said, “She wanted to open the coffin and fight me, but that
used up too much of her spiritual energy. It also triggered the Demon Zeal Formation, which is now
suppressing her. She’s at her weakest now. We must seize this opportunity and use your bronze
handbell to trap her. Go!”

As Seboxia’s voice echoed in the consciousness field, in reality, Jonathan felt his wrist being pulled by
Seboxia before his whole body was forcefully thrown forward.

Caught off guard by the sudden force, Jonathan collided with the woman before he could react.

Cracks as thick as thumbs appeared on the woman’s cheeks, and within those cracks, an unknown
viscous reddish liquid resembling magma oozed out.

With a thought, the bronze handbell appeared in Jonathan’s hand.

However, just as his spiritual energy surged but before he could activate the spirit shield of the bronze
handbell, he saw a sinister smile curling the woman’s lips.


With a resounding bam, Jonathan saw a fleeting afterimage before his eyes, only to abruptly collide
with the formation in a disheveled heap right after.


Spurting out a mouthful of blood along with broken teeth, Jonathan struggled to get up.

To his surprise, the woman had sent him flying tens of meters away with just a casual slap.

“Get up and keep fighting!”

Seboxia’s voice echoed in Jonathan’s mind once again.

A surge of life force flowed into Jonathan’s body, quickly restoring his bloodied face and repairing his
injured flesh.

Jonathan gritted his teeth, ignoring the vibrations in his consciousness field. He turned his head to see
two afterimages engaging in a rapid battle that he couldn’t keep up with on the Demon Zeal Formation.

“I can’t keep up with your speed!” Jonathan shouted loudly at Seboxia.


From the top of the coffin, two spiritual beads flew into Jonathan’s eyes.

In just an instant, Jonathan felt as if the whole world had suddenly quieted down.

“The boost from these spiritual beads can only last for a minute at most. Your body is at risk of being
shattered every second beyond that. The bronze handbell in your hand is a weapon against spirits. I
can only help you hold her off, but whether you can escape from here depends on you.” Seboxia’s
voice resounded, and at that moment, Jonathan also felt something off with his body.

His spiritual energy was surging too fast!

Not only his vitality but even the speed at which his spiritual sense operated had reached a terrifying

It felt as if he had activated a fast-forward button, and everything around him seemed to slow down in
his eyes.

Seboxia’s battle with the woman finally entered Jonathan’s sight.

His spiritual sense now covered a range of thirty meters, three times more than before.

Jonathan released his spiritual sense and lightly stepped on the ground. Instantly, he appeared thirty
meters away.

His strength had tripled!

As Jonathan felt the changes in his body, his brain raced frantically.

He reached out and grabbed the bronze handbell from the side, then injected his entire body’s spiritual
energy into it.


As the bronze handbell filled with spiritual energy, a muffled clanging sound rang out from within
Jonathan’s hand.

“Bring her over!”

Jonathan threw the Divine Chessboard out, transforming it into a fifty-meter square board beneath his

Then, holding the bronze handbell, he positioned himself directly in the center of the chessboard.

Meanwhile, Seboxia was fighting with all he had. Even though he couldn’t comprehend any Pryncyp of
Life due to the formation sealing off this place, the eighteen spiritual beads that he had embedded into
the coffin were condensed entirely from life force.

Seboxia tightly held one of the spiritual beads in both hands and crushed it forcefully, releasing an
immense wave of life force. It transformed into two giant hands that gripped the woman tightly and
hurled her in Jonathan’s direction.

“Suppress it!”

The bronze handbell in Jonathan’s hand had now transformed into a massive golden bell of light, acting
as a spiritual shield.

With a swift movement, Jonathan covered the woman with the bronze handbell.

The woman let out a howl, and two beams of white light burst from her eyes.

Upon locking gazes with her, Jonathan felt his head pounding, and even if he wanted to close his eyes
to avoid it, he was a split second too late.

In that slight moment of hesitation, a gigantic skeletal claw had already struck the bronze handbell’s
spiritual shield with tremendous force.

The impact was tremendous, causing the bronze handbell to slip from Jonathan’s hand and fly over a
hundred meters, crashing and embedding itself in the cave wall.

In front of Jonathan, the woman’s delicate face had suddenly transformed into a giant mouth entirely
composed of white bones. At that moment, it was lunging toward him…

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