Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 1173

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The Legendary Man -Jonathan felt much more at ease after hearing the explanation.

However, Seboxia’s speech caused Jonathan to give the former a funny look.

Despite his words earlier, in the end, they still need me to help.

Jonathan had the inexplicable feeling of being tricked by Seboxia again.

Yet, he could not help admiring Seboxia’s stratagem.

Though the spiritual energy form sounded simple enough, it was a difficult feat to manage.

As its name suggested, the feat was to gather and condense one’s spiritual energy through spells and
immense binding force into a spiritual body so realistic that it could hardly be discerned with one’s
spiritual sense.

One usually needed specific magical items and arcane arrays to attain such mastery.

It would require sophisticated control of their faculties if one were to forcibly gather their spiritual and
mental energies.

To an old demon like Seboxia, who had lived for over two millennia, his current manifestation was only
a partial mirage directed by his mental energy.

The woman, on the other hand, even had distinct eyelashes; she looked no different from an ordinary
human being. The contrast between the two was jarring.

“Are you sure we can control this cultivator, Seboxia?” Jonathan said, rather apprehensive. “We might
end up dead if we let it out and become careless with it.”

“Impossible.” Seboxia pressed his hands together before his chest. “From the ancient manuscripts of
the West Region, I have a pact that you and it can sign, which would prevent it from causing any

Another pact?

Jonathan grimaced at Seboxia’s words.

He always seems to have a trick up his sleeve.

Ever since the coffin entered his elixir field, his fate was firmly in Seboxia’s grasp.

It was not out of kindness that Seboxia had not acted against him but because Jonathan was still of
some use.

Now, Seboxia wants me and that ancient cultivator to sign a treaty. From the surface, it looks like I have
taken on a powerful ally out of the blue. However, Seboxia can threaten the cultivator with my life, thus
achieving his goal of taking control of it.

Jonathan gazed glumly at Seboxia.

This is a request I do not dare agree to.

As Seboxia did not keep his voice down when he spoke, the woman arrived weightlessly before
Jonathan with the slightest of exertions.

“Sign a pact with me?”

The woman scanned Jonathan up and down before scoffing.

“A middle phase God Realm cultivator like him is not worthy. However, I am a little curious about who
you really are.”

The woman grabbed hold of Jonathan. Without warning, she plunged her right hand into his elixir field.


Following the thud, she dragged a massive coffin out of his elixir field.

It was Seboxia’s coffin.

Jonathan’s eyes widened as he gazed at the coffin.

From the day the item entered his body, he had been wanting to get it out.

He had exhausted every possible way to do so and failed, yet the woman had accomplished it so

All Jonathan was thinking about at that moment was to flee.

However, being in a cave so deep underground, there was nowhere he could go.

Asura, the man who had stirred up a tempest in the world outside, is now as meek as a schoolboy
before these two ancient demons.

Seboxia did not betray any emotion as he watched his coffin being hauled out by the woman. With his
hands remaining pressed together, he regarded the woman with a smile.

“What say we make a wager?”

“What wager?” the woman asked, stroking the coffin as she did so.

Seboxia turned to the coffin. “This coffin will be the stake. If you can open it and gaze upon my true
face, I will make the decision on behalf of Mr. Goldstein and release you. If you fail, however, we’ll still
let you out, but you’re going to sign the pact with him. How does that sound?”

The woman gazed at the battered coffin that appeared on the verge of rotting. Her eyes glittered

“Even before I was sealed away, vitaewood such as this is priceless. Only divine beings could get their
hands on it. I can’t believe it’s been made into a casket by a mere Divine Realm cultivator like yourself.
What a waste.”

As she spoke, the woman rapped the coffin lightly.

“Let’s make it more interesting. If I win, your coffin is mine.”

“It’s a deal,” Seboxia agreed with a grin, his hands still pressed together.

The woman was about to lift the cover, but Seboxia reached out and pressed it down.

“We haven’t even started yet. What’s the rush?”

As Seboxia spoke, he extended his hand slowly and placed his beads on the coffin.

The moment the beads made contact with the wood, the coffin seemed to come alive.

The decaying wood began to recover before their eyes.

In the blink of an eye, the cracks disappeared, and the gaps left by the ravages of time sealed

Suddenly, the coffin did not bear a trace of damage. Instead, it exuded an aura of renewed vitality.

“Pryncyp of Life?”

The woman gaped in disbelief as she sensed the change in the ancient casket.

“I can’t believe I witnessed one of the four Great Pryncyps here. Seboxia, was it? When I regain my
powers upon getting out of here, I will ensure your path ahead lies unobstructed. You will serve me,
and the world will be yours for the taking.”

As she spoke, she braced her hands on the coffin lid, and spiritual energy from all over her body
poured forth.

Seboxia stood before Jonathan and partially obstructed the woman. His gaze remained calm.


A low chant reverberated throughout the cave.

Jonathan glanced nervously at the walls surrounding them. Behind the lotuses carved in the stone,
figures were materializing from the flickering light, one after another.

He counted them and found that there were eighteen of them in total.

The chants were coming from the silhouettes on the wall.

Meanwhile, atop the wall, eighteen lotuses shone. Like real lotuses, every petal seemed to sway with a
non-existent breeze.

Streaks of indecipherable runes rose from the center of each lotus, turning into chains as they wrapped
around the stone cage hovering in midair.

An outpouring of cracks appeared all over the body of the woman, who was materialized from spiritual

As Jonathan gaped at her terrifying appearance, Seboxia’s voice sounded in his ear.

“Prepare to join forces with me to kill this demon, Jonathan! If we don’t, we’ll die here!”

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